How to Cope with Trump-Era Depression

If you care about animals, people, and the planet, you’ve likely battled feelings of depression during the Trump presidency. His cruelty, immaturity, lying, law-breaking, and harmful policies invade our daily routines and shock us every day. Every headline makes our heart race, and we feel sick that he remains in office.

We wonder what happened to our fellow Americans that they would elevate such a bad person to a position of power. We thought we shared a common set of values with Republicans and could at least agree that Trump’s sociopathic behavior, sordid past, and lack of experience would disqualify him from office. We wonder how Republicans continue to support someone who is so antithetical to all that is good in our country. We worry they don’t realize they’re being hoodwinked and we worry about the future.

The psychological impact of Trump’s presidency is real and lasting. Many of his actions are unprecedented in modern presidential history. And Trump’s gaslighting is enough to cause anyone to feel like we’re losing control of our democracy. Psychologists have referred to the feelings that result from this presidency as “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” It can lead to increased blood pressure, depression, and chronic health problems. For that reason, it’s important to keep perspective and take care. If you’re tired of feeling sick over Trump’s actions, these reminders may lift your spirits, empower you, give you hope, and effect change.

Trump doesn’t represent the American people. Trump received 62,984,828 votes. About 174 million Americans either voted against him or didn’t vote for him, which is about 73% of the eligible-to-vote American population. Trump’s term ends in a few months. We have an opportunity to replace him with someone who leads with compassion, believes in science, sets an example, and tells the truth. In some countries, dictators stay in power for decades.

So much good happens every day despite Trump’s cruelty and criminal misconduct. Plant-based food companies are breaking new ground, millions of volunteers are impacting lives, and companies are taking steps to save the planet despite Trump’s reckless policies. The world is filled with cruelty and greed, but it’s also filled with kindness, giving, and progress.

We’ve been through worse times and persevered. About 150 years ago, Americans fought each other in a war and killed 2% of the American population. That’s the equivalent of more than 6 million people in today’s population.

Trump serves as a valuable non-example for the world. We can learn from him to avoid even worse mistakes in the future. We learn some of our best lessons from non-examples.

Trump motivates us to get more involved in causes we care about, which will improve the world in the long run. There’s so much we can do to offset the damage of Trump’s presidency. Volunteer for a campaign or a nonprofit (the Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, etc.), find a job that allows you to advance your interests full-time, register people to vote, or donate to a charity. Every act of kindness makes a difference. It’s also an impactful exercise to call your senators in Congress at (202) 224-3121 to express your thoughts.

Manage your social media exposure. Avoid arguing with people who are unlikely to change their minds. It’s emotionally draining, and it isn’t worth it. There are much better ways to spend your days. Think critically about how you’re using your time on social media. Become laser-focused on achieving results that make an impact.

Surround yourself with positive people who exude resilience, hope, and problem-solving skills. Develop a circle of engaged and informed friends who offer support and focus on solutions.

Read and listen to the news from reputable sources. Don’t watch it. Reading credible news allows us to gather facts, draw conclusions, and take action. Although it may not be entertaining to read about environmental deregulation, it helps us to learn about policy positions, so we can become better-informed advocates and voters. Stations like NPR and podcasts like Pod Save America are also good sources of information that provide the depth we need to understand issues. Television news is often hyperpartisan and toxic to our emotions.

Promote media literacy. Avoid sharing information from disreputable sites. Russia has it covered. Also, avoid name-calling about someone’s weight or hair, for example, so we can set an example of the type of culture we aspire to live in.

Unplug. Take time for yourself–go to the gym or take a yoga restore class, take a walk outdoors, cook, or spend time with friends. It may give you the energy you need to be more productive.

Recognize that we’ll always have challenges. The issues we care about–climate change, animal welfare, human health and well-being, equality, education, and so many others–won’t be fully resolved under any administration. But a collective effort of government, business, and individuals can put us on a better trajectory. We should work together to achieve that end. Progress also often happens despite who occupies the White House.

Consider seeking professional help. Consider the support of a professionally-trained therapist. You may also consider calling the free and confidential National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a team of professionals who counsel people feeling emotional distress.

Trump is drenched in cruelty. He’s a self-obsessed criminal without a moral compass, so you have every right to feel affected by his actions. But Trump is a mentally-ill sociopath, so trying to rationalize his behavior isn’t a good use of time. Instead, we should focus on doing all we can to offset his policies and impact on the fabric of our country and work to elect leaders who better represent our priorities. The planet needs all hands on deck. Let’s harness our energy for good. Imagine the feeling when the Trump era ends and the country finds its footing again.

342 thoughts on “How to Cope with Trump-Era Depression

  1. We’ll said. A much needed reality check on what is positive in living America today. There is only one remedy and that is for all dissatisfied Americans to vote him out of office. This includes all pro-Trump elected officials. Every official backing him shows their alligence is not to this country.

    1. Wow, so much delusion.

      There is a Trump Presidency because of the insistence of the Democratic party to hoodwink in Hillary at the sacrifice of Sanders.

      The Republican party tried desperately to secure an alternate nominee. But their shenanigans weren’t up to the same par of the Democratic party.

      Despite so many unethical actions taken by and uncovered of the Democratic party and MSM, you continue to believe their twisted and biased account?

      Wake up. Think for yourself. #walkaway

      As for Trump. He didn’t get my vote in 2016, but will in 2020.

      My 401k is booming, my small business growing, etc.

      When you’re headed to the street fights in the worst neighborhood, you don’t bring your prized Olympian fighter, you bring your experienced UFC/MMA beast.

        1. “MY 401k”, MY small business”… this is a huge part of the Trump problem imho: he appeals to a person’s selfish and greedy needs, not their sense of a bigger picture, not of their sense of humanity. You will probably never understand what I am talking about.

          1. “It’s a good economy” was said in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. A good economy need not come at the price of morals and decency and common sense. America has had good economies in the past without sacrificing all we believe in and what we leave to future generations. Obviously there are more important things than $$.

          2. Agreed, except for the personal attack. Trump has both unleashed and encouraged the worst selves we have.

          3. My thoughts exactly! It is so difficult today, to find someone who will look at anything that will affect ALL OF US, NOT JUST THEMSELF! Money is wonderful to have, but it is nothing compared to a sense of happiness in knowing your neighbors will be there to celebrate life’s accomplishments, not trying to tear your life apart because their is no longer love or even respect for the people around you. Let’s bring back civility and preserve our civilization by removing this sociopath currently in office.

          4. The ironic part about it is Trump is in no way directly responsible for any positive improvements of this person’s 401k or small business.

          5. Everyone will vote for the candidate who seems to best represent their needs; this is expected and under most circumstances, perfectly ok. Some level of conflict is something we can all learn from. Trump s presidency however is not within norms. We have to look at the big picture. When mental health professionals across the country are finding that Trump’s behavior warrants some change concern, I agree one person’s successful business may be appealing to some but there’s a lot more at stake with this presidency. The downplay of the Covid as a democratic hoax is something that should make people think twice

          6. Everyone will vote for the candidate who seems to best represent their needs; this is expected and under most circumstances, perfectly ok. Some level of conflict is something we can all learn from. Trump s presidency however is not within norms. We have to look at the big picture. When mental health professionals across the country are finding that Trump’s behavior warrants some serious concern, I agree one person’s successful business may be appealing to some but there’s a lot more at stake with this presidency. The downplay of the Covid as a democratic hoax is something that should make people think twice

        2. Exactly why my life has become a nightmare and I’m so stressed out and angry. Why would ANYONE want trump to represent the United States of America? I am ashamed to have him as president, he is totally unfit AND the other civilized countries feel sorry for us. We cannot let trump destroy our democracy.

        3. I suggest you rethink this a little. President Trump’s behavior is completely out the realm of politics. This has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton or any other candidate in 2016 or now People who remain pro Trump are enabling his crass, rude and unprofessional behavior. No president should be calling others by name or denigrating anyone regardless of party. When we say we are concerned about his mental health we know that there are likely to be more consequences in the future. Even as a lifelong republican, I didn’t and won’t vote for Trump His instability could be detrimental to all, regardless of our preferred party affiliation

      1. Lining my pocketbook is not important! Our democracy is in danger of becoming a dictatorship, racism is on the rise and Trump has given permission for it to happen. He lies, he’s stupid, narcissistic, ego driven, alienating our allies, unconcerned about environment. This is just a short list! Our country deserves better!

          1. Obama’s only offense was being a black man in the White House. He wasn’t a Muslim, he was born in the USA, and he wasn’t a traitor. He lowered the deficit and the country had economic growth for 8 years. The suffering republicans felt was self inflicted from listening to and believing conspiracy theories and propaganda on Fox News.

          2. None of my friends or family disliked Obama! As far as I am concerned, he was the smartest and classiest president we ever had. I was proud that he was our President!

