The Season Finale

After watching four seasons of Trump Destroys America, we wondered how it would end. Would Trump host a Confederate State dinner for the Proud Boys? Would Putin reveal his compromising information on Trump? Would Trump order the military to invade New York? The trailers provided every indication we were in for a nail biter.   

His armed followers scaled the walls, bashed in doors, brandished guns, and carried pipe bombs into the U.S. Capitol. Tear gas filled the Rotunda where Abraham Lincoln once laid in state. Members of Congress ran for their lives. A terrified and mortified country watched full-blown sedition unfold. The world gasped. Nevermind these traitorous, illegal acts were carried out by the same snowflakes who suffered from convulsions when athletes peacefully took a knee to protest evidence-based racial injustice.

The last Orwellian episode of the Trump era couldn’t have ended any other way. 

Trump’s show stunk so bad that Democrats cheered for Mitt Romey and longed for George Bush. Tune in next week when Robert Stack reprises his role on Unsolved Mysteries to determine how this menace to humanity hasn’t yet been removed from office after attempting a coup in a democracy.

President Obama left office with unparalleled grace; Trump departs with his usual round of baseless conspiracy-mongering, self-pity, and a violent mob carrying his flameless torch. But decorum means nothing to him. He touts his passion for law and order, but he produced no evidence of voter fraud. None. Every judge, including judges he appointed, summarily dismissed his insane claims.

Trump and his army of Yosemite Sams fought the Battle of Nothing. It was a Gong Show of uneducated, mask-burning, racist misfits lashing out aimlessly. For one last hurrah, they stormed the citadel with their pants down. These War Against Christmas veterans pledge allegiance to a tin-pot dictator who sexually assaults and fleeces their neighbors. They’re a walking advertisement for investments in mental health and education.

Trump, who for years has railed against peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment rights, told his violent mob who attacked and injured the Capitol police, “We love you. You’re very special.” He reminded Americans that he only believes in law and order for the people he hates; not for himself, the criminals he pardons, or qAnon anarchists. His fake patriots, waving their Trump Rambo flags, aren’t defenders of freedom; they’re toy soldiers hypnotized by a wimpish dictator.

Outraged Republicans who have remained silent and allowed Trump’s horrifying behavior and crimes were incredulous, but their incredulity was overshadowed by their years of enabling him. They helped lay the foundation for insurrection, so they bear equal responsibility.

These events were tragic but predictable. Let’s put them in perspective, though.

A few hundred cult-curious Trump supporters stormed the Capitol because they can’t discern between truth and fiction. They don’t believe in the U.S. Constitution, the law, or democracy. The majority of the country doesn’t share their views.

The Democrats won the House, Senate, and White House.

States like Georgia and Arizona, which have voted Republican for decades, rejected Trump’s brand of politics and became Democratic.

Tireless leaders like Stacey Abrams reminded Americans that we have the power to win elections if we turn our passion into effective advocacy.

A Black woman, Kamala Harris, will preside over the U.S. Senate and cast deciding votes.

A Native American woman, Deb Haaland, will oversee America’s land.

Merrick Garland, a brilliant legal scholar who will impartially enforce American laws, will be the Attorney General.

Marcia Fudge, a Black woman who cares deeply about poor people’s plight, will lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

An experienced and passionate climate advocate, John Kerry, will be the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

Voters rejected Trump’s criminal misconduct, authoritarianism, cheating, pathological lying, divisive politics, and harmful policies in all three government branches.

Voters stripped Mitch McConnel of his power. Democrats will now chair every Senate committee and control the Senate’s legislative agenda for at least two years. Republicans will be powerless in their effort to block Biden’s cabinet nominees and judges.

The most critical issues of our time–climate change, healthcare, civil rights, etc.–will be high legislative priorities now.

The President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States have outstanding voting records on animal rights issues.

Millions of Americans protested, volunteered, donated, and united to save our country.

It is a sad time in America for so many reasons, but it is a hopeful day in America, too.


5 thoughts on “The Season Finale

  1. Kirschner –

    Thank you for this brilliant piece of writing. Scarring summing up and listing our many reasons for optimism at the end.

    Shari Lightstone


  2. Always insightful, humorous, and hopeful! I look forward to all your posts, Andrew! To brighter days ahead🌞🙏🏻

  3. Great article Andrew. Hopefully this was the finale. He still has 11 days left in office as I write this. People like Ted Cruz I think are even more dangerous than Trump. For the most part Trump has always telegraphed his actions. It is not like he did not warn us this was coming.

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