A Translation of Trump’s Favorite Catchphrases

This guide to Trump’s most common catchphrases aims to help people better understand the true meaning of his words when he speaks.

“Everyone is talking about it.” = Nobody is talking about it except him.

“That’s what people are saying.” = Nobody said it. He made it up.

“Nobody knows more about this than I do.” = He literally knows nothing about it.

“That’s what I heard.” = He didn’t hear anything. He made it up and it’s not true.

“We’re going to find out what’s going on. That I can tell you.” = Nothing is going on.

“A total witch hunt.” = He’s guilty and feels nervous about it.

“The media is a disgrace.” = The media fact-checked him.

“I have a very, very large brain.” = He’s feeling insecure because he doesn’t know anything.

“…should have been done a long time ago.” = President Obama or Democrats tried and Republicans blocked it, or it’s something that shouldn’t be done.

“Sir…” = He made up the story.

“No quid pro quo.” = Quid pro quo.

“The election is rigged.” = People voted.

4 thoughts on “A Translation of Trump’s Favorite Catchphrases

  1. I am so beyond worried that this man will be elected again. He has lied to the American people over and over again. I am not certain anything he has said is the truth. We need to vote this man out of office. He deserves to be impeached but the Republicans are zombies following him right off the cliff.

  2. Your words and reasoning resonates with me as to who he really is. His followers are my biggest concern as they are as simple minded as he is. The very exaggerated yet immature and unreasonable words that you pointed out that he says are the very words that his followers and the straight ticket Republicans believe to be true. They applaud and give him praises. They’ll vote him back in. Our nation is saturated with imbeciles following a fool.

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