          3. I felt drained during The Obama years and Like a prisoner in my own country, financial I strapped my $ didn’t move! All I wanted was to get out of here ! Traveled out of the US whenever it was possible just not to be in the same country with that man and his mean wife !I was even hospitalized because he was pushing socialist policies ! And I had generational PTSD when he went to Cuba! Seeing him at a baseball game with an evil dictator and how he handled Castro’s death! He single handily made that country worse with that visit! seeing him engaging with celebrities , parties , toasting, drinking beer in beer gardens, exercising with those tiny weights you name it … it all triggered me ! Now he is wealthier than ever ! Three mansions coast to coast pays off to be president.

          4. Probably if your a white supremest. That is when the racism starting taking hold. With people like Limbaugh, Breitbart media fueling the hate. Of course trump was the ring leader with the birtherisim. The racist just hated our intelligent black president. They tore him down any way they could. Now trump with Putin’s election medaling is trying to remove President Obama’s legacy all while trying to undue the fallout from the Mueller investigation. He’ll always be an impeached President. If he continues down the same path he might get impeached again.

          5. You kidding me? Even if you did not agree with him, he was intelligent, a good family man and role model for our children, kind, decent and civil. None of those things are displayed by Trump.

          6. Carla, I want to understand better, because I have difficulty thinking that the way you felt then is the way I feel now. Can you please tell me more about how you were feeling under Obama and a few examples of why? If you rather, I’d be willing to do it privately through email or some other exchange so it wouldn’t become a pile-on. I honestly want to understand this.

          7. Don’t blame the Obama Administration on how you felt during his presidency. Blame that on the disinformation from the news source that you watch. – and No, you can’t say the same thing about how we feel with Trump. Because if there are 101 new sources and 100 of them are communicating how negative and bad things are with the Trump Administration but one station is telling you that everything is great in America, who do you think is telling the truth? That one station or the 100 other stations? Face it, what you heard about Obama is based on right-wing rhetoric.

            what you hear about the Trump Administration is factual. There wouldn’t be multiple multiple books written by former Trump administrators and former Republicans saying word for word examples of how terrible it’s been. Why in the world would you want to vote for this Administration again? You have to be out of your mind. Do the right thing..

          8. what? Please give details here. What people exactly? Name events, dates, places. thank you.

          9. He lies about lying. As he kills more in a rally Sept 10th in Michigan. Stick a fork in me I’m done….Please Vote so we can fix these laws he’s broken in 4 years and put his ass in prison as a Serial killer.
            Pray for rain in California

        1. Recently, a 50-Year Old Man was attacked for wearing a Red Baseball Hat that said “Make 50 Great Again”. What is wrong with somebody celebrating their 50th birthday that makes them a target of intolerance and hatred??
          What about restaurant that refused to serve people that worked for President Trump? This happened around the start of his administration, remember?
          People everywhere that dare to wear the “Make America Great Again” hats are attacked by bigots like you.
          ALSO in the news is a car whose driver steered his car into a crowd where people were being registered as Republicans. This is a perfect example of a Hate Crime.

          So much for toleration of opinions of other people.

          When the Democratic Ladies wore white during President Trumps’s State of the Union Addresses, it was widely noted that the only thing missing from their white outfits were the hoods of the KKK.

          1. It was not “widely noted”. It was spewed by a few that are not a bit bothered by the daily displays of hatred and bigotry by our president.

          2. I strongly disapprove of those things you mentioned, but, uhm — the Democratic women wearing white somehow makes them the moral equivalent of the KKK?

      2. Your 401K success is tenuous at best. Remember 2008? You’re the ME ME ME that destroys our country’s values and compassion. When the bubble bursts who will you blame? I’ll blame you.

        1. I am proud he is our President – he is doing a good job – your TDS is awful, my aunt is as deluded as you are. He is a good man that isn’t racist at all, just doing a thankless job for ungrateful folks like you. God Bless our President and you too.

          1. A “good man” doesn’t mock people for their physical appearance. A “good man” doesn’t talk about grabbing women “by their p*ssies”. A “good man” doesn’t lie about things – big and small – every day just to feed his ego. And doing “a good job” involves a selflessness of which Trump repeatedly proves he’s incapable. Benefiting from some of his policies does not make him a good man or mean he’s doing a good job. You need to take a harder look at what this awful, ill-equipped person is doing to our country.

          2. Let’s see: he called KKK supporters fine people, Trump Management Company employees were directed to tell African American lease applicants that there were no open apartments, during his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump insisted on the guilt of the Central Park Five after they were released from prison based on DNA evidence and the confession of someone else, he refers to African nations as shit hole countries, and i could go on and on but it”s to hateful.

          3. How does a good man steal from sick children with cancer & our Veterans to line his own pockets? Trump is many things but a good man isn’t one of them. He’s made a career out of bankrupting good hard working contractors all up & down the east coast. It’s easy enough to look up the some 20,000 lawsuits against him for non payment. He conned construction crews into supply the very best materials & labor for his many properties yet when it was time to be paid he told them all to sue him. He has bottom feeding attorneys on retainer to keep these poor crews stuck in the courts never getting paid. It’s despicable. Trump has bankrupted far more than he’s made successful He took money from good people during the fictitious trump university scam. Families were taken whose only crime was believing in the con. There are so many more scams cons & lies this family is behind. No trump is not a good man. He is a grifter who would walk over any one of his supporters if doing so was good for him without a second thought He was given chance after chance to rise to the responsibility of the office of the presidency yet he proved over & over he can only think of himself. I do not say this with hatred in my heart. No I do Not like trump and the $ symbol which is all he stands for. These are factual truths. We’ve been taken by a grifter who has had every advantage in life yet never learned compassion. He only learned how to become a better actor in the worst reality show of all time .. The fleecing of Americans Values. There can be many titles of the story of trumps rise to destroy our democracy in his hopes of crowning himself king. He has used the office and proven to so many he cannot be a leader. He is not deserving of the faith so many easily gave him. The entire truth of his crimes & inabilities will come out and history will show him to be exactly what he is… a self serving bankrupted soul who has lied stolen & cheated without remorse nor responsibility to take whatever he wants no matter who he hurts in the process. These are not the traits a good man displays.

          4. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donald Asshole Trump is the most Racist and most Vile president ever!!! He makes Nixon look like a friggin saint! I am not the only one that said this. Bernie Sanders said it too and he is right. You are do friggin diluded!!!

      3. I can tell that you’re on the same agenda as Trump. This is not just about”you.” This is about the country as a whole. I’m very tired of hearing how people will vote for the mental case because you’re making more money?!?!? WTF??!!! #waketfu

      4. And cue the Russian bots…. or at the very least the selfish and the greedy “my 401k is doing booming” who cares about ur children and grandchildren…

        1. The silly part is that Trump is not directly or indirectly responsible for any gains your 401(k) made, any promotions you got or etc.

      5. I wish no harm to the current boom, although some of it is from Trump’s “juicing” the economy by providing funds to those whose businesses he has harmed. However, I want to see if the “economy” is the reason people really support Trump or if it’s just a polite way of saying something else. If the economy tanks, I suspect that those who support Trump will continue to do so, but they will have to find another socially acceptable reason.

        1. Trump shouldn’t get any credit for the economy doing better. You can thank the stock market’s for working independently and essentially ignoring any controversy from this white house. I think a private pack was made when Trump was elected that markets wouldn’t be severely affected in response to what would be constant controversy. The markets couldn’t handle that instability. there has already been multiple financial and economic articles written by people who know way more than me about the economy on how the stock markets are essentially ignoring the daily problems of this White House. so if people are voting for Trump because of the economy, wow well, I guess as they say ignorance is bliss. the United States is hurting right now and you can’t ignore the thousands of other negative events that Administration was responsible for because you think Trump somehow kept the economy strong.

      6. Shame on you! You’re the problem as are like minded people who only care about themselves! F-you and the high horse you rode in on!

      7. Another one that thinks their small, temporary financial increases will hold because of Trump. Thanks for becoming another mindless wonder. #Bernie2020

      8. My 401K is looking almost TOO good to be true or to last….and thankfully I am intelligent enough to realize it is due in part to Obama era economic stimulus and not solely due to Trump. Otherwise I would feel so guilty and dirty I might not be able to spend it. Morals over money, graciousness over greed, intelligence over intolerance, golden rule over golden toilet any day.

          1. It was not “widely noted”. It was spewed by a few that are not a bit bothered by the daily displays of hatred and bigotry by our president.

