Trump’s Impact on Animals

Do you think about farmed pigs and chickens suffering in industrial warehouses? Elephants confined for entertainment in the circus? Aquatic animals suffocating from pollution and commercial fishing? The tragic fate of hunted bears? Dogs abused in puppy mills? Monkeys tortured in labs? The fires, floods, and deforestation destroying animals’ habitats and ending their lives in horrifying ways? People’s disregard for animals can cause compassionate people constant despair. Living in a culture that fails to respect other species is hard enough, but Donald Trump and his administration have made life exponentially worse for animals.

Sadly, false headlines that suggested Trump made animal cruelty a federal felony in the United States recently fooled many animal advocates. The news offered a sobering reminder of the challenges we face in a society that relies on dubious headlines for information, and the inaccurate narrative that results when readers don’t learn the truth about issues. I set the record straight, but I was no match for the millions of people who shared the headlines erroneously thanking Trump for ending animal abuse in America.

Countless animals continue to suffer from Trump’s abhorrent policies. His acts of moral depravity are too long to list, but this highlight reel provides insight into his disregard for the welfare of animals.

About 99% of all animal suffering happens to factory-farmed and aquatic animals. The numbers are staggering–trillions of animals. In 2018, Trump’s USDA rolled back regulations for an Obama-era animal welfare rule, which provided for better treatment of farmed animals whose products are labeled “organic.” The rule allowed birds to move freely, stretch their wings, stand normally, and engage in natural behaviors.

Nine nonprofit environmental groups rated Trump the worst president for our environment in American history. His lack of concern for aquatic and wildlife has caused animals incalculable suffering. His denial of climate change and decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord to maximize corporate profits and his failure to enact plans to combat greenhouse gas emissions pose an existential threat to every animal and human on the planet.

In 2016, under the Obama administration, the USDA issued 4,944 animal cruelty citations. As evidence of Trump siding with the abusers over animals, in 2018, Trump’s USDA issued only 1,716. He also put Scott Pruitt and Andrew Wheeler in charge of the EPA, two notorious foes of regulations that protect animals. To make matters worse, Trump’s USDA removed thousands of animal abuse records from its website in an effort to protect animal abusers–a decision widely condemned by animal rights organizations. This decision made it harder for Americans to find out which puppy mills, research facilities, and zoos, for example, are complying with animal protection laws.

Trump lifted an Obama-era ban on the import of sport-hunted trophies from elephants. Trump weakened the Endangered Species Act, making it more difficult to protect wildlife. He overturned the ban on hunting in the Alaskan wildlife refuge, and allowed the use of bait, including dogs, to lure grizzly bears to make it easier for hunters to shoot them–and opened 1.5 million acres of the refuge to oil drilling. Trump also sanctioned the use of lead ammunition for hunting wildlife in national parks–a danger to people’s health and a step that could kill an additional 10-20 million animals in addition to those targeted by the hunters.

Trump doesn’t care about the planet, people’s health, or animals. It’s hard to imagine him petting a dog let alone taking a stand for animals. Signing a unanimously-supported, Democrat-initiated bill that affects a few hundred animals doesn’t make him an animal advocate. If you care about animals, don’t be fooled by misleading headlines. Trump’s horrific impact on animals, people’s health, and the environment will leave a lasting legacy of pain, suffering, and death. Animal advocates don’t support Donald Trump.

38 thoughts on “Trump’s Impact on Animals

    1. Is anyone aware of Trumps two eldest sons? They own many hunting compounds where wild animals are fenced in so the great WHITE HUNTERS can kill animals for trophies!!! Someone needs to call him out on that. Trump is one of the only Presidents I know of that does not have a pet.

      1. WOW! They are definitely deplorable!! That’s shows they are the worst That’s is probably the only way the can hunt if they hunted the normal way they wouldn’t be able to kill any animal Karma will get them!!

  1. I just recently stumble upon your Korner. I eagerly read each and especially this one, outing FRUMP on animal rights in particular. Keep writing…don’t ever stop.

  2. You spell out in very accurate and understandable ways, how #45 has diminished and decimated the protections of animals, environment and vulnerable humans set in place by President Obama and he still has dedicated supporters!! WTH is wrong with those people???

  3. I fight for the voiceless
    And will spread awareness
    How we treat the Animals
    TROPHY hunters
    Blood Leon’s
    And the way we abuse our planet
    Couse you can separate this.

  4. Why pick on Trump or any leader. Pick on your hunter/killers of wild animals like the American lady who posed with the Giraffe she shot at point blank range in Africa. They come all the way to Africa to kill a wild animal what the hell for???? That is sick. Stop your hunters of killing any wild annimal including your bears. The few remaining wild annimals have a right to life. Would any of your hunters like to face the barrel of a high powered rifle and have his head half blown off or worse injured by a bad shot. Rather shoot worlds animals through the lens of a camera.

    1. The article pertains to the massive number of animals killed through his policies. Not just a few trophy hunters. Far more African animals are poached for the Asian black market, superstition animal parts myths than all trophy hunting combined.

      Factory farming cruelty accounts for far more suffering than international hunting. It’s not “picking on Trump.” His policies on wildlife and agriculture have been horrific and indisputable.

      Obviously you could stand to reread the article.

    2. All animals have the right to live the life they were created to live. Every one is precious and we should ‘let everything that has breath praise the Lord’ Ps 150:6
      Sad that he made it worse for God’s creatures. Someday we will be held accountable for them and all creation. Hebrews 4:13

    3. How does one “pick on” an incredibly powerful bully? Did you read the article? Trophy hunters like to bring the body parts of their victims back with them. Trump made it easier for people to bring their trophies into the USA among so many other atrocious things.

    4. Finally someone intelligent who understands that Mr TRUMP is not the only one responsible for the suffering of animals!

  5. Your all unpatriotic communists. Trump is the greatest president ever. He will lead us to glory in a torrent of fire. We need more obedient tv watchers in this country.

    1. Besides a spelling lesson, you could also use a vastly enhanced attention span as to these policies and some simple reading comprehension of the information right in front of you.

      Of course, one has to consider the source of someone saying what you are.

      Or was this a clever, satirist pun? 😉

    2. You are delusional, just as is your “president”.

      “He will lead us to glory in a torrent of fire”….blah blah blah. Excuse me while I go vomit.

      1. Yeah and his base won’t go in and look at the actual policies that he signed into law . The neighs and yeas are right there in front of them . But they think this is from fake data . It’s ridiculous

  6. Trump is one of only two presidents of this country who has not had a pet in the White-house. He doesn’t like animals, plain and simple. He’s not so good with humans either.

  7. Look into those cold dark, empty, vulture like eyes of our President, and you can see straight to the black core of his tarnished soul the he has no love whatsoever, or empathy or concern with any animal or anyone other than his sick selfish fat twisted self

  8. Could I possibly be reading your comment correctly?!?
    Is this what you have learned back in the hills of Appalachia, among other inbreds with few teeth, and even fewer morals? A likely comment from an individual whose father is more than likely to be his brother as well.

  9. Don’t forget allowing LEAD ammo & lures when he killed the Obama ban on them. This idiocy is directly leading to the deaths of hundreds of Bald Eagles! Has there ever been a better metaphor?

  10. Great article. Very well written. Very true. very disgusting we have a leader (?)who is so evil and self serving.

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