Orchard Grocer

Orchard Grocer, a bohemian all-vegan deli and food market on the Lower East Side, replicates the feel of old-style New York delicatessens. It offers sandwiches, soft-serve ice cream, and unique grocery items. Moo Shoos, which sells vegan shoes, belts, bags, shirts, and other apparel, is conveniently located next door.

Located a short walk from the Tenement Museum, Orchard Grocer attracts a passionate bohemian crowd and presents a team of friendly employees. With no shortage of exciting options on the menu, I ordered the Bowery: a fantastic breakfast sandwich with tofu egg, turmeric, tempeh bacon, and Violife provolone slice.

Orchard Grocer is a must-visit for anyone in the city. It’s bustling with good energy and delicious food. Most of all, it’s an inspiring reminder that animals, people, and the planet don’t have to suffer for food enthusiasts to enjoy American traditions.


2 thoughts on “Orchard Grocer

  1. I like reading such wonderful news of all things veganism happening in local areas and around the world. Good news and positive vibes!

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