          1. I totally agree with you Karen. I have never seen anyone like these people in my life. I live in Michigan and during one of their woe is me protests for opening up the country quickly these idiots brought guns into the state capitol. Some were threatening to kill Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who I think is doing a GREAT job containing this virus. She has to deal with some of the vile Republicans in our state who don’t a friggin damm if people die from covid at all. All their want to do is do what they want to do even if it is at the cost of lives. Unlike Trump, Governor Whitmer and Lt Governor Gilchrist care deeply about Michiganders and keeping them safe and neither are doing it for their own political gain. Unlike our TERRIBLE governor before Whitmer, Rick Snyder who lied and let the people of Flint die in the water crisis, Whitmer listens to Michiganders and their needs and works hard to help. Yes, she has had some crazy rules (especially when greenhouses and the likes opened in the spring) but she treats covid carefully unlike some Republican governors who ass kiss Trump (Desantis and Kemp). Plus when the dams broke in Sanford and Midland last May she was the first one there with Gilchrist not far behind. Trump would not even COME to Midland or Sanford to look at the damage. But he would be the FIRST one to say that Michigan is rigging the election with mail in voting. Which is false because in 2018 Michiganders voted that mail in voting be opened to ALL Michiganders. Trump is such a liar!!!!!!

        1. Biden and Harris 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they care about America and Americans!!!!! I suppose you want a dictator in office to rule the rest of your life and take away everything you have ever worked for ??????

      9. Dear Ann, You do not belong in here and you represent the toxicity this article is talking about. Nice try but take your vileness somewhere else. I hope the moderator deletes your comments, they are unwelcome and unhelpful.

        1. So you are fine with losing your first amendment right to free speech? Dija even read the article? Just ignore us. And last I heard especially from the Obama fans, self care is important and not selfish. So making sure one’s life is in order and they have saved some money for retirement is not selfish… Or would you rather not let anyone be able to use money? Do you have a job? Do you support yourself? Can you proudly tell everyone you are a racist/sexist for hating a white guy that was voted into office using the same system that voted Obama in? The electoral college is meant to give everyone a voice. But your form of “democracy” will only let like minded individuals vote… Were is the voice for all Americans?

          1. I had to read through a couple of times, it is truly unfortunate friend that we have subjected ourselves to a partisan echo chamber that will never go away…these people are in no way shape or form willing to listen have their minds changed if in the moment they were wrong. My girlfriend is liberal and I guess you would say I am conservative. We have heated conversations frequently and I would be a liar if I didn’t say my mind had been changed once in a while. The problem is all these people are stagnant and refuse to try to reason but rather fight and argue.

        2. “I hope the moderators remove your comments because they do not align with our partisan opinions”…Just because someone is concerned about their financial welfare does not make them toxic nor vile, it makes them a normal human being…I bet when you want to retire it would be a nice thought not to have to work. After all, we all will eventually have worked 50 years or so before we retire, and we only live to our 70’s on average. You bet I will have retirement funds i.e 401K! Get out if here with your toxicity of trying to hold someone down because they are happy and doing well with themselves. It is people like you with such negative values that are ruining this country.

          1. you are talking with triggered delusional people who live in a fantasy land, logic and facts are meaningless to them…..

        3. Wow, you fills are some really shitty, hateful, hate filled people unable to see anything past your own soul consuming vitriol. How many Trump supporters here are insulting, condensing, hate spewers. I’ve counted none, matter of fact I’ve simply seem people saying they super the president and to say, “God bless you all.”. Liberals are simply filled with hate of anything that goes against the viw points they believed in.

          How many Trump supporters are out there attaching liberals? How many liberals are out there attaching Trump supporters? Wake up and take a good look at yourself. Is this how you want to be, or be remembered?

      10. Toootally, a troll. Work on your english, bro. Everyone knows walkaway is a scam. You guys are such losers. Get a life. It’s taking the Dems a while to decide because, unlike the GOP, we are not the Borg.

      11. So glad your 401k is growing at the expense of our planet, our democracy, and any sense of decency. Kudos on your “wins.”

      12. My 401k is looking great, too!!!

        I don’t give a shit.

        My mother grew up in Hitler’s Berlin. She remarks that things are starting to look and feel a little too familiar. At the age of 82, she despairs that her life will end in the exact same kind of dystopia in which it began. We have it in us to change that. I’ll see to it that I do my part.

        1. Bawieland….
          Thank you SO MUCH for telling the TRUE REALITY you learned from your Mother.
          I have Great Confidence that the EVIL LYING BLITHERING IDIOT DICTATOR WANNABE will NO LONGER BE next year after the BLUE TSUNAMI throws him out of OUR WHITE HOUSE.

      13. Another person fallen victim to the Cult of Trump. One day you’ll see that Trump only cares about himself and feeding his large ego. If your 401K and business are going well, it’s because of solid Economic growth that happened out of the Obama years.

      14. The Russian troll farms have dedicated themselves to promoting the “walk away” hashtag so I can only wonder, dear comrade, how’s the weather in Leningrad?

      15. When your “fiscal policy” is nothing more than giving the screaming kids all the candy they want as long as they shut up you better be ready for the sugar crash that follows. You are what’s wrong with this country, as long as you can siphon off enough cash then I guess Lake
        Erie can start burning again, right? Personal monetary gain isn’t the only issue.

      16. Well I know someone who headed into the worst neighborhoods with faith, prayer and love and thrived. There’s more than one way to get to the top.

      17. And that is exactly the source of my overwhelming sense of hopelessness. The focus now is on every man for himself, as long as they are personally doing well, screw the masses, the poor, the disadvantaged, in fact get those people out of your neighborhoods, right? This is way of thinking is promoted by people who call themselves Christians, but this is not how Christ would act, turning society into “us” against “them” protecting what’s yours. NOTHING is yours! God gives to see what you will do with your gifts and we try to protect them from people with darker skin, people who can’t speak English, people you have been too lazy and fearful to meet halfway and try to understand. God is showing us our ugly underbelly, our Ego. Ego, the thing that separates us from God, the thing that Trump personifies and you bless that.

        In the end, God wins, He already has. He’s lovingly waiting for us to figure out for ourselves what Heaven is. It’s not the riches you are gloating over, your business, your 401k, it’s love, love for each other, lifting each other up and helping each other get back home.
        Sure, I’m a Snowflake. I’m clinging to my faith because it is the only thing keeping me is this misguided world.

      18. Money doesn’t trump integrity, morals, respect, character, common sense and love. Human traits that are often overlooked when our main focus is only economic. Please open your mind to the value of people.

      19. The man is a criminal: an embezzler, en extorter, an abuser, a money launderer, a human trafficker, a racist, a misogynist, and an amoral, sociopathic grifter who would take you to the cleaners without batting an eye. In fact, he’d then laugh at you like a 5th grade bully and call you a loser – or worse. He throws even his “best people” under the bus the instant they dare to disagree with him. There is no justification for voting for him, not even your booming 401K, which, by the way, could mean less than a hill of beans when Trump’s faux-golden bubble implodes and takes the wildly unstable world of the con man’s economy down with it. Algorithms in a computer will not translate to cash in hand when the rule of law no longer exists, oligarchs are manipulating world economies to their private benefit, and the government could care less about its citizens (unless they are powerless tools to be used and used and used… until they die or are disposed of.) Good luck with that 401K.

        1. You nailed it. It is just unbelievable how that we are tied to this lunatic and it seems that no one can stop him! I am very concerned for the future of our country. If he continues in office, we are going down fast under a dictator. Who has the control other than him? How is he able to continue to bully his way out of everything?

      20. The racism doesn’t bother you? You don’t care about the environment? You like his judges? He lies every single day to you. All that is important are your investments? I guess that narcissism is contagious.

        1. Everything about him bothers me! He hardly has a friend, business associate, family member who are not as corrupt as he. He lives in an alternate universe and he could care less! The day he is out of office should become a holiday. The day he dies will not be a day to honor him.

          1. Besides Trump the one person in his corner I am scared of more than anyone else who works for him is his despicable and corrupt attorney general (how he got this job I have no friggin idea) Bill Barr. He is so slimy you can slide down him and he will probably eat you alive and enjoy it. Just like his boss Barr has wormed his way around so many situations it surprises you how he has managed to get away with it. Also just like his boss he ALWAYS looks like he has something to hide. I did see a video I believe from early this year where Senator (now Vice Presidential hopeful) Kamela Harris was grilling him on something that I know was pretty serious and the best thing is that Senator Harris was getting to BARR BIG TIME! :):):) It was so good to see Harris nail that slime bag!!! Good ALWAYS triumphs over evil!!!!! Hopefully, soon, I will NEVER have to see that slimebag Barr again!!! That day should also be a holiday. Remember, slimebag Bill Barr was the one who ok’d Trump’s ass to walk down to that church to hold a bible back on June 1st while peaceful protesters were tear gassed. And Barr was the asshole who decided the peaceful protesters be tear gassed and that Trump use that church that got almost burned to the ground to be a photo-op for Trump’s own gain and hold the bible in an almost fascist and mysogynic way. Wow, what a president :):):) Trump keeps railing on and on about Obama and Obamagate when he knows in his SEVERELY hardened heart that Obama will always be more popular, more beloved and more educated that he will ever be. And when Obama left office, he has left probably one of the best legacies for a president. Plus almost all of Hollywood love Barrack and Michelle Obama. They are classy, intelligent, care deeply about this country and am business savvy (plus Michelle Obama worked very well with children and teaching them to eat healthier. What has Trump done for this country in the last 3 1/2 years? Nothing but divide people and spew hate and racist rhetoric whenever he can. We need Biden right now more than ever to heal this country from Trump, the vile, racist and facist dictator. Biden cares DEEPLY about people and about America, and I believe in him and know he can bring this great country back. We just need to elect Biden and Harris.

