The Final Hoax

The final act of the Trump presidency had to be unprecedented. It couldn’t have ended any other way. If it weren’t a pandemic, it would have been a nuclear war. But Trump’s hoax mobile finally ran out of gas. Despite his best effort to find a COVID-19 cure in his real estate manual, not even Jared–fresh off creating Middle East peace in his mind–could fake his way out of this crisis. In a twist of irony for the ages, Trump has to rely on science and the government for a solution.

The Golf Cart King has bludgeoned us with daily reminders about the best stock market rally since cavemen traded stones, and the lowest unemployment rate in 30,000 years. Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before the fall. Prior presidents didn’t pummel us with hourly updates about stocks and job data because they understood the ebb and flow of the economy and indices.

Now his superfans, who have been flying their 401K flag for years as justification for supporting his inexcusable conduct and reckless policies, have seen their 401K savings crater during Trump’s reign. But no amount of Purell could wash our hands of the inaccurate years of gloating we’ve been forced to endure. Ironically, Trump may leave office with a down stock market and the worst unemployment figures in American history.

Trump bears significant responsibility for this crisis. He failed to take sufficient action to protect Americans in January when the WHO notified him. He misled and failed to calm a jittery nation. He failed to prepare government agencies to tackle the crisis and purged the government of competent experts and replaced them with inexperienced loyalists. He failed to mobilize the country to isolate during the critical early days–and still today. He refused to use the Defense Production Act to call upon the private sector to develop critical supplies for our courageous doctors and nurses.  His promotion of conspiracy theories caused people to doubt the severity of this threat. And his lack of experience and his continued divisiveness contributed to Congress lingering too long.

Even as thousands of people suffer and die, Trump can’t even escape his prepared notes to comfort the grieving. When a reporter tossed him a softball to show compassion for the sick and worried, he hit a grand slam in the upper deck of Sociopath Stadium. Nothing like a good scolding of a reporter to soothe a frightened nation. If Trump played the board game Clue, it would never end.

Not even Dr. Fauci could cure the irony of this presidency. Trump made a living railing against Obamacare because he doesn’t care if people don’t have health insurance. Now his presidency will likely end with a surge of Obamacare enrollments. The scammer-in-chief and his Fox News acolytes excoriated democratic socialism, and now Trump is about to lead the charge for it at Bone Spur Hill.

If Trump’s administration took more proactive steps to help the poor and middle class, then they wouldn’t need so much assistance during this pandemic. Instead, Trump gifted corporate billionaires tax breaks and they used it to buy back stock. He squandered our money on a wall and a Space Force, ran up massive annual budget deficits and sucked inexperienced investors into the stock market. His policies left us flat-footed for a crisis. And now the man whose companies filed for bankruptcy six times will likely preside over an unprecedented number of bankruptcies.

Trump’s policies have also devastated animals, so it’s only fitting that someone eating an animal–the suspected cause of COVID-19–leads to his downfall. And we knew the virus had to start in China or Mexico–even if it didn’t–because those are his punching bags. But Trump’s gloves fell off last week when he cannonballed into his racist swimming pool one too many times by giving the virus a new name. Sadly, even during a crisis, he’s a racist first, an empath never, and a sociopath always.

Epidemiologists have concluded we could end this crisis in 14 days if Americans could freeze in place at home for two weeks and stay six feet apart from each other. The virus would die out on surfaces, and infected people would either recover or, sadly, not make it. If we had enough test kits, we could also identify asymptomatic people to ensure they’re also quarantined. Why won’t this happen? We don’t have the leadership we need to make it happen. Trump repeatedly said during his campaign that people should vote for him because “What the hell do you have to lose?” Now we know the answer.

215 thoughts on “The Final Hoax

  1. Absolutely PERFECTLY said, I agree with every single letter. Until people recognize and respond appropriately to that there ARE bad people in this world who ARE unrepenting, unreformable and irredeemable sociopaths (or other malignant personalities) with nothing more to them than self interest, then nothing is going to change on the political and “leadership” front. How bad does it actually have to get until people will realize this and stop putting psychopaths into positions of power ?? How is it even humanly possible that Trump STILL has supporters and defenders ? How willingly blind to people choose to be, in pursuit of their own tunnel-visioned aims ? The admirable collective desire humanity has to give second chances, to overlook, to forgive, either drummed into them by religion or society has a valid purpose- BUT it should NEVER be extended to those who are unrepentingly exploitative, predatory or harmfully self-deluded.

    1. People have the right to decide who they will vote for, truly don’t need anyone judging his support! I pray whoever wins in 2020, the disrespect and hatred stops!!

          1. “Stock up on tissues”…This response reveals the truth of Trump support. It’s not about truth, patriotism or “Making America Great Again”, it’s about owning the libs. They have been so put upon by the progress made in the last 50 years that’s all that matters.

          2. Yet somehow you’ve obviously seen nothing wrong with a lack of leadership and not bothered by the thousands of lies told? Hmmm, only makes me believe you’d be very ok for that clown to grab you by your %ussy and deny it ever happen.

          3. I presume you are going to one of the MEGA churches for an Easter MAGA rally. Good luck. And if you think this writer is a moran for pointing out the danger we are all in, , you will probably not make it till November. Sorry to break the news to you.

          4. More hateful talk from a one who accuses Dems of hatred. Projecting, always projecting.

          5. well, that’s helpful. yes, I look forward to seeing this carnival huckster and his entire family go down in flames. I will buy the marshmallows.

          6. Do you really believe he has bone spurs……….or the greatest presidential mind the nation has ever had. Or never bullies or denigrates really nice people. Shame, shame, shame.

          7. Let’s see if you live long enough to make it to November. Go find a Trump rally and infect each other, for all I care. We’re tired of you creeps.

          8. You might need to look in the mirror to see the nut and the moron. Trumptards unite !!!

          9. Im with you Angela. These nuts are running with blinders on while being bottle fed by the mainstream media who are owned by elitists who want a one world government.

          10. Why is this person a nut, can you counter his points with facts or data? If not then why make this comment?

          11. I have to say wow. You yourself should give the tissues to the grieving Americans that have lost loved ones. I prey you don’t have to use them yourself!

          12. Good luck with that, Angela… Look in the mirror for a nut. the cracks are showing, his time is ending lol…

          13. The author who wrote this is delusional, perhaps with grief, now that the Obama/Clinton/Comey cabal has been exposed.

