$5 Friday Pick: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

What is $5 Friday?
I started “$5 Fridays” to inspire people to support farm animal rescue and advocacy organizations. Every Friday, I select an organization and kindly ask everyone to donate $5 to it. Many people don’t have a lot to give but most people can give a little. If we all donate $5, it will add up and help support animals.

How can you help?
1) Donate $5 directly to the $5 Friday pick via their website.
2) Post the organization’s name and your donation amount in the comments section below so we can keep a running total of donations. I confirm our total with the featured organization the following day.

That’s it. It’s that simple!

How do I select the organizations?
I interview organization leaders, speak with volunteers, read websites and Google reviews, check social media activity, review the organization’s financials, and think critically about every decision. I focus on organizations that can quantify the effectiveness of their work and make the biggest impact for animals.

Why should we donate?
Farm animal rescue and advocacy organizations rely on our generosity to propel their work. Whether it’s providing humane education to students, designing and printing veg starter kits, launching online pro-animal advertisements, employing undercover investigators, organizing boycotts or protests, advocating for pro-animal legislation, or providing medical care, food, and shelter to rescued animals, it costs money to run these organizations. Our donations directly help them save more animals’ lives.



Merl the Goat

$5 Friday Pick #18
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
Stockton, California

Here are five reasons to donate $5 to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary.

1. Click here to read Merl’s inspiring and unforgettable story of survival and rescue.

2. In addition to rescuing farm animals, Harvest Home operates a hugely successful humane education program. They provide plant-based cooking classes at a local food bank, deliver presentations in schools, host vegan food samplings, and lead public tours of the sanctuary to provide carnivores the opportunity to interact with farm animals.

3. The sanctuary cares for 225 rescued animals including 130 chickens, 11 turkeys, and 5 pigs.

4. What would have happened to Mattie if not for Harvest Home? Hollywood could make movies about the lengths they go to rescue farm animals and the harrowing ordeals these animals endure.

5. Interviews with volunteers tell the real story of this sanctuary. Here are a few excerpts from the people who know them best.

“All these animals live happily together in various pastures with secure, enclosed barns in each pasture or area. The sanctuary manager, Christine Morrissey, works hard to ensure that all the animals in a given area get along together, have companions of their own species as well as other species, and have plenty of space and comfort, as well as safety. The areas and barns are cleaned regularly by staff and volunteers and given regular health checks and treatment from veterinarians when needed. Christine, also has a graduate degree in “poultry science” and so she is able to do much of the medical care herself. This is really important, because unlike many sanctuaries, Harvest Home often takes in “special needs” animals. One particularly amazing example of that is the recent rescue of Estella the guinea pig who was found injured with her buddy on the road and is paralyzed in her back legs. With the help of supporters, Estella now has a special wheel-chair built especially for her.” – Lori, Volunteer

“I know that both Karen and Christine pay great attention to all their animals overall health – and react quickly if any need extra medical care and/or attention. Both Karen and Christine are always welcoming and always make time to interact with me and other visitors/volunteers. They often facilitate conversations that help us to think about what Harvest Home represents and how we can take the experiences we have there out into the community. Of all the sanctuaries I visit – I would most definitely say that these guys put the “home” in Harvest Home. I love their passion and dedication.” – Taylor, Volunteer

“I’ve always had the utmost confidence in the leadership at Harvest Home, Christine and Karen. They’re extremely laid back and calm on the surface but are incredibly strong. They’re wonderful diplomats or ambassadors for rescued animals. Christine maintains ties to the local community nearby, Stockton, by being a board member of the Emergency Food Bank. They are very accommodating to all different types of people who want to visit with the animals.” – Stina, Volunteer

“Christine Morrissey is the primary caretaker at the sanctuary, and I have had many interactions with her. She is serious about her mission, but warm and welcoming at all times, generous with her knowledge and open to all questions and suggestions. She directs volunteers with a gentleness and efficiency that always makes me feel I have made a difference by spending time volunteering. Her love and concern for the animals is obvious and contagious.” -Darcy, Volunteer

Let’s show the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary team how much we appreciate everything they do to make the world a more humane place for animals by empowering them to do even more.

Please click here to donate $5.
Thank you for participating in
$5 Friday.

Please list your donation amount in the comments section below or on my personal Facebook page so we can track our total. Thank you!

Farm animal sanctuary picks now receive additional exposure as regular features on Animals of America!

26 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I am from Toronto Canada and trying to donate to Harvest…it appears you can only donate if you live in the US.

    Just an fyi.


      1. I should’ve known better and had more faith in your followers, Andrew. 🙂
        Would you mind sharing your FB page link? I’ve tried googling and I can’t seem to find the right page.
        Thanks & glad to hear there was a good turnout of donations!

  2. I donated $5 to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. I know it isn’t much, but I think everything helps. Karen and Christine do a wonderful job of providing a caring and loving home to abused and unwanted animals and birds. Their tireless devotion to the animals and birds is amazing and inspiring. They are always welcoming to visitors and volunteers, willing to answer our many questions and educate us about the animals’ histories and animal rights’ issues. If you haven’t already visited this special sanctuary, please consider attending one their tours or events.

    1. Hello, Olly! So happy to have your support today. Harvest Home is lucky to know people like yourself. Thank you so much. Your donation will fund an entire salad party for all our ducks and geese this weekend. 🙂

      1. I think it’s terrific that you set up the $5 Friday for sanctuaries and thank you very much, and so glad I got to use this venue to donate to one of my favorites.

    1. Hi Trisha! We love you back. Your endless generosity is unmatched, seriously. Thank you 100 times over. Harvest Home is so lucky, grateful and honored to have you ongoing and unwavering support. Big hugs – see you soon 🙂

  3. Special thanks to everyone for their incredible support for this special sanctuary. We donated a total of $1,030 Friday. That’s sensational. Our new $5 Friday total is $15,041 in donations to farm animal sanctuaries and advocacy organizations. Thank you!

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