Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Adopts “More of a Vegan Diet”

GREEN BAY — Green Bay Packers Super Bowl champion quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced yesterday that he is changing what he eats in order to stay healthy and extend his career. In addition to giving up dairy products like cheese–a courageous move as he works in the heart of the cheese-making industry, Rodgers stated he is following “more of a vegan diet.”

The star quarterback, who previous posed for Got Milk? ads, explained he is eating mostly fruits and vegetables. “I just want to get healthier,” Rodgers said. He added that he believes eating more vegan food will help him improve his performance, reduce inflammation, and play in the league at least six more years.

Given Rodgers’ massive popularity in Wisconsin, his decision could fill the stands with plant-based cheeseheads at Lambeau Field this season. If there ever was an advertising opportunity for Kite Hill, Daiya, Heidi Ho, Field Roast, and Miyoko’s Kitchen, this is it!

Rodgers joins a growing list of the best athletes in the world turning to plant-based food to stay strong, dispelling previous myths about veganism in the process. Novak Djokovic, the world’s top tennis player and winner of the French Open Sunday, recently opened a vegan restaurant in Monte Carlo. Djokovic explained that he and his wife eat plant-based food to stay healthy and fit.

Novak Djokovic

3 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Adopts “More of a Vegan Diet”

  1. Arians has kept the Cards’ perspective pretty focused I would say since the loss in Pittsburgh. Losing in Seattle wasn’t a big deal… Carson came out of the game without getting injured–that is a win.

    Besides the Texans, the Packers beat the worst team in the Playoffs. Can’t say they are back to their best form.

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