Chris Christie is Not a Pig

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has often been referred to as a pig. It’s inappropriate and inaccurate to refer to Christie as a pig. He doesn’t deserve to be called a pig. A pig is a friendly, intellectually curious, loyal animal. Christie, on the other hand, is merciless, crude, unapologetic, reckless, and abusive.

Christie vetoed a ban on gestation crates that would have given pigs the opportunity to live in conditions where they can at least turn around. Pigs feel stress, pain, and often go crazy in these crates. Despite this evidence, Christie vetoed the ban to curry favor with Iowa Caucus voters and the state’s powerful pork industry that resist any changes to their imprisonment of animals.

What did Christie’s transparent decision do for him? He’s currently polling at 2% in Iowa. Now that it’s clear that his gamble didn’t pay off and given that 90% of New Jersey citizens support a gestation crate ban, New Jersey should reintroduce the bill. Pigs shouldn’t have to suffer over Christie’s failed political ambitions.

gestation crate
A pig languishing in a gestation crate

What’s the difference between Chris Christie and a pig?

Pigs use their snouts to look for food.
Christie orders food in luxurious five-star hotels, private jets, and in Jerry Jones’ box while watching Dallas Cowboys’ games.

Pigs are friendly and loving animals.
Christie tells his constituents to “sit down and shut up” and often berates and belittles dissenters.

Pigs are independent animals. They don’t require much attention.
Christie is constantly seeking media exposure and yucks it up with celebrities.

Pigs have saved people from heart attacks, fires, and other life-threatening incidents.
Christie promotes hunting animals for sport.

Pigs are highly trainable.
Christie doesn’t even listen to his own constituents, 90% of whom favor a gestation crate ban in New Jersey.

Maybe a pig should run for President instead of Christie.

5 thoughts on “Chris Christie is Not a Pig

    1. It’s funny you say that Sarah because I was just looking at Christie’s Facebook page to share the article and I was amazed that he only has 100 “likes” on most of his posts. He is running for President of the United States and he is the Governor of a state with millions of people and that’s all the interest he can generate on his Facebook page. Very revealing. He is his own biggest fan.

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. Great comment.

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