          14. I agree with you Angela it’s stupid left-liberal agenda is going to burn America wake up stupid people listen to the song American Idiot because that’s what you people are you stupid dumb smart they have no idea they think they’re so smart they have no clue what’s coming for them if that f***** Biden gets an office we’re doomed America will burn in hell God Bless America God bless Trump God bless American values not the s*** that Obama has created

          1. To have a devil masquerading as a leader is far more dangerous than this corona virus which has taken over the entire world like a fog slowly engulfing and descending like water from a shower head….claiming hundreds of thousands of lives each day. To have an alien devil posing as a human leader is the worse error committed by a society that thirst for leadership for all the people not a divider of people. Never have we seen anything that has consumed the entire world like this virus. On a harsher note, this is the first time that many can agree, we have never seen a truly authentic devil in human form as this impostor of a president. Pick your demise. Trump or corona virus?

        1. This President is doing what he is supposed to do, Putting America first. He is doing a wonderful job of keeping the public informed. The INDIVIDUAL States are responsible for being prepared for things like this. I will be voting for President Trump. #trump2020

          1. Good grief, have you not read anything?! Including giving away equipment/supplies (ships of to other countries after our Doctors/Nurses and all are begging for!!). that our frontline needs in fighting this virus?! He knew about this virus last year!!! And then finally, months later, said it was a “hoax!!! Please don’t vote until you become educated, look where the previous vote got us!! WOW!!! Shameful!

          2. If the stupid bastard wins again, it will clearly have been rigged, just like the first time he “won.” He is pure evil.

          3. If you believe that the words he reads aloud to us, with his eyes and head down, are all his own words, words that have NO emotions then you are the worst kind of gullible. And the words HE adds make it worse, because yhey are l lies.

          4. When you cast your vote for this escapee from Hell, please be sure to vote yourself back into an asylum from whence you escaped!

          5. Ignorance, doesn’t mean you are stupid… It means you are missed informed or you don’t know ! So, please educate yourself with scientific facts and stop watching propaganda networks. ( FoxNews ) It helps !

          6. You are an ignorant fool, obviously suffering from Fox Fried Brain Syndrome. You support this disgusting subhuman Reality TV so called president at your peril.

          7. Are you serious? Please come back after you find your thinking cap and make sure you put it on. This nationwide pandemic is a local problem to deal with? Read that a couple times and let me know when the cast iron skillet smacks the sense back into you.

          8. Go find a Trump rally! Please! Infect each other and all your friends for all we care!

          9. No. He’s not putting America first. He’s putting himself first. He always does. It’s always about him. He rejected the idea of the virus as a Democrat Hoax at a rally. He insisted that it was all about bringing him down and ruining his re-election. That’s not putting America first. That’s putting himself first. He denied the scientific evidences and put his own self-interest before the country. And the individual states are not responsible for a pandemic that is destroying the nations economy. The virus is attacking the whole country. It doesn’t care about state lines. He claims to be a Wartime President. You can’t be a Wartime president and then claim that you’re merely a “backup”. That’s a complete and total contradiction. It’s completely an illogical mess. There’s a thing called the Law of Non-contradiction that goes back a few thousand years that says that you can’t be in two different places at the same time in the same context. You can’t be a Wartime President, and merely a back up at the same time. You’re one or the other. The virus is HIS problem to deal with. He’s not leading. He’s abdicating his responsibility, which is something he never accepts. He rejects being responsible for anything. The fact that you don’t see this is stunning.

          10. The projected unemployment is expected to approach the 25% of the Great Depression. We’re looking at the total collapse of the US Economy. In this guys first term, we had the collusion with the Russians to mess with election that put him into office, the extortion and bribery of a foreign leader to get dirt on Biden for the next election which got him impeached, and now the bungling and mishandling of the pandemic which will totally destroy the economic rebuilding of the Great Recession by the Obama administration, ( He fired and dismantled the very group within the NSC whose job was to focus on the threat of potential pandemic) not to mention the potential loss of 240,000 or more American lives because of his inability to act on what every expert was telling him was coming to this country by claiming it was all about harming him for the next election. ( It’s always about him isn’t it?) Instead of getting the states the help that they need, the Wartime President tells us the Federal Govt is not a shipping clerk, and they’re merely a “back up”. The emergency stockpile of desperately needed equipment isn’t for the states it’s for selling on the commercial market which means foreign countries can outbid our people. All of this in his first term.
            Is anybody out there crazy enough to give him a second term?

          11. The President is not doing what he is supposed to do. If you would like to see what the President is supposed to be doing tune in to either California’s Governor Newsom or New York’s Governor Cuomo. That is what leadership and working for the good of the people looks like. Not these side show Press Conferences where he only wants “nice” questions asked by reporters and he gets to use the onscreen air time to make ridiculous excuses for his own bad behavior. You have the facts right in front of your face. Inarguable facts of what he said and what he did and you and your ilk still can’t own that he screwed up in a bad way that is killing thousands of Americans. Shame on you. Shame on you.

          12. This has got to be a Russian bot! Nobody could be this stupid! This conned!
            This gullible!

          13. It’s idiots like you that put us in the position we find ourselves now. DUMPTRUMP2020

          14. Is that why he rambled on and on about our great low gas prices today while 800 Americans died?

          15. OMG! We are really in trouble. This is not about red vs blue. It has come to morons vs critical thinkers!

          16. I agree 💯. Thank you for your insight. I will definitely vote for President Trump.
            And for those who think this virus is something this world has never had before. You need a history lesson. There was a worse virus in 1918….the Spanish Flu.

          17. Sorry Anna, your new friend Don Trump doesn’t care about you at all!! He only wants to be around his rich, very rich buddies!! I don’t have a clue on why you think he is making american great. That’s not the tune I am hearing or seeing. He has no leadership skills and can barely make out a sentence. He is a con man from New York City. Please get a grip on the real information out there about this man. He is quite dangerous to the American people. He does not care about you or me.

      1. Hatred of the president is a myth spread by people who actually do hate. There are lots of actions and results that can be hated, but I know of no one who want’s him to fail IF he does something decent and for the good of the country. I know that I personally and happy when the president does something right, it gives me a glimmer of hope. I share it on Facebook. And sadly that happens once or twice a year. As for respect, I believe it goes beyond having to earn it. Everyone starts out with my respect, including the President. It is yours to lose, and he lost at when he came down the escalator and starting spewing racism. Disrespecting all American norms; our intelligence services, journalism, even the military while speaking and acting in support of our enemies has not won it back.

          1. Well stated! You speak for a great many of us who, in the Beginning… Had HOPE! However, in a Cruel and Demented Twist Of Fate, from those very same Beginnings… there also came His Tyrannical Objective to
            “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”❗

            Sadly, He Has Indeed Succeeded in
            meeting ‘That Goal’ (at the Very Least). And we have now Become what can only be described as THE “DIVIDED” STATES OF AMERICA.

            IT IS trump. Yes, I DO hold HIM Entirely Responsible!… HE BRINGS OUT THE “WORST” IN ALL OF US!