      21. Wow…….. you’ve drunk his koolaid. God Bless you. I feel that if a voter bases his decision on what benefits him ONLY and ignores the needs of the less fortunate than we are destined for a corrupt unkind, non empathetic nation. Sad.

      22. Is this Russian propaganda? I think you speak as if you are seriously misinformed. All these evil deeds supposedly committed by democrats I’ve heard many times before, but never once have I heard or seen anything as egregious, illegal, or dishonest as the 45th himself. Good luck when the environment collapses helped along by his policies. That’s why many businesses seem to be prosperous. It is so short sighted to cut costs at the expense of the environment, the animals, the rivers, the oceans, and mostly social programs that I’m not so foolish as to believe it’s all OK. My children ans your children are going to suffer!.

          1. Or the Socialists in Sweden or Norway or Finland–some of the happiest and satisfied populations in the world? They consider the US a shithole country thanks to people like you.

      23. Ann, um, really? Whose deluding whom? If you really believe what you wrote, you’re deluding yourself. I’m glad I don’t have to live in your brain or heart.

      24. Ditto! Read and listen to reputable sources about FREEDOM! Rush Limbaugh, Howie Carr, et al. Don’t believe the lies mainstream media want you to believe. He loves our country, secures our borders, is going after sanctuary cities. Freedom means a safe country, not a dangerous one! Love each other with a love of Freedom, (there’s that word again).

          1. OMG, it’s like a terrible nightmare that just keeps going on and on, I can only watch so much news before I start to go into an anxiety syndrome. And the scariest part is, that this man Trump wants to win so bad that he will do and say anything to get it. All he does is lie, lie, lie, just to make himself look good, while ignoring the number of people who continue to die because of how he choose to deal with the pandemic-NOT! Now we have race issues that have developed because of some of the racist police who feel the need to kill African American Men (and yes there was a female who was also killed). I feel bad and embarrassed at some of my fellow caucasian people who have chosen to have the worst come out of them. I don’t blame these people who’s sons have gotten shot and died as a result of an encounter with the police. This is crazy and needs to stop. And Trump can’t even admit to the racist killings by police that are unfair and need to stop, but yet he will stick up for some white 17 year old male, who’s mother drove him a state away to Wisconsin with an aka gun, to defend I’m not sure what, who ends up shooting I believe 3 people, killing one. While he walks down the street after doing this and doesn’t even get stopped by the police, and was even able to make it home that evening. He was a pro trump supporter and Trump would not even condemn this person for the violence he did. Trump has tried to mess with our Post Office, using scare tactics about the folks who need to mail their voting ballots, citing that a lot of fraud will result in people mailing their ballots in. (What a joke! Never happened before). His Niece, Mary L. Trump, who is a Psychiatrist, wrote a really good book explaining why Mr. Trump acts the way he does and where and how it all stems from. She thinks people need to know the real person that’s running the show. I live with anxiety every day not knowing from one day to the next, what he will try and pull and lie about. My father just passed away from COVID19, thanks to Trump. And even if he doesn’t win come November, he’s going to ask for recount and God knows what else to drag this on. Alls I know is that once that man is out of the White House, I’m going to feel a lot better with a sigh of relief.

          2. I agree, Angela. Donald Trump is mentally ill. I’m amazed at how many people are using him for their own advancement…even his own children. The past 3.7 years has been a nightmare. I stopped watching and reading allot of the news. I will read NPR, but that’s about it. If you are having anxiety, I would be careful what you buy into. Find things to do that make you happy and live your best life. Hang in there…

        1. Freedom. Interesting word for something even you don’t have, Ron. Think about it. The year 2020 will be one in which we all have lost allot of “freedom” due to Donald Trump’s ineptitude. Case in point: How is your life better today than it was 4 years ago?

          1. America now Sept.3 2020
            We are watching a hitler kill AMERICANS that probably didn’t vote for him.
            His AG doesn’t know the law and changing it has it gets worse
            He is staving people right in front of you, I know rebuts have to be staving also
            Taken away jobs
            Is making USA a russia piece of garbage
            Running the white house like a mafia (They say bucks) instead of dollars
            Believes we don’t have any race problems
            Sent military pigs out against AMERICANS
            He supports children going to another state with guns to defend police?
            God and Guns he screamed at us one day.

            Nope it’s worse.. I have to stop maybe someone else can list another 10 things he’s given us Americans in the last 6 months.

      25. I see the delusion, starts with you!
        Are you even capable of thinking for yourself.
        Your 401 is useless if our planet dies!
        If you support Trump you are the problem!

      26. they are just crying because our economy is boomimg, we are rebuilding our military and america finaly has a president who represents america first. Their leftist ideas are going down in flames and they hate trump for exposing them….

          1. Why aren’t they working on getting them out of the election he must like the RUSSIAN help . I’m sick of it..

        1. Hey Wesley, How are you feeling about things now? You doing financially well? You healthy? You watching all our wonderful military being treated well and “rebuilding”? You still feel like we all are being put “first”?

      27. The lowest of the low is the person who votes for Trump because his/her IRA is up. Really? You’re that selfish that you are willing to vote for a maniacal narcissist who behaves like a dictator and threatens our Democracy for your IRA? Take a hard look at yourself. When your grandchildren can’t live on this planet because it’s too hot, your IRA won’t do you a bit of good.

      28. Exactly. You are not dealing with Trump era depression unless you are in nmature. But what we really have is is corrup media bias. They hide and applauded all Obama’s corruption.

        1. actually people like you I think have been sucked into his cult, that’s right a cult. Anyone with half a brain, who can objectively listen and look at this man who can’t see all the bad, evil he has brought to America has been hypnotized and are a part of of his Cult. Snap out of it! That’s okay, people like you I consider a lost cause, it’s so obvious and you can’t see it.

      29. Democrats did not allow pollution to spread rampantly, nor did they flagrantly disown the American Constitution, put personal friends and $ contributors into high positions, in spite of their lack of knowledge and experience. They did not trash the Rule of Law, nor did they put their entire families and the families of yes-men in positions for which they are uniquely unqualified.
        Who cares about Hillary? Trump only disparages people that threaten his ego, or out-perform him. It astounds me that everything he claims Hillary prison-worthy for, he and his family have done hundreds of times over, supposedly thinking honest people won’t notice. I don’t particularly care for Hillary. The one and only reason I voted for her was to keep a corrupt and inexperienced man as far away from the White House as he belonged. I’m guessing you must be truly well-to-do if you are profiting from his presidency, because the middle and lower classes are in worse shape now than they were before he slimed his way into the presidency.

      30. Be ware. You 401k is booming because corporations had huge tax breaks that they are using to buy back their own stocks creating a demand for them and their price rises. When the market figures out stock prices are not based on true values the stock prices and your 401k will tumble.

      31. Welcome aboard! More people will continue to find out about the dishonesty and corruption of the Democratic Party. Very sad they are so angry and badmouth people and so many impressionable young people are watching.

      32. Think for ourselves and walk away you say ? That accomplishes nothing. Ignore and it will go away is so typical of what the haves say those who have nothing ! It’s not your problem if people suffer… out of sight, out of mind kills many ! Karen.

      33. Please show your price tag…….I am continually looking to buy souls. obviously yours is for sale. I just want to screenprint your ad because as has been the case in history those who have acted as you have later refuse to admit it. Check out WWII era Germans ……they later denied they ever said such things. In the internet age we will have a record. You might want to think about how selling your soul will be viewed by your descendants.

      34. So as of this day-March 27,2020…how is your 401k and your small business?? Trump did not cause this pandemic but he ignored it and refused to address the situation head on which has staggered this country …

      35. Your attitude is the antithesis of the purpose of this article. I hear you saying that lining your pockets is more important than good leadership. That you would rather have that dollar than see a leader that will instruct Americans to wear a face mask. What’s going to happen when you get Covid-19 because you are listening to your wallet. How is your business going to “Thrive” when you no longer have employees? Think long term, think about others and not about your obvious rampant greed! BTW, your economic situation is because Obama started that ball rolling.

