Inside Trump’s Locker Room

In light of the abuses that transpire in our society, no act of moral depravity should surprise us anymore. Yet Donald Trump consistently finds new depths of deviance.

For the past 30 years, I’ve worked out in gyms. As a result, I’ve been in many locker rooms. When men talk about women, they generally talk about relationship issues in benign terms. In most cases, however, “locker room banter” is about sports and working out.

While it’s true many reprehensible men inhabit our country, bragging about felony sexual assault after lifting weights or running on a treadmill isn’t the norm inside male locker rooms and should not be accepted as an excuse. I never heard a man talk about grabbing a woman’s private parts or say he could do anything he wants to a woman in a locker room. I heard it when I worked in a prison with convicted sex offenders, but never in a locker room.

The “locker room” in Trump’s orbit is a car from which a man screams an unwelcome obscenity out the window at a woman. It is a party at which a man relentlessly harasses a woman and won’t take no for an answer. It is a workplace where an entitled boss thinks he can touch an employee and make advances without consequence. It is a bankrupt culture where men think they make the rules of engagement, and women should be flattered by their sex crimes.

Trump is a serial liar incapable of accepting blame or sincerely taking personal responsibility even when his disgraceful enablers script it for him. He has the audacity to state in that he never said he was perfect. His entire candidacy is based on the grotesque lie that he is perfect. He alone can fix everything. He will be the best at everything that God has ever created. Nobody respects women more than him. He has no regrets and nothing for which to apologize. Those are his words.

Trump has spent his life cheating, degrading, abusing, avoiding responsibility, and demonizing the innocent. Trump is a racist, narcissistic, xenophobic, sexist, sleazy, incompetent, vile pervert, predator, and coward. If Trump belonged to my gym, the management would revoke his membership and ban him. And if boasting about committing felony sexual assault against women is enough to get him expelled from a gym, it’s enough to ban him from the Oval Office. Stop this filthy creep from further ascending with your voice and your vote. Don’t allow this wretched degenerate to make Abraham Lincoln’s office into his locker room. Trump thinks he can sleep with everyone, but we shouldn’t sleep on his candidacy. As unthinkable as it may seem, he can win if we don’t vote.

5 thoughts on “Inside Trump’s Locker Room

  1. I absolutely don’t care for either one of them and the man upstairs knows how I feel about his sons and the horrendous trophy hunting they take pleasure in BUT I do like the sound of what he says he will do for us despite his unprofessional and uncouth comments.

    1. But I hope you’re not saying that you’re willing to overlook everything that was mentioned in the post (e.g., racism, sexism, abuse, lying, cheating, bullying — things that go far beyond being unprofessional and uncouth), because you like (and presumably trust) the sound of what he says? Because personally, I’d find it pretty hard to trust anyone who says, “it’s just words, folks, just words” to excuse inexcusable behaviour. It also makes me wonder if and when words (and by extension, actions) actually do matter to him.

  2. i meant bigotry….Drumpf tricks innocents into giving him their time and money without ever having the simple belief in a person;s worth. Trump university is one example of his dishonesty.

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