        1. I think Trump is a terrible president. That said there is plenty of hate toward him and it started the day he took the oath. As an independent I try to look at all sides. But I had never seen anything like the hate from the far left at the Trump inauguration. Before he did anything signs saying not our president and actual rioting. Never has that happened before and I hope I never see it again. So i would have to disagree with you when you say nobody hates him and that nobody wants him to fail. And I also think this article is over the top. Even though I think he has done a very poor job this is the msnbc type of reporting which is just as bad as fox. Two sides of the same hate coin.

          1. Just go back to when Obama was elected, and McConnell and the Repubs vowed to block all of his proposed legislation, and a Supreme Court Justice also! Fox definitely
            promoted that hatred, and intended for Obama to be a one term President. He was a great President; unlike the present occupant of the White House and his corrupt family and friends. Enuf said!

          2. Actually Andrea nobody said that they would block all of the legislation that president Obama proposed. They did say they intended for Obama to be a one term president but that is what the opposing party tries to do every four years. Obama was a good leader after he got his feet on the ground. Too bad he did not stick with his guns and Joe Biden and let them take the single payer out of the Affordable Health Care Act. And Fox News and MSNBC are both mouth pieces for there respective parties who bash the other no matter what.

          3. I agree with you. It’s like Howard Cosell. People either loved him or had extreme dislike or hate for him. Trump had already given numerous examples of the type man he was before he became President. Insulting John McCain, the pussy grabbing comment, the bone spur BS, etc, etc. Then starts off with the easily proveable lies about the crowd size at the inauguration. Just insult after insult to ones common sense and intelligence. Yes that will bring about a lot of vitriol, anger, and hate. I blame the GOP for ever letting him be a nominee for the GOP.

        1. I have no respect at all for the man, since he has no respect for the office or any of our democratic institutions. We hold the office very high and expect the highest standards of moral judgment and competence and he has dragged all of it through the dirt. That’s unacceptable to me.

      2. The hatred is on the side of those who support Trump. Hatred towards women, hatred towards minorities, hatred towards children. The group that supports a man who brags about sexually assaulting women, who calls white supremacists “fine people” and who agrees with imprisoning children and denying them basics are ridiculously calling anyone who disagrees with them as haters.

        The hatred comes from Trump supporters. Now when Trump supporters decide to become decent human beings, then they can be listened to.

        1. Wow. You guys are more deluded than I ever figured you to be. I don’t hate women, or children, or immigrants. If you come into the country legally, I’ll welcome you with open arms. Of you must sneak in our cheat your way in and break the LAW, that makes you a criminal and I want you out of my country. You are only sucking up money that belongs to people who belong here. You don’t belong here.

          As for Trump, everyone makes mistakes. If y’all knew about the things some of our past presidents did, before being President, or worse, WHILE President, and also after being President, your head would spin…or you’d think I was lying.
          Presidents are NOT nice people. Politicians aren’t nice people. You have to be a special kind of person to want to go into politics and, surprise! if you aren’t corrupt to start, you’re on the edge, ready to be pushed over. I only know ONE politician I actually trust, and if I knew more about him, I’d probably trust him less.

          It’s not an excuse for what he SAID he did. How many guys are all talk?

          Do I still support him? I’m not sure. Do I hate anyone? No. Am I disappointed with those on the left for their actions? ABSOLUTELY! If someone holds such disdain and hatred for someone that they refuse to have anything to do with me as their step-daughter, their friend, their CUSTOMER, etc just because I voted for this man…THAT is hatred. And the support of those on the Left supported those who felt this way and reacted this way. So don’t you try and claim anything else.

          I would go into Left Twitter threads, trying to make peace. Never saying one negative word and I would get run out of there being called the worst names.

          1. who gives a damn about past presidents? none of them are in a position to have any baring on the current circumstances. Typical of the Right to deflect and bring people into the conversation who have nothing to do with it. You had a problem with past presidents? you should have brought it up then. today it doesn’t matter one iota. They are not leading this country now. That’s like calling out your 5th grade teacher because your spelling still sucks. Get over it. Move on. Look at a calendar. We don’t live in 2012 anymore.

          2. Defensive. Understandable. Trump represents a lot of really bad qualities and if you find yourself on his side and the “very fine” people that he is incapable of blasting, well then that is where you are. Good luck with that. BTW I have never met so many people that don’t realize / ER, admit – that they are racists. For example, the national anthem being more important, somehow, than black people’s polite passive complaint of their kids and community being killed by police way way disproportionately. If you defend that then you need to reconsider your claim of not being racist. So if you align with Trump good luck with your self defense on this.

          3. Facts matter. People who refuse to pay attention to facts are willfully ignorant. Facts are facts. Opinions are not facts. I listen to facts. If you don’t care about facts, I don’t care about your opinion.

          4. tired of the playground name calling, finger pointing, divisiveness caused by the man who is the president only of his supporters and those who “appreciate” him (poor little Donny). But beware! There’s a scary, cruel, ugly vindictiveness waiting to manifest itself in that man. Watch a cruel dictator operate. You’ll see.

          5. The potus has betrayed the working stiff, and he energized the sadistic separation policy, crimes against children and parents. His perversions, greed, and mendacity are bad enough, but he is otherwise an impostor: a rank amateur at governance whose delusions of greatness drove actions that laid the groundwork for all manner of dismantling structures that serve American security. He is a loser. Do not follow a loser, nor deny the reckless path upon which he leads the blindly loyal. It would be the death of you and me.

          6. >”As for Trump, everyone makes mistakes. If y’all knew about the things some of our past presidents did, before being President, or worse, WHILE President, and also after being President, your head would spin…or you’d think I was lying.”<

            My recollection of Presidents goes back to Eisenhower. I don't remember a single president in my lifetime or prior to it that ever took the side of a Russian KGB officer over the combined findings of the US intelligence community regarding Russia's interference with our election process. That's interfering with our Democracy itself, and for our president to take the word of the offender over the evidence of our intelligence community is a bridge too far for me. For our president to suggest some kind of moral equivalency by saying that are some very fine people among the Nazi's and KKK at a rally that killed a woman, again is more than a mistake. It's his inability to make moral judgments that matter most to us as a nation. And to stand back and delay action with a pandemic that everyone knew was coming and turning down the test kits from the WHO, so that he could award a contract to American providers and have the tests not work, putting us way behind the curve in dealing with what was coming has resulted in destroying the US Economy but what's worse, is likely going to kill up to 240,000 Americans, possible more. There are mistakes, and then there are disasters that are catastrophic. Trump is a menace. If you can point to another president that has done this kind of damage to our country, then point him out. This is all in his first term. Imagine the damage that he could still do in another.