      36. If he continues as our president, nè dictator, I wonder how long you may have your “booming 401K” and your “successful business.” And have you researched why the market is doing so well? Not to say all of it, but is it possibly being propped up by those with lots of money and nefarious motives? Have you ever read ANYTHING about the grand plan of the Kohn brothers from the 1930-40’s? If I’m not mistaken, it melded into the basic underpinnings of the Republican party. It is also the major reason so very, very few in this country own nearly every bit of the wealth. To continue, exactly why are the big banks getting bigger? WHAT are they buying? A whole lot – actually, almost all of it is the debts of others – which will make them owners of what? Come on now- use that big brain you have. And when you figure that part out, where does that leave so many, maybe even you (possibly in one of those “worst neighborhoods ” you mentioned – I sincerely hope not!). O-I-T-C! That is, “out in the cold,” literally and figuratively! You may be feeling successful by your own yardstick, but all this created paper money will eventually cause drastic inflation down the line. With so many unemployed and the GRE declining, how will the lack of earnings and the probable inflation affect your biz and your ability to resupply it? The USPS is getting it knees knocked out from under it and supply lines and delivery are being screwed by the pandemic. Incidentally, I doubt if the “chump” did this on purpose, but his not acting to limit Covid’s effect on supply and delivery fits right in with that grand design I mentioned earlier. I do want to say that this is NOT a conspiracy theory, but information over almost a century you can research for yourself. I would like to dare you to do so if you have the curiosity, critical thinking skills, and the desire to understand how we got to the place to say mean things and/or threaten people we dont even know. I hope I’m mistaken about that! There are many unhappy, scared, poverty-ridden, or worse, those who may be looking for chaotic opportunities to commit illegal acts. I believe the champ’s denigration of others, his verbal violence and encouraging people to abuse one another, has probably given such folks permission to act against others in disrespectful, mean, possibly lethal ways. To me, that is acting against societal security. Remember – we do live in a large society filled with so many types of people, some who may resent the success of others and their happiness. WE MUST ALL THINK VERY CAREFULLY ABOUT WHAT WE WISH FOR OR WHAT WE MAY TOLERATE IN SOME OTHERS There are some out there who are probably wishing for the opposite of our own desires.
        Finally, beware of gifts wrapped in lies and deceit (in spite of whether it is intentional or not, as in the chump’s case). In closing, STAY SAFE! THINK AND ACT WITH CARE!
        Sincere best wishes for us all in these strange days!

      37. This is exactly what tRump wants. He is a winner through you.. to divide and polarize people. But fortunately there are people who care about the big picture and bigger good.. and they win ultimately

      38. Ew, Ann. Your deceased ancestors are disappointed in you, I have no doubt.
        …and you just revealed the reason you worship at the altar of trump. You are in it for
        y o u r s e l f and not the good of your neighbor. All that you admitted means to you is your wealth. Well kuddos to you. trump. does not. care. about. you. #YOUwakeupsheep

      39. Think for yourself?! that is exactly why people are voting against Trump and his administration because: We See the Corruption, We See the Lies. We Think for Ourselves. Period.

      40. I pray that you don’t vote for Trump in 2020. Lord knows where you have been getting your news but.. It’s greatly misinformed you.

      41. Wrong. There is a Trump presidency because Russia was able to disseminate its lies to Americans and sow division in our country, just as it’s doing now.

      42. I think your not being honest here. Because of the pandemic I don’t think there are many small businesses that are doing good. If you think Trump is someone you need in your pocket, then you must not be honest and not care about people. This no longer becomes a bipartisan choice. It becomes a human choice. If Trump gets re-elected, I’d like to know the quality of you life has changed. I think you need to wake up yourself. He doesn’t care about you. He’s already killed 186,00.00 people by not being the leader we needed during this global crisis. My father died of Covid and he liked Trump. You make your own bed and lay in it, but be aware you have been warned, about a man who is a sociopath, narcissist, liar, racist, misogynist, He has done more harm than any other President. Right now America needs to heal it’s soul, not pour acid on the wound that Trump would do.

      43. ah yes, who cares if he decimates the planet, OK
        s hunting endangered animals so his son can have some sport, kills relations with our allies, orders babies taken from their parents, cuts social security, destroys the post office, lies every time he opens his mouth, doesn’t pay his employees, bilks people with fake universities, has a porn mag gold digger wife (there’s something our little girls can really look up to!) cheats on his taxes, incites violence (I’ll pay your legal bills, buddy, knock the hell out of him), calls peaceful protesters anarchists to stir the pot, never takes responsibility for mistakes, brags about being rich enough to grab women by their genitals, writes love letters to dictators, does the sword dance with the Saudis, withholds life or death medical equipment if his ass isn’t properly kissed, says he knows more about EVERYTHING that ANYONE else, says its a good idea to look into citizens injecting themselves with disinfectant, who at the beginning of Covid said “We have covid 19 totally contained”. But hey, who cares if the poor widow across town doesn’t have the money to heat her house, as long as your 401K is doing well, right??? You are why I am ashamed of America

      44. May I remind you that not voting for trump is NOT because we wanted Hillary or anyone else for that matter. Perhaps some of us don’t want Trump for reasons that have nothing to do with political affiliation but everything to do with unethical and unprofessional behavior regardless of whether democrat or republican. Trumps divisiveness and lack of integrity as created a divide that will take time to heal It’s great if his reign has helped the economy but there’s a lot more that needs tending to

      45. This is no longer a political issue his behavior and attitudes are really unrelated to politics or political affiliation. Even if one was unaware of Trump’s party, it’s his behavior and attitudes and the name calling and temper outbursts ; independent of how anyone might feel about the opportunity candidate. Professional and respectful behavior should be expected of ANY candidate running for office.

      46. Hi, Ann. I’m very happy for you that your small business is going so well. Trump killed my father on August 17th with his incompetence in handling the pandemic. We did everything right, staying at home, wearing masks, sanitizing everything all the time, but because of idiots like you who bought his BS, that wasn’t enough, and he’s dead now, leaving me without my dad and my mother without the love of her life at 64 years old. I fail to understand how 195K deaths and counting from COVID is worth it if you’re profiting during this presidency. Shame on you. You are greedy, unpatriotic, and a traitor. Pray that you never know this grief personally, and the trauma of seeing your fellow Americans treating it like it’s nothing. What has happened to us? Why has everyone become soulless and evil?

      47. Fuck you. You are voting for Trump even though he is an amoral criminal? Then you are the problem. Fuck you and everyone like you. You should seriously consider suicide.

      1. They only stood behind him, because they sold their souls for the things they wanted. They made deals, just like the Evangelicals did. Those senators are now running the risk of being voted out.

    2. Very helpful. It As Relief to read what I am feeling. I could not find the words to describe how I am feeling and this is very helpful. Thank you

      1. This is the only way I’ve found to get through the last 4 years, to come and read that so many other people feel exactly as I do. trump is not only tearing apart the country, but families also. WHY would you want him to continue?

    3. As Trump supporter I am shocked at this article and most comments. You people act likes he’s the devil. He doesn’t get paid like your “fake” other presidents. He is an excellent leader and for the 1st time I feel we have someone that truly cares about fixing this country. Keep posting this nonsense as it makes the Democrats look foolish! I’ll gladly share this and future posts.

      1. Perhaps you should move to another site. This forum is designed not to stoke the fires of divisive hatred but to find coping mechanisms to deal with the shit show that is the trump presidency. Also, when you trump supporters use sound bites to defend its name, you are not offering demonstrable proof that trump is not indeed the colossal idiot that we all feel he is. Please do go to his indoor rally’s without a face mask. Have at it!

      2. You are a true jerk and fucking asshole!!!! How in the fucking HELL is Trump caring about this country. All he and that god damm Lajoy want to do is dismantle the post office, which has been an American institution. All for Trump’s GOD DAMM gain!!! Trump is a racist, mean and vile PIG!!! With all the slow downs right now there are seniors that are unable to get their medicines and people that can not get their social security checks. And what about individuals that need to pay their bills with the mail or any other everyday item that people need to use the mail for. Trump’s friggin ass is only doing this to rig the election for his own political gain. I am sure your ass wants a dictator in office. You can fucking go to hell!!!

        1. Hi Michael the article that brought us together was a start of lifting the depression we’ve felt and after this DNC I feel so much better, we aren’t alone like it felt. We must stay in the light and condemn the dark trying to make us depressed. I feel your pain we all do, I swear these people saying the world is peachy keen ? I see over 170,000 fellow humans that are suppose to be protected DEAD because of a mentally ill President.
          Vote early and we can begin to heal from this nightmare.

        2. Ryan Ann.. 💯
          I understand your frustration, you’re not alone in it. I have no clue what they put in that Koolaid but the brainwashing effect of it appears long lasting and fatal.

      3. Actually it makes you look uneducated and foolish to want someone who doesn’t care about you or this country. You’ve joined his cult. You’ll see how your thinking has taken you off course. America needs it’s soul healed and so do you. God be with you and shine the loving light on you.

    4. So 62 million people in this nation, aren’t Americans? They don’t count? Our electoral college ensures the small person in flyover country has a voice in elections.

      You people are unbelievable in your arrogance. To this day, Trump has boosted our economy like never before and opposed high taxation that would otherwise bankrupt small businesses. He has also fought against laws that would, otherwise, strip of us our constitutionally protected rights all in the namesake of a so-called global community run primarily by unelected people who are accountable to no one. If you want to go join a global community, go move to Europe. When it comes to America, we were here first and we’re not leaving without a lot of bloodshed.

