McConnell Says It’s Too Late for Biden to Nominate Judges

Citing multiple chances President-elect Biden had to nominate judges during his Democratic presidential primary, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated today that “the time for Joe Biden to nominate judges has passed.”

“He only has a little more than four years left in his term,” McConnell explained. “We need to let the American people decide who they want to nominate judges when they vote in the 2024 election.”

McConnell said he would not rule out allowing Donald Trump to nominate a judge if a Supreme Court vacancy becomes available during Biden’s term.

3 thoughts on “McConnell Says It’s Too Late for Biden to Nominate Judges

  1. I am so sick of this man and all he stands for….he has no idea of how to be fair and what he can and cannot do with Joe Biden as president. To even think he would let Trump nominate a supreme court judge after he has been shamefully gone from office is ridiculous!

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