        2. Anna, YOU are a liar spreading lies. Either that or you have no idea what you are talking about. BRAGS about assaulting women ? Hows that exactly ? You referring to the ‘could grab them by the ****’ comment ? It was a crude apology but he never said he did such a thing. Because you have a failed marriage does not mean every man = the bum you married.
          He NEVER said those people were ‘fine people’ or anything like that. In fact, he said the OPPOSITE, he CONDEMNED them in the harshest terms. Try fact checking it and maybe get a clue. ‘Imprisoning people’ ? Another line of bs spread by dolts. Those areas were built during your obama administration. How do you like that one Anna ? Grow up. Join those of us who are trying to stay positive during some of the most daunting days of our country’s history instead of trying to tear it down. How does it feel Anna, to find that NOTHING YOU WROTE in your post is true ? NOTHING.

          1. Simple research proves your denials are not true. He did those things and you are in denial.

          2. No wonder we ae in such sad shape !! Where do you get your info, d em under g round ? Most likely.
            I can guaran-damn-tee you that none of what Anna said is true. Its 1 am here and I need to get to bed but I will return tomorrow and provide you with the links in which you will hear and see what he actually said or did.
            What I can’t get over is that in the 12+ hours since I posted the above you nimrods never even bothered to take the time and double check your assertions. This means that you are either willful liars of the most despicable kind or just plain stupid.
            I’m not here to call people names or start fights but to do what you have done here, well, there is no other way to describe your idiocy but to call it what it is.
            I’ll be back ….

          3. Actually. Trump DID admit saying the p-ssy-grabbing comment. He addressed it on tv, saying “ I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.”. He also said the “fine people” comment. He said that there were many “fine people on both sides”.

          4. Yikes, that was an accusatory response to Anna’s post that may border on inappropriate. I think calm communication no matter the differences we have can be more productive. Not understanding each other can more often than not cause misunderstandings. When there is a disagreement over the facts we should all check to confirm that the information is correct. It is my hope that our country can heal in every way after the pandemic is over. Positivity can override negativity if we let it. If we nurture it. If we want it. We must really search within ourselves for our own answers. We must educate ourselves first. Stop listening only to people that agree with us. Search out others that have different opinions and really communicate and be open to learning from each other. Okay I just climbed down from my soapbox and am retiring for the night.

        3. There is plenty of hatred from the left and right wing. I am not a Trump supporter and never have been. But i also realize that there are millions of people who are. Are you so narrow minded that you believe none of them are decent human beings? This kind of thinking is what is wrong with the country. There are millions of very nice people who are Trump supporters and million like myself or are Biden supporters. Think about it please.

        4. Actually your hate is quite clear. Anyone who would say that no Trump supporter is a decent human being has a big hate problem. I am not a Trump supporter but millions are and I am sure many of them are decent human beings who have a different opinion than i do.

      3. Lillian that’s right, god will provide, he always does. and the president cares about america…and fairies reside in my ass

        1. Trump has never listened to scientific facts. And for that he bears significant responsibility for this crisis. He failed to take sufficient action in January, failed to inform the public, failed to prepare our government agencies. He refuses to use the Defense Production Act to call upon the private sector to develop ventilator needed and massive production for PPE that protects our health care workers. Meanwhile his promotion of conspiracy theories caused people to doubt the severity of treat …

      4. The disrespect has been earned by this President, almost daily he gives ammunition to his critics. The disrespect will be over or extended in November 2020.

      5. Usually a person’s character and what they’ve done in the past is the best predictor of their future behavior, except they tend to become more ambitious as time goes on.

      6. Donald doesn’t have the skills to do this job! He is incompetent! If YOU were employed and didn’t have the skills for that job you probably would not have that job anymore. I guess your co-workers would be annoyed and eventually your manager would step in.

      7. Dear God, get educated before too late, but, look, we are here now! What does it take to make you more informed if not this??!!!!!!!

      8. Trump voters are a cult mob who would rather die than admit they were wrong. If you’ve ever wondered why they drank the Kool-Aid at Jonestown, all you have to do is talk to a Trumpistani

        1. this is the way over the top type of comment that makes me shake my head. just as the really over the top comments from the right do the same. as i read comments here one side is a cult or a socialist or what ever. so the millions of trump voters are this and the millions of sanders voters that. i have to wonder if people are really dumb enough to think that millions of people all think the same. i hope not. and of course people like myself who are independents and would support whoever is the best person for the job are just what? crazy i suppose.

      9. Respect has to be EARNED. Trump has not earned it nor does he accord it to anyone who disagrees with him. Instead he abuses them, belittles them and spends half his night sending out tweets beneath the dignity of any president or true Democratic leader.

        1. True Trump is a lousy president who is a bully and has no idea how to act presidential. Its sad that so many stoop to his level. Look at all the name calling here. Look at the lack of respect shown to anyone who has a different point of view. In politics today it seems that what ever one sides proposes the other side hates not matter which side or what the proposal is. And this way of thinking has infected the american people to a great extent. I think the cable networks who pass themselves off as news stations have also helped divide the people of this country. I can only hope that Biden can help mend this country if and when he becomes president. Even though he has his faults in my opinion he is the best option we have. Because something has to be done to bring this country and its people back to being at least civil.

      10. Unfortunately, if Trump wins the election, your prayer for an end to disrespect and hatred, will definitely not be answered.

      11. Telling the truth is never disrespectful. The emperor has no clothes. Many are paying with their very lives. Decorum be damned, we need someone with courage and compassion. This guy has neither.

        1. If you read my post it has nothing to do with trump. it is about how people on this page are treating each other. anyone who has a different point of view is attacked over and over. so when you respond to my comment please read it

      12. Lillian, the disrespect and hatred will stop when the president of the United states
        begins to act like a responsible public servant and when HE STOPOS THE DISRESPECT AND HATRED … if you support this man, pray tell, what do you support of anything he
        has done … not what he claims to have done, but what he has actually accomplished??

      1. We the people are SO past needing a rich ,not for the people president! A new world is needed where a leader for the people, is a working class person. Would have been better than this pres. Who has no background to be a leader. Just opposite! Not even near, ever, for the people!! So why is it so dam hard to have a president that works for us ?? This not a lot to ask. And I have no idea why it has never been a reality, in the U S !! ???

        1. Money is the reason. Politicians are bought and sold. The every day American can afford too enter that game.

    2. Wow. An articulate idiot. No one ever told you that it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    3. They were paid off by Trump and the GOP. Such McConnell has already spent $11 M (largest ever since he became a senator) to keep his senate seat that otherwise impossible for him to have that kinda campaign money. The Trump family of Grifters are having a Disneyland moment so long as Daddy is in the WH.

    4. I am reminded of a song that got around some years ago by Tonio K called Funky Western Civilization that contained the lines: They put Hitler in the driver’s seat
      And looked the other way
      Doing the funky, Western civilization . . .
      Stay safe.