      You people are abominably disgusting in your willingness to use your self-proclaimed emotional frailty as an excuse that you should be given whatever you want without question. Every time you’re even question you proclaim to have a higher understanding and enlightment of the world and when that doesn’t work you claim offense.

      For 8 years, patriotic Americans watched while a marxist took office and BUTCHERED this nation with socialist doctrine. Unlike you, while we did protest and fight, we didn’t take to the streets, burn buildings, riot, loot and destroy property or take human life. YOU DID!

      Donald Trump most certainly does represent America. To this day, he has never been convicted of any crime. An impeachment was held without any evidence or an accuser present in direct conflict with the Fifth Amendment of the constitution. It amounted to nothing more than Conspiracy Against Rights, Sedition, Prosecutorial Misconduct and in a few cases outright treason. Had it been a normal trial in a normal court, the prosecutor in charge of the case would have opened himself up to charges of Malicious Prosecution and one hell of a lawsuit.

      To this day, it has been nothing but hearsay, conjecture and slander by the mainstream media and a criminal international banking cartel behind it. Speculation and claims that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. First it was Russia hacking the voting machines, then it was Russian propaganda. Then they claimed it was Russian hackers using trojans, then the story changed again and they claimed it was just social media Russia trolls from so-called troll factories(whatever that’s supposed to be). To this day, none of this has ever been proven nor has a single shred of solid evidence ever been produced. It’s also rather amusing, that since Trump taking office, our relations with Russia have deteriorated. Where was this whole thing where Putin was going to be visiting the Whitehouse every week? Guess that’s gone too.

      Grown-ups and adults understand that you win elections and you lose elections. When you lose, you cut your losses, regroup and try again. You don’t cry, riot, loot, burn buildings, claim offense and kill people.

      At this time, I’d advise you to try and see past the end of your nose for the first time instead of continually bleating like a sheep and thinking that you’re owed something because you’re not. If you really can’t tolerate all this, then feel free to leave. Again, patriotic Americans and the US Constitution were here first. Not you. You may have been born in this nation, but you, most certainly, are not American. Take your socialism and your globalism and go elsewhere. Move to England or Germany. You’ll find their political climates much more to your liking. You absolutely do not belong here to begin with. We, however, tolerate you. If we’re going to tolerate you, then you’re going to tolerate us. It’s the only way.

      Grow up.

      1. So there is a great divide in this country. Families have been torn apart. Just imagine if it was possible to put a dollar amount on the pain and suffering this has cost each of us. Truth is truth and a fact is a fact. If we could find out who is lying to the American public and these liars could be taken to task for what they have done to our country. This is a great country and we should rise up and assign blame and punish the liars. Shame on those who sow hate and lead our brothers and sisters astray.It is time perhaps that Mr. Bloomberg could finance a lawsuit for the families that are the victims of these self serving liars. The average American attempting legal action would be dragged into court and forced to give up this noble cause by those very same liars with deep pockets. God bless America,

      2. Desparil- all I have to say in your plain ignorance is that “Americans weren’t here first”! The Native Americans were here first… and your ancestors that probably came from Europe, who you rant ‘we’ should go back to… raped and pillaged the Native land to claim as their own… and then you brought slaves, of all colors here to build ‘your empire’ and now you say they don’t belong? Whatever, arrogant in my opino. The problem you don’t see is that you don’t see outside your little box, you think it’s all about us ‘Americans’ and we can do whatever the tell we want, at the sake of human lives, communities, and welfare of the planet. All for the good of the god damn fucking dollar. Whatever, you better Wake Up!

      3. Please attend all trump rallys without your face mask! We are here for peace not for the perpetuation of your ignorance! ASSHOLE

      4. DSPARIL

        Oh dear! You’ve gone and gotten yourself all in a tizzy defending a crazy person again!

        “Donald Trump most certainly does NOT represent America. To this day, he has not been CAUGHT & convicted of any crime.”

        1. To say the economy was doing great for you, it’s because trump never helped anyone except wealthy republicans.. Obama left all that jerk needed and like always he will bankrupt it and then move on. Let’s talk essential workers keeping us going right now mostly women. Thanks for the mess that creep left us in. But I know we’ll be a better world now.

          1. I agree with you! I think he should be held responsible for his mismanagement of the covid19 virus. He should be penalized and pay for all the folks who have died. Let’s wait until he loses and is out of office, otherwise he’ll have Pence pardon him for any federal crimes. But he can’t be pardoned for any state crimes. He has done more harm and bad for this country than I can remember any President doing. He is evil, he has developed a cult and I’m embarrassed as a female Caucasian in this country to see so many other Caucasians wanting Trump to continue on. Trump is a Socio-path.

      5. Aww…the elementary school response to someone who is legitimately concerned about something you’re not. YOU grow up.

        p.s. How’s life going for you now, DSPARIL? You doing well financially? Healthy? How’s your family and friends doing?

      6. I’m not even going to rebuttal all the incorrect opinions you have stated. You have joined his cult. All I will say is, that everything Trump accuses everyone else of, he does himself. You’re in his cult, you need to be deprogrammed from all the garbage that has been allowed into you. You must be living on another planet, what I see around me is hardship, strife, pain, disillusionment, hungry, sad, not doing well. Trump doesn’t like you, he doesn’t care about you. He has killed 186,000.00 people due to Covid19, my father liked him to, but he died from it. Wake up!

      7. You are deluded lady. Seriously Trump has done nothing but LIE CHEAT STEAL AND CAUSE DIVISION. He has the blood of millions of Americans on his hands by lying about the Trump-Virus

  2. Well, it’s scary enough that’s it’s only February and that the election is months away. Just imagine what he can do now, knowing the Republicans will back him, no matter what, even though they know he’s been doing wrong and admit the evidence is there!! They just allowed him to do whatever and I’m sure he will, the time that’s left till the election! It’s not a Democracy anymore, when a President can do whatever, even use taxpayers money to negotiate for personal favors! Unbelievable!

    Thanks Andrew for pushing us to think positive! I’m glad there’s a diagnosis for this, lol…TAD. After this we may even suffer from PTSD! That’s how bad this is!

      1. My hope, prayer, and faith also rest on Trump’s eventual self-destruction. Whatever our gods, we must entrust this inevitable event to divine powers. Earthly justice grinds slowly.

    1. Thank you for diagnosing the problems trump is causing us to experience. My anxiety & depression is up. Started 2016 when he opened his dirty mouth and continued to be a pootun puppet. He owes him and we are paying dearly!
      Time for more therapy and support of my good friends. Meditation helps too.

      1. On (which is my main page at my work computer) there is a section called “Good News” which talks about, well, good news. It always brings me such joy when everyday people do good things for others or bring joy to others or any other thing can bring people joy. I just saw a story today on the Today Show when Koda spoke about an older couple who have been married over 50 years were separated when the wife had a stroke and had to go to the hospital and they were separated for a long time due to covid. She had a hard time remembering things but the husband turned on a beautiful song by Paul McCaryney (which I never heard of but who cares, it’s Paul McCartney and the song was so touching). The wife opened her eyes and smiled at her husband and they held each other close. It was SO touching. We need these types of stories right now more than ever. I also think that music has a deep power to touch the soul. I have been on an Elton John kick right now and there are some of his songs (especially his songs from “The Lion King” like Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and older songs like “Tiny Dancer” and “Your Song” just speaks straight to the soul. I would recommend seeing “Rocketman” if you want to see something positive and uplifting with GREAT music. Taron Edgarton performance was amazing. He WAS Elton John and the musical pieces were FANTASTIC. The best part is Elton is still here with us :):):) Unfortunately last year was his last concert so I don’t think he will be signing live anymore :):):) But we still have Elton’s music which will live forever!!!!! :):):)

    2. Maria, my thoughts exactly. He’ll go beyond the election, all the way until he finally gets the boot. his acts make me sad and anxious. BUT, I’m also engaged in positive thinking and behaving, as in Andrew’s great post. Thanks, Andrew!

  3. As always, your articulate expression of the issues with a reminder that one day he will be not be President gives me validation and hope. Your advice to engage in acts of kindness is a valuable antidote to the negativity Trump has provoked. I was never involved much politically, except to cast a vote, but this experience has spurred me to change that, and I am getting others more involved to vote, too. Thank you for writing this, Andrew.

  4. Again and again, your words resonate with us all. A very powerful and helpful message. One to share. Thank you Andrew. We can all only hope that America is still standing in the years to come and can recover from all of the harm that he and his followers have caused and are still causing. Straight ticket Republican voters are the worse as we now know. Loyal to their party and unfaithful to the Constitution and their own conscience.

  5. I freak out just thinking he may get in again. If we have another 4 years of this our planet may not survive or I fear another civil war. I can’t feel peace until he is out and all his damage is reversed. If that happens.