    5. What a load of crap. You need to check your information and not C N N for you information.
      Closed our boarders and was told he was a racist.The president has done a better job then any president. I didn’t see ant other president bring jobs back to America. It was not a accident. Did he boost about what he has done for the county. Yes you know why because he can. In spite of people like you. and your lies and false attacks.

      1. Dude, you are so misinformed it’s embarrassing. Well, he is a rascist. Haven’t you ever any of the disparaging comments he’s made about non white people? There’s so many that I can’t believe anybody hasn’t heard at least one or two.
        You probably trust Fox News right. Now you do know they backpedaled and recanted their positions on the Coronavirus being a hoax to keep Trump being re-elected. In fact they’re being sued by people who died’s families for spreading misinformation that resulted in their deaths. FYI – CNN was rated in the top 5 most accurate news agencies by an independent grading company as well as The New York Times and The Washington Post. If you trust them a foreign news agency like the BBC who has no vested interest in either political party in the United States.
        Trump hasn’t brought any jobs back to America yet. Still waiting. And no one did more for the economy than President Obama. He rescued the American Auto industry when Republicans were shooting bailing the auto industry out down. I wish you Trump supporters would educate yourselves with facts. And not something you’ve heard a little here and a little there that are based more on people’s feelings toward something than on Facts. If you actually look at the facts for what actually happened with an open mind you may be surprised at what you learn. I give Trump credit when he does something right or good and the same goes for everyone else. I just want people both Democrat and Republican to do the right thing for the people of this country. I’m not putting morals and religion and beliefs in this. Just doing what is best for everyone equally.

    6. It’s hard to really believe this is happening jn the Great Country of America, but is going down rite now

    7. You’re all forgetting one very important element to all this. Why do you think he is the President today? Never mind the popular vote. There was more corruption to that than Libs realize. Fact the facts. He is there today and will be again in 2020 because your Liberal Party doesn’t have a viable candidate today, nor did they in the last election and you can go 100 men and women in depth and still not find one. No use bickering on either side. He’s far from perfect, but take a look at what the Democrats have to offer and you’ll have your answer. It’s truly a sad state of affairs when yes, you take a real estate TV mogul and he becomes President. That has to tell you something. Back a few decades it happened to an actor … so, you tell me how that happened if your party had someone with the where with all to rise to the top? Hopefully, both parties will realize they have these problems on both sides and will regroup so we have two decent parties to select from. Until then, 2020 will once again show the American people that our government is in real trouble and needs some serious fixing.

    8. What a bunch of spewing bs if I’ve ever heard it. It couldn’t have been handled any better considering the circumstances.
      You should all be ashamed of yourselves for calling yourselves Americans. You’re just a bunch of whiney pot stirrers with nothing better to do with your time

    1. Then let us do it! A revolt, NOT war, just not accepting a Leader, that is not for us ! A law, must be enacted to make sure our leaders, all ! Do there job. Why are we a bunch of sheep people, who do not expect too have a government that actually works for US!! I truly believe that many people in leadership, senators, etc. are willing to see that this will happen!! I am a truth teller. Period. Need people that have this and will help to get our U.S. , really great! In the honest true way. With our people all having what is needed. Not just the rich! No poor, no rich ! All right, out there, who is willing, or has the knowelage to get this act of law, enacted? Shall we call it ” The Truth In Leadership Act ” “Making sure that the leadership of the U. S. Government is working for the benefit of the people”. What have we to loose? Lets go people!!

  2. Great title he is another Hilter who killed the old and disabled first,and the blind follow him,pence and the others are wolves in sheep clothing and they will destroy a once great nation

    1. You must be out of your mind. I have seen others who compare Trump to Hitler. Either you have no idea what Hitler did or you are so deranged you should be institutionalized. I think he is a lousy president but to compare anyone to Hitler who ordered the murder of over 12 million people is beyond stupid or crazy.

  3. Absolutely correct! Let this be the end of his reign, and not short enough it was. The Republican led Senate are both his co-conspirators and enablers, and should all travel down the Orange road of dismissal this November. Let us not forget Mitch McConnell, who is sitting on 400 plus pieces of legislation because his masters-Adelson and Koch, don’t like it. May the all drain through the sewer right behind Trump.

  4. Thank you for this.. and posted on my birthday, March 14! All so very sadly true. And he’s the same horrible person he’s been all his pathetic life, too. I keep thinking the last 3 years have been a very bad dream. I just hope and pray that he won’t somehow cancel the November elections due to the virus, and remain in office for it. Again, thank you.

  5. Thank you for this article. It lays it all out I just hope you are right that he has lost the Presidency . I have not called this guy President for months he is so far out of sinc with what we have referred to and upheld in any President regardless of party.

    Vote blue because it can’t happen again I pray…

  6. Sounds reasonable but I can’t help but notice that the end of the crisis will probably come in time for the market and the economy to get back on track for which Trump will definitely take credit.

    1. I am not so sure that the end will happen before the end of the year. It could be close but if the people that still worship him are alive, will it really matter?

    2. He will TRY to take credit. We don’t have to LET him take credit. We know the truth of what we’re living through, directly due to him.

      He’s like an arsonist who sets a five-alarm fire, and then after calling the volunteer fire department to come in and put it out, pats himself on the back for letting them know the building was burning.

  7. Wow, this is the absolutely best explanation of the liar and traitor I have ever observed in three years and it is a PERFECT description of the psychopath who was illegally inaugurated (and who has been destroying our country during that time). Lordy, I hope the American people can see his complete failure and his massive incompetence as well as the enabling GOP Senate and make the change we so desperately need if we want to have a country in the upcoming years.

  8. THIS was a perfect letter…
    Thank you for laying out the facts, the way to solve the problem, and the ugly truth that people are still not taking this seriously or just sociopaths.

    1. Time reveals all truths.. Can’t wait to see what happens in a month, year, 5 years.. How will this time be remembered? The pandemic that killed millions worse than the modern day flu.. Or the Panic over nothing which brought down Americas economy. Who is going to be right and who knows the real truth in this matter?? Truth has yet to be revealed.

      1. If we end up with a “panic over nothing,” that means that the stay home orders, social isolation, & quarantine have worked. That’s actually what we want to have happen: Nothing. No more rising infection rate, no more rising death rate, no more overwhelmed hospitals. After that rising curve flattens–and stays flat for long enough to make a difference–we’ll know we’ve done the right thing. The economy can cover, but dead people can’t.

  9. Pretty much what I have been espousing since the election. As a Christian I can’t wish the demise of an individual, but in Trump’s case it’s hard not to, not only that it’s against the law. So we just have to pray, and hope he changes. How great would it be for him to retire.