    1. Linda, I feel the same things, but it has helped me to think of the saying, “The secret to life is not in waiting for the storm to pass, but in learning to dance in the rain.” We must all learn to dance in the rain before we can banish this storm, even if it means exposing ourselves to the lightning. The Republicans in the Senate were afraid of the lightning and now the storm is worse.

      1. Thank you for that! I will put this on my wall to remind me everyday! I want to dance! I’ve feared that the anger and depression I’ve had over this whole thing was going to get me diagnosed with cancer again. I was already hospitalized for sepsis and pneumonia twice. And I know it was stress. I’m 7 years cancer free from stage 4 laryngeal cancer. But like I said, I’m so afraid this is going to make me sick again. I will try to dance through the storm!

        1. Sending you positive thoughts to get through this depressing time in our country. Every American is affected in one way or another by Trump’s horrible leadership. Even his supporters are too ignorant to realize they and their children are touched by it too. My best to you!!!!

          1. Hi everybody, just want to encourage everyone to try to stay positive during these trying times, I agree whole heartedly with the previous person, let’s try to dance through this storm, this too shall pass. I’ve always believed in my heart that Trump was not right for us as the US president. Anyway, Have a great day, stay strong everybody, and, Lord Willing, we will get through this. Thank you, very respectfully, Dave Jenne.

        2. Yes,Yes,,, I know what you mean about stress and this whole Trump thing. I, too feel depressed and am afraid of what’s to come and will I succumb to more illness because of how I’m feeling. This is definitely another learning experience that I will have to cope with. Actually reading all these posts has given me a sense of that I’m not alone in how I feel. I was beginning to wonder what happened to all that don’t support Trump and when I would post my opinion on Facebook, there would be 8 posts directed at me that were pro-Trump. Talk about being bullied and scared. But knowing now that there are folks like myself gives me some relief. I’m still in shock over the senate trial and feel a deep sense of sadness and am no longer proud to be an American. But I will get thru this and learn better coping skills and realize that this shall pass to. I’ve always considered myself a strong minded individual, but I have to admit, this has shaken me up to my core. But like the song goes, I will survive and come out stronger. Thank you for this forum.

    2. I fear much of the damage is irreversible. My mental health has suffered, my relationships have suffered, my heart hurts. When I think of those I love who I know will vote for him again, the very same people who, as family, are all helping to raise a wonderful girl child, I get so confused, so full of sadness. How can they hold him up as an example of what a man should be? Of someone worthy of respect? She is only 2 thank God. But if he is re-elected, she’ll become old enough during that 4 year term to observe, to understand. And then what?
      I fear the damage to our country will outlive this precious child. I know I’ll be long gone.

    3. Trump will not be re-elected as long as we all VOTE! I believe there is more good than bad and Good will prevail. So, let’s show it! Let’s shine the light on the darkness that has befallen on us. We will win. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

  6. This gave me diabeetus. When government has this much affect on your psyche that your tears make your furniture rust, you have a bigger problem. A republic encourages you to seek out life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say anything about making your life perfect because you are special.
    Take it down a notch, it’s all just a bunch of hysterically funny clowns that have your mind exploding. Government this intrusive was not what was intended in 1789. (Except by the federalists).
    People are tired of hysterics.

    1. And what does any of it have to do with support for a con man and pootin’s puppet in the President’s office? He is dismantling this country ad you are ok with that – it makes you just as evil as he is

    2. I’m confused, Bob. You mock Andrew Kirschner for being overly sensitive right after blaming his article for giving you “diabeetus.”

      When it comes right down to it, your concern about government is the same as his about the president: too intrusive. The founders would be horrified by such an intrusive, illiberal presidency.

      I won’t insult you for being bothered by this article. Or for not being depressed about the president’s behavior. May I ask you not to insult people who are depressed? This article is not telling people to wallow in it–it’s calling them to cope by doing good things.

      1. Beware, Trump would say “All is well.” Then he’d say, “I heard they had headaches.” Annie, you might have a Traumatic Brain Injury!

    3. It’s not about “making my life perfect” or government intrusion — It’s always had much more to do with the tremendous damage Trump has been doing ever since he got in power (and even on his way to the office) and his fascistic tendencies and his utilization of hate and fear …

      (and talk about about “hysterics”, Trump has certainly owned enough of his own brand of those)

      1. Basically what I’m saying is my Trump-inspired depression
        is not about “making my life perfect” …

    4. “This gave me diabeetus”

      Bob Frapples
      It was the Koolaid you drank that “gave” you diabetes.

      Look what’s happened to those who drank the koolaid, they’ve become delusional and unable to think for themselves.

  7. Afraid they’ll call me one those crybabies. I almost liked it before social media when I did not know so much about people. I’ve learned to not unfriend but unfollow people. I’m just afaid that we will not have the right opponents to go up against him!

    1. I hear you Lisa. I too fear his re-election. I don’t know if you saw what I posted below. This pretty much sums up how I feel as a “libtard” and hopefully it speaks for you too. I think a lot of propaganda has been put out about what a liberal is. We are NOT snowflakes and crybabies.. We do not want to pour money on everything. I can’t speak for you, but I believe that freedom comes with responsibility. I worked for state welfare as a social worker when I got out of college and I lost the bleeding heart part of my liberalism when I saw so many entitled and those who really needed help being denied. That is another conversation for another time though…In the meantime,
      I’m a liberal, but that doesn’t mean what a lot of you apparently think it does. Let’s break it down, shall we? Because quite frankly, I’m getting a little tired of being told what I believe and what I stand for. Spoiler alert: not every liberal is the same, though the majority of liberals I know think along roughly these same lines:
      1. I believe a country should take care of its weakest members. A country cannot call itself civilized when its children, disabled, sick, and elderly are neglected. PERIOD.
      2. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Somehow that’s interpreted as “I believe Obamacare is the end-all, be-all.” This is not the case. I’m fully aware that the ACA has problems, that a national healthcare system would require everyone to chip in, and that it’s impossible to create one that is devoid of flaws, but I have yet to hear an argument against it that makes “let people die because they can’t afford healthcare” a better alternative. I believe healthcare should be far cheaper than it is, and that everyone should have access to it. And no, I’m not opposed to paying higher taxes in the name of making that happen.
      3. I believe education should be affordable. It doesn’t necessarily have to be free (though it works in other countries so I’m mystified as to why it can’t work in the US), but at the end of the day, there is no excuse for students graduating college saddled with five- or six-figure debt.
      4. I don’t believe your money should be taken from you and given to people who don’t want to work. I have literally never encountered anyone who believes this. Ever. I just have a massive moral problem with a society where a handful of people can possess the majority of the wealth while there are people literally starving to death, freezing to death, or dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. Fair wages, lower housing costs, universal healthcare, affordable education, and the wealthy actually paying their share would go a long way toward alleviating this. Somehow believing that makes me a communist.
      5. I don’t throw around “I’m willing to pay higher taxes” lightly. If I’m suggesting something that involves paying more, well, it’s because I’m fine with paying my share as long as it’s actually going to something besides lining corporate pockets or bombing other countries while Americans die without healthcare.
      6. I believe companies should be required to pay their employees a decent, livable wage. Somehow this is always interpreted as me wanting burger flippers to be able to afford a penthouse apartment and a Mercedes. What it actually means is that no one should have to work three full-time jobs just to keep their head above water. Restaurant servers should not have to rely on tips, multibillion-dollar companies should not have employees on food stamps, workers shouldn’t have to work themselves into the ground just to barely make ends meet, and minimum wage should be enough for someone to work 40 hours and live.
      7. I am not anti-Christian. I have no desire to stop Christians from being Christians, to close churches, to ban the Bible, to forbid prayer in school, etc. (BTW, prayer in school is NOT illegal; *compulsory* prayer in school is – and should be – illegal). All I ask is that Christians recognize *my* right to live according to *my* beliefs. When I get pissed off that a politician is trying to legislate Scripture into law, I’m not “offended by Christianity” — I’m offended that you’re trying to force me to live by your religion’s rules. You know how you get really upset at the thought of Muslims imposing Sharia law on you? That’s how I feel about Christians trying to impose biblical law on me. Be a Christian. Do your thing. Just don’t force it on me or mine.
      8. I don’t believe LGBT people should have more rights than you. I just believe they should have the *same* rights as you.
      9. I don’t believe illegal immigrants should come to America and have the world at their feet, especially since THIS ISN’T WHAT THEY DO (spoiler: undocumented immigrants are ineligible for all those programs they’re supposed to be abusing, and if they’re “stealing” your job it’s because your employer is hiring illegally). I believe there are far more humane ways to handle undocumented immigration than our current practices (i.e., detaining children, splitting up families, ending DACA, etc).
      10. I don’t believe the government should regulate everything, but since greed is such a driving force in our country, we NEED regulations to prevent cut corners, environmental destruction, tainted food/water, unsafe materials in consumable goods or medical equipment, etc. It’s not that I want the government’s hands in everything — I just don’t trust people trying to make money to ensure that their products/practices/etc. are actually SAFE. Is the government devoid of shadiness? Of course not. But with those regulations in place, consumers have recourse if they’re harmed and companies are liable for medical bills, environmental cleanup, etc. Just kind of seems like common sense when the alternative to government regulation is letting companies bring their bottom line into the equation.
      11. I believe our current administration is fascist. Not because I dislike them or because I can’t get over an election, but because I’ve spent too many years reading and learning about the Third Reich to miss the similarities. Not because any administration I dislike must be Nazis, but because things are actually mirroring authoritarian and fascist regimes of the past.
      12. I believe the systemic racism and misogyny in our society is much worse than many people think, and desperately needs to be addressed. Which means those with privilege — white, straight, male, economic, etc. — need to start listening, even if you don’t like what you’re hearing, so we can start dismantling everything that’s causing people to be marginalized.
      13. I am not interested in coming after your blessed guns, nor is anyone serving in government. What I am interested in is the enforcement of present laws and enacting new, common sense gun regulations. Got another opinion? Put it on your page, not mine.
      14. I believe in so-called political correctness. I prefer to think it’s social politeness. If I call you Chuck and you say you prefer to be called Charles I’ll call you Charles. It’s the polite thing to do. Not because everyone is a delicate snowflake, but because as Maya Angelou put it, when we know better, we do better. When someone tells you that a term or phrase is more accurate/less hurtful than the one you’re using, you now know better. So why not do better? How does it hurt you to NOT hurt another person?
      15. I believe in funding sustainable energy, including offering education to people currently working in coal or oil so they can change jobs. There are too many sustainable options available for us to continue with coal and oil. Sorry, billionaires. Maybe try investing in something else.
      16. I believe that women should not be treated as a separate class of human. They should be paid the same as men who do the same work, should have the same rights as men and should be free from abuse. Why on earth shouldn’t they be?
      I think that about covers it. Bottom line is that I’m a liberal because I think we should take care of each other. That doesn’t mean you should work 80 hours a week so your lazy neighbor can get all your money. It just means I don’t believe there is any scenario in which preventable suffering is an acceptable outcome as long as money is saved.