  10. Let’s see how many show up for Easter Sunday church service’s. I’m quite sure he won’t be one of the first to attend. The people who support him are mostly elderly. If they all die who’s going to save him. Be careful what you wish for tRUMP.

    1. Sorry, I am elderly and “everyone” I know is disgusted with him. I believe his base is illiterate, don’t even know what is happening, about to be bought off…but where will they go when it ends? They are used to charity and don’t know how to support themselves…we call the RedNecks!

  11. Thank you for eloquently expressing what I and many of my peers feel about this person at the helm of our nation. The 🤮🍊💩 must go.

  12. Perfect read! Thank you for laying it out so well. This is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!! GET OUT AND VOTE BLUE PEOPLE…PLEASE!

    1. Are you sure you want to do that? I heard that the republicans with their guns plan on shooting the democrats. Civil War?? Is that also True? Funny how some things sound so true and some things sound so silly.

  13. Sitting Presidents should be able to be indicted..this man is reckless and causing more deaths due to his non-action and tweets.

    1. Exactly what has he not done that he should of done? I am locked up at home no place to go. Kids not at school.. What more do you want? Arm forces patrolling the streets allowed to shoot anyone who does not have a permit to be outside?

      1. “should’ve” or “should have” it’s never “should of”. Of is not a verb. You cannot “of”.

        And what has he not done? How about what has he done? He told the American people that this crisis is a democrat hoax only intended to smear his name. He spouted ignorance or lies about there being vaccines and tests available or would be immediately available to the public. He said a malaria treatment was soon to be available for the treatment of this virus. He said Ford and GM were already producing ventilators. They’re not. They couldn’t possibly have refitted their facilities in such a short time to produce something they’ve never produced. I could go on and on. Do you actually listen to the man? Have you ever fact checked a word coming out of his mouth? Do your own homework.

        1. Worse still, his touting of the hydrochloroquine/azithromycin “miracle cure” directly resulted in two people in Arizona (listening to him on Fox Entertainment Network) ingested chloroquine phosphate they found in their pantry (they used to have koi fish in a home aquarium). The husband died, and the woman is still in the hospital, in critical condition.

          Those deaths and injuries are 100% on him. There could be more people considering doing the same thing.

          No wonder he says now that the longer people aren’t working, the more suicides we’re going to see.

          1. I had completely forgotten about that couple. Yes. Their deaths and injuries and the pain and anguish I’d their families is 100% Donald Trump’s ignorant carelessness.

  14. You are all so full of hate. How can you propose to go to church on Easter Sunday. Get down on you knees and ask God for forgiveness. President Trump is first of all a human man with a lot of imperfections. He is however our President and at a time like this,we should stand behind him. Keep your hate speech to your self.

    1. Not hate, realism. Trump will cause thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths through his irresponsibility and ineptitude. So we’re all just supposed to keep that to ourselves? Not on our watch!

    2. The one that should be asking forgiveness is the president for what havoc and separation he has caused between us all. You are right. He is an imperfect man but we need a leader now and he has not delivered confidence and the loyalty of the masses….. We all need to remember that we are frail creatures trying to do the best we can in the world we live in…. I’m hoping that he realizes we cannot live in the same room with hope and fear…. One needs to choose.

      1. Criticism of a blithering idiot is not hate. His – or your – false appeal to a god will not improve your message. He actively cultivates division and yes hatred. If it would help, he should be begging forgiveness.

        On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 1:16 PM Kirschner’s Korner wrote:

        > Lori commented: “The one that should be asking forgiveness is the > president for what havoc and separation he has caused between us all. You > are right. He is an imperfect man but we need a leader now and he has not > delivered confidence and the loyalty of the masses….. ” >

    3. I agree. I’ve never read such a hate filled article in my life. And why didn’t the author of this piece put his name on it?

    4. Your empathy is admirable. In many cases we fall short of greatness because we are afraid of failure. BUT I am sure you would agree that someone who refuses to admit when he is wrong time and time again is not someone that should be followed and supported blindly. Businessmen like your President are high risk high reward people. They love to be heroic and succeed against all odds. They have little patience and can’t stand inaction. Remember the tortoise and the hare. America needs a patient careful hand at the tiller during these times.

      Pray for this imperfect man to rise to this occasion. Pray for him to listen before he speaks and to put others first.

    5. Marie, I used to be both a Republican and a Christian. When Donald Trump was elected president, I renounced both. If your god existed, do you really think he would have allowed this disgusting excuse for a human being to destroy our nation much less sent him as our “savior”. It must be nice to live in your world where you never have to face reality or accept any responsibility for the way you lead your own life.

      1. Maybe the dumbest thing every posted anywhere. who on earth would renounce there religious beliefs because of somebody being elected. If there were a god then babies would not die. Ok i think you can believe what ever you want. but its clear you did not believe in anything very much if that is all it takes

    6. Marie, why don’t you keep your God and religion out of your political comments. It has no place here. USA, wake up !!! The world is watching and laughing at your clown in the White House while thousands of good people are dying. Please, please remove this parasite from office.

      1. I think the hatred and disrespect has become woven in the fabric of some American behavior. They hated and disrespected Obama, with Trump being the ring leader. He did not even respect the office. So let’s say it’s been visible for the last 11 yrs. 3 months.

    7. No one should be attending church this Sunday. We are experiencing a pandemic. The Lord has no objection to worshiping Easter in the safety of ones home. I’m sure God himself wishes no person to be of harm to themselves or to others. In saying this I do not imagine our Savior wishes to witness anymore of Trump’s inept ability to rule our country. Trump has proven he does not mind stepping on anything or anyone, no matter the circumstance. Trump has no compassion, no empathy, and certainly no respect for another being.

  15. The truth, nothing but the truth so help me God. I never understood his Christian supporters, the Bible in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus. “What has he done lately, ” for his Base. Followers must be demented or delusional. Providing absolutely nothing for the American People during Pandemic. Death isn’t reason to do necessary steps for danger to Country. Republican’s choose to be blinded when their pocket book and Power threatened. Trump whom our Children to look up too. US reputation a Government one cannot trust and laughable throughout the world.

      1. That’s a despicable thing to suggest, and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying it. It goes to show the shallowness of your patriotism or your “christian love” for your neighbor.

  16. Truly Satan possesses this man REAKING HAVOC…a FOUL STENCH comes from him..just looking at him…God is showing HIS POWER against this man…destroying the planet…human suffering and trumps 7 deadly sins…GOD RULES

    1. Didn’t Jesus state “IT IS FINISHED”. Didn’t Jesus defeat satan?? How can satan posses a man when Jesus took him out for us? Didn’t Jesus come to show us the fathers true heart. Is this how Jesus would treat Trump? AS I recall from my bible reading Jesus gave the honor to the tax collector who use to robe his own people. By stating he come to his house and have dinner with him. Everyone wanted Jesus to eat at their house and he picked a man like Trump to have dinner with. He showed him HONOR and respected and in turn the man said he pay back 4 times the amount he took. That is how you support a man who has fallen. That is God our Father!!! You are revealing Satans heart…

      1. Jesus defeat Satan? What book are you reading? He didn’t defeat Satan. He was sent to this world as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Not to vanquish the devil. The word in this verse, “finished,” is actually from the Greek word, “tetelestai,” which is the same word that means “paid in full.” Often, it was used in an accounting term, which indicates a debt was paid. The uniqueness about the way it was written is that the tense of the word indicates both a point in time it was complete and that it would also continue to be complete or finished. And this is the essence of what Christ came to do. He came to “finish” God’s work of salvation in us. He came to “pay it in full,” the entire penalty, or debt, for our sins.

      2. You need help. May l suggest you lay back and smoke a big fat dube and reflect on
        the big picture of life, for your time on earth is less than the blink of an eye.
        God was manmade to keep people like you in check and it worked. The bible?
        Fear mongering fairy tales for those with low self esteem and an IQ to match.

        1. Actually you must have an IQ of about 65. Since you seem to think millions of people who believe in some form of god all have low self esteem and a low IQ. Meanwhile you lite a weed on fire inhale it into your lungs and do tons of damage to your body just so you can get away from the real world because its more than you can comprehend.

  17. Really?? Wow it is so funny how we all see things differently. I feel if you want to stay healthy and strong to fight the virus eat meat.. I could not be more proud of our President. How he is giving hope to his people instead of panic. I do not rely on leadership for my downfalls. If I get the virus it is because I did not follow the rules. Not because my government let me down? I take full responsibility for my actions. Blame game is not in my character.

    1. Yet you support a president who takes no responsibility for anything that goes wrong and grabs credit for anything that goes well, even and especially when it wasn’t through his own efforts. Oh, and yes lies constantly…the only way you can deny this if if you deliberately choose to ignore or excuse. That’s what is most troubling to so many of us. He’s an dangerous embarrassment to this great county of ours!

    2. I respect you and anyone who take responsibility. I wish the president had that quality. The blame game is what he lives by.
      I want him to do well because it is in our best interest. But he has not shown true leadership over his term as president. Just my opinion.

      1. I agree, Ron. But we have a chance to replace him if we all vote. What I worry about is that the republicans may try to steal the election(through voter suppression) in order to hold onto power. Like Trump, they will do or say anything to get what they want.

    1. have you ever had an original comment? or do you frequently regurgitate comments in the same thread that you’ve read from someone else? randomly basic

      1. Why are you attacking me, my comment was not intended for the author, I totally agree with him, it was a reply to Angela!!!

  18. Mr Trump has failed the American people. He has continued to lie to us. The truth is a virus is running rampant throughout the world. It infects blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, young, old, republican, democrats and independents. He had the chance when he was provided information how to combat a pandemic but refused to utilize the information, He refused testing kits from other countries. He called it a hoax. He said it would just go away. This man has blood on his hands

    1. He has done a terrible job. Please dont say he called it a hoax. we all know that is not true. By saying things that are false you make it harder for all of us who are trying to get the truth out about what is really happening.

  19. The problem is that his lemming-like minions believe his foolishness and superstitions, just as so many believed Hitler, once upon a time. Even now, the right wing is gearing up to claim that the scientists who have been trying to warn and advise His Ignorance are part of the deep state, and out to get him. There is nothing that this man won’t do the retain his catbird seat at the head of our nation’s troubled table. He simply must be voted out (since the spineless Republican Senate, lorded over by Public Enemy #2, didn’t have the brains or the balls to impeach him. Barr is seeking to suspend civil rights and other parts of the Constitution, and we are much, much greater peril from these bozos, than even from Covid-19. Sound the alarm: help is NOT on the way, yet.

    1. Truth. The army of faux christian, right-wing lemmings ispathetic. They fail to see fact, preferring instead to see white, christian power as the truth. These delusional proles are not worth the air they breathe. We must push them back under the rocks they crawled out of with the next election.

    2. Its amazing that anyone can be this misinformed. First when anyone compares anybody to Hitler it makes my skin crawl. Hitler ordered the murder of over 12 million people. Nobody is claiming the scientists are part of the deep state or out to get Trump. Are you really stupid enough to think that there is a greater danger to this country than covid19? News flash we cannot vote the virus out of office in a few months. And Mr Allen’s lawsuit is about money and how much he can put in his pocket. Comcast dropped many programs from both black and white companies. Allen also filed against the NAACP and the National Urban League. I do not like it when greedy multi millionaires like Allen use race as leverage in business. Im sure if Comcast thought those channels would put more money there pocket there would be no problem adding them. Comcast is a very greedy corporation. Just check out your cable bill. I am a registered democrat and I did not vote for Trump. I never have voted for a republican presidential candidate. But that does not mean i buy into everything msnbc tries to feed me either. What I want from my fellow democrats is to refrain from acting like the tea party and becoming the exact thing they oppose. There is no room for hate no matter who thinks completely differently from me. And when i hear that its the other party started it and the hate will stop when they stop i think how childish that really is. my kids act like that. he started it he hit me first he called me a name. my lord lest act the way we are supposed to act no matter what other act like.

  20. It’s typical to try and shut people up by saying they’re being “hateful” towards Trump. Amazing how those who say Trump’s critics only spew “HATE” are usually the ones who also promote blindly and faithfully giving allegiance to someone just because he’s in a position of authority that ideally, should command respect and loyalty. They also make excuses for Trump because he has “faults” and is therefore “only human”. By that standard we should release all prisoners now, haven’t those convicted of crimes just been misunderstood and the facts about them skewed ?

    Now I know why manipulation, abuse, exploitation, and violence are so rampant in this world and completely out of control- because of those with toxic naivety and malignant optimism that will make excuses for ANYBODY, in pursuit of ideals they cling to that aren’t applicable to the person they’re projecting it on. Trump, you’ve done a great job fooling those who want to be fooled, who WANT to believe where belief isn’t deserved, who want to believe sales talk over conflicting and questionable actions, who want to cling to ideals instead of face actual reality and deal with the harsh, unappealing facts of it.

  21. I hope that you are right in a way because what I thought I fear is even whose:

    I left the store one night and drove by the homeless center (where I use to work) and the people were camped and lounging up the block on both sides of the street doing what they always do, hanging out “together.” Then it hit me – these camps around the country, I fear around the world, will be decimated!

    To him, these people (and the elderly) aren’t producers – they’re the users; they are the drain on our society. By him delaying, he gave the virus a chance to take root. He ran the numbers and knew some healthy would be lost but the cost was worth the reward! A simple cost benefit analysis.

    1. Its amazing that you could actually post something this stupid. Trump had no political or legal experience what so ever. He was not qualified for the job he has. If you think he was capable of seeing the long term effects of this outbreak you are mad. He has not once in his time in office shown he can think that far ahead. He has bumbled his way along making mistake after mistake because he does not understand the dynamics of the office he holds. But for anyone to think he would do anything to let thousands of people die because he does not think old or poor people count is preposterous

  22. How’s all that winning going Trump Supporters? The only record Trump is going to break is the amount of Americans who are going to die under his leadership!!! And to all you Christian Evangelicals who support this clown don’t forget to have a great gathering at all the churches come Easter Sunday !! TRUMP wants you there !!! You’ll be doing us a favor !!

    1. i guess you are trying to prove that no matter how low trump goes you can go lower. i have seen several post on this site that imply or come out and say they hope people gather in large numbers and are infected with cvoid 19. which as disgusting and low as anyone can go.

  23. This kind of irresponsible journalism and outright lies are why I’m voting Trump 2020, and why our conservative movement is picking up even more steam. Lifelong democrats are walking away and thank God for it.

    1. Thank you for your comment. In reading through this site, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of hate that is presented and yet blaming everyone else for their hate.

    2. Are you seroius Nick? Are you calling Kirschner”s journalism “irresponsible” and “outright lies”?
      What the hell are you smoking? What conservative movement is picking up “even more steam”? From where?
      I assume you are talking about the 2016 and 2018 elections where Trump lost by 3 million popular votes and the GOP got blown away in “18? The only walking “lifelong” Democrats are going to do, is straight to the polls in November in numbers never witnessed before in a life time, to vote this parasite occupying the White House out on his humongous ass. I’m looking in from the outside. I was born and raised in New York City. I have been a naturalized Canadian for 50 years and it breaks my heart to see what has become of my homeland in the past 31/2 years. It is truly embarrassing. I am embarrassed.

      1. I agree with you Bob although I try not to use inflammatory language which only increases the vitriol from the president’s supporters. I was born in the US and left when I was 25 for Canada with my Canadian husband. I lived there for 32 years and I love the Canadian culture and way of life. I miss the health care and security. I came back here to care for my aging mother. I returned to this shocking national situation.
        If you compare the Canadian response to the American- you will see in Canada compassionate leadership.
        Respectfully, Mr. Trump is not competent for the intellectually rigorous duties of the presidency. I will not go into the details, but clearly his lack of basic 10th grade science knowledge, lack of discernment, and unchecked arrogance has resulted in 50,000 more deaths than was necessary (study from Columbia University- recent). This is an absolute heart breaking era in our history. And I find so many Americans don’t feel the weight of all those grieving
        families, all those precious lives unlived. What is it going to take to wake up?
        The Right’s defiance of the Constitution and lack of respect for all citizens equally is equivalent to a metastatic cancer. To raise awareness of our responsibility to our country/ if you are worried about partisan influence- read the Federalist papers- especially #10 which was written by James Madison. It outlines what can happen if checks and balances aren’t operational and what occurs when special interests groups become the majority – and stop operating in good faith. There is a special cautionary in this essay which speaks to a particular religion trying to be the majority and influence the governing of the country as a whole.
        Sorry for the long novel but I hope readers will have the maturity and calm to be thoughtful.
        I thought the article was well written.

    3. Sorry , but trump does not know what he is doing. he is extremely incompetent to be the president of the united states. YOU do not know what you are talking about. Please give it up. this was an excellent article. trump has blood on his hands. all trump knows how to do is be a con man and tell lies after lies after lies after lies. he is a con man and you should know this. he lies. he lies. he lies. what don’t you understand? come on………he has no skills except to be a con man like.

  24. Trump voters are a cult mob who would rather die than admit they were wrong. If you’ve ever wondered why they drank the Kool-Aid at Jonestown, all you have to do is talk to a Trumpistani

    1. can you actually post anything that is dumber than this comment? i am not a trump voter but i cannot imagine anyone calling millions of people a cult mob and comparing them to the deaths in jonestown. my lord farah get a grip

  25. To have a devil masquerading as a leader is far more dangerous than this corona virus which has taken over the entire world like a fog slowly engulfing and descending like water from a shower head….claiming hundreds of thousands of lives each day. To have an alien devil posing as a human leader is the worse error committed by a society that thirst for leadership for all the people not a divider of people. Never have we seen anything that has consumed the entire world like this virus. On a harsher note, this is the first time that many can agree, we have never seen a truly authentic devil in human form as this impostor of a president. Pick your demise. Trump or corona virus?

    1. Where do you get these numbers from? Hundreds of thousands of lives each day? Thank god that is not true or even close to the number of lives lost each day. As of today just over 100 thousand people have died world wide of covid19 Which is terrible. But when people like you start ranting and have no clue what they are talking about it takes away from those who actually are trying to have a discussion.

  26. I believe trumps response to this pandemic will ensure his loss in November, I just hope we all live long enough to see it.

  27. The gaslight of America will end in what could be considered manslaughter charges. How many lives will be lost at the failure of the current administration and the American political system to halt the impending onslaught of the COVID-19 virus? He never read the memo on the 29th, but closed the borders on the 2nd. Something doesn’t quite add up. Closing the border on Feb 2nd was a good first measure, and acknowledges known intent, and as he puts it a BIG move. Which in a court of law will describe the next 50 days as egregious and in the end a recipe for loss of life and wealth. The stockpiles were empty he cries, yet in three years he did nothing to fill them?

    The richest country in the world will show why you do not elect incompetent sociopaths to the title of Commander in Chief. Death, scourge, famine and poverty will be the mark left and those laid to waste were the result of the biggest joke of a president ever. As he proclaimed himself at war with the invisible enemy, it is himself who he is at war with. As fate would have it as such he has sealed his own grave. His wealth and his supporters accounts will perish and those who have lined their pockets shall all pass at the very hand that dealt them their swollen bellies. Welcome to the real world Sir, where hubris is seldom worn well, and in the end those who had it coming, always get it.

  28. which is pure stupidity. the comments on this page have nothing to do with which candidate is the most qualified to lead the country. Just in case you forgot that is the only thing that is suppose to matter when casting your ballot.

  29. tЯump supporters have been identified as Talibangelicals, TeaBaggers or the “hybrid” known as Dingleberries

    Learn to pronounce

    noun: dingleberry; plural noun: dingleberries
    a foolish or inept person.

    pieces of excrement that cling to an anus


    1. I am not a Trump supporter but this is a childish post that I would expect from someone who has a bad habit of writing on bathroom walls

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