      1. Yes!!! I agree with you 100%! Thank you! I wish this could get through to the right! I’ve been called every name in the book because I’m not a Republican anymore. They make it sound like liberal is a bad word. It isn’t! It’s far more christian than the right evangelical try to push!

      2. ELISA FERZACCA – You said a mouthful and I wish every trump supporter would read this and try to comprehend what is being said. I am exhausted trying to explain these points of view.
        You summed up 16 points but i would like to add just a few.
        17. I believe that a woman, her partner, her doctor and her faith should decide when it is feasible to have a child. Women don’t carry healthy babies to full term and abort in the 9th month at the 11th hour. Full term abortions are necessary because the baby isn’t viable. I am so disgusted that the right has spun this late term abortion into something that it just isn’t. Women being forced to carry to full term and labor and deliver a child that will die in short order… watching helplessly as that baby suffers. I’ve read and seen so many tragic stories. But yet the right would have you believe that they support this president because he will eliminate roe v wade and abortion will be a thing of the past. He very well might. and that terrifies me.
        18. Women are either stagnant or going backwards and for the life of me i don’t understand why trump has a single female supporter. Because her 401k grew — really… is that your value system. Is that what women for decades fought for? trump has rolled back protection from woman’s rights against domestic violence, he has openly said the most disgraceful things to and about women. He allowed babies to be taken from their mothers and put in cages. and on and on. Women are the majority…. we could vote him out. Open your eyes and ears and really see this man for the con that he is.
        19. Bullying… for the last few decades parents and educators have done their level best to bring bullying front and center. The psychological effects, the danger of suicide, the health hazards… but yet, this horrible man has no qualms about bullying and name calling war veterans, handicapped, minorities, women… he is everything we are striving to teach our children not to be.
        20 . so i made it an even 20 … and the last is the biggest for me. LIES.. No, i’m not naive that he is the first politician to lie… they all do… most of us do… but there all little white lies, lies that you tell not to hurt someones feeling like.. ‘No dear, that dress doesn’t make you look fat” or but trumps lies are harmful and apparently endless. He insults the my senses to the point that i actually yell at the television. “you are a damn liar” … i’ve always followed politics and social norms… i’ve never been moved to tears or anger because of president winning when he should be losing… Yes, i cried when Obama got elected because it was a bridge we had crossed as Americians… and i was hopeful for a brighter future. I’ve teared up over funerals… democrat and republican… but this man makes me so mad i could spit. Lying over and over again… and people lap it up like cream… i just don’t understand how he has any support…

      3. I’m in total agreement with you as I too worked for state welfare for 30 years as an auditor of public assistance including ADC, Food Stamps & Medicaid. During that time I was always hearing about all the benefits that immigrants received as soon as they stepped foot in this country. Not true. They don’t live here tax free with health benefits, Social Security and a gas station upon arrival. I don’t know where people come up with these stories. The incidence of people receiving public aid when they aren’t entitled is far, far less than what the right would like you to believe. Sadly now that this administration is putting more restrictions and locating less funding towards these programs the people who will suffer the most will be children, the elderly and the disabled. What are we coming to when we no longer have any empathy for those less fortunate?

      4. Elisa, I think YOU should run for office, even the presidency. Seriously. You have exactly the ideas, attitude and common sense this country so desperately needs.
        Thank you for your wonderful response.

        1. Noooooo, Sunnie, she should NOT run for president. I agree with everything she said, but it wasn’t hers. Starting with the paragraph prior to the number 1 (the one that starts, “I am a liberal because . . . ), it should have been credited to Lori Gallagher Witt, from whom it was copied and pasted. Maybe Lori Gallagher Witt should run for president?

      5. I hope it’s OK that I’m posting your brilliant post on my FB page — with attribution, of course. You speak for me perfectly!

      6. I agree with those words, but credit belongs to author Lori Gallagher Witt for writing them. She posted that on Facebook in 2018. Someone stripped her name from her words and shared it as written by “anonymous.” That’s bad enough, but please don’t take credit for writing this.

        1. And let me just add, the other side (Republicans-whatever you call them), they don’t think we should have health care as good as they have, or jobs has good as they have. They are the self entitled snobs that think they are only allowed to have what every human being in America can have. Have you noticed how the Senate didn’t do the right thing when the time came? Because they sold their soul, cut deals, behind the scenes made their deals. Wasn’t that just nice of them? Let’s vote them out. Let’s shine the light! VOTE! SHOW THEM ALL HOW WE WILL PREVAIL. VOTE TRUMP OUT! WE HAVE THE POWER. Don’t lose hope. Good will prevail. I feel a song coming on….

      7. Wow, What powerful thoughts out into words. There is good in the world. Us “Snowflakes” have to keep fighting for the poor and what’s right. Good will overcome evil but we all must do our part. Help one another,. Smile at a stranger, hole a frickin door open for someone. We have to keep our sanity and health. This was a great article and some of the comments give me more hope than I’ve had in a while. I’m just trying to be kind, help another human and love my neighbor even if I don’t like them. God bless us all!

      8. Thanks Eliza!!! So beautifully written………….. and you covered EVERYTHING! I wholeheartedly agree with every word!!!

      9. Well said’ I would like to add #17 to your list. Our environment is suffering horribly under the current administration. He is reversing practically every law and gutting the EPA.
        I pray to God that he isn’t re-elected.
        Thank you Eliza

    1. Amen to that!! They are quite ill. Mental disorder. Potentially missing a critical piece of brain function. God bless them all and heal them. Amen.

    2. being ran by a person with dictatorship tendencies is a wonderful thing? C’mon, you don’t really feel that way, do ya?

      1. Hi Jose, Just wanted to mention, to you, no, it is not right that we be controlled bye a dictator ship. If I could write to Trump, I would politely say to him, just because he’s the US president, does not give him total authority. That’s not the way it goes. We can just as easily vote him out of office bye this year’s election in November, end of rant. Thanks so much for hearing me on this viewpoint, sincerely Dave Jenne.

  8. The lightworkers in America should pick a day and we should all direct our love and light to Trump and the folks that support him. We CAN create an enlightening experience that will touch the buried light in them.

  9. This is such a great synopsis of how to overcome our worst knee-jerk reactions to this narcissistic psychopath. All is not lost. There is hope.

  10. Oh for the love of God, will you people please take a 5yr sabbatical to a socialist country and return for the 2024 election? Who knew there were so many wimpy Americans…or foreigners playing on your emotions. Get over it. None of you, your lives or your “feeling” amounts to a hill of beans. Go out to Earthquake sites and lend a hand. Go to hurricane devastation sites and lend a hand. Get off your “oh woe is me” sorry asses and make a difference in the lives of the thousands of homeless Americans. Go to a hospital in your community and read to a soldiers ripped by roadside bombs. Stop whining…it’s repulsive.

    1. Don, who says we’re not doing those things you suggest? What we’re not doing is whining. Re-read the post above. Engage in some of the positive behavior and action suggested in it – which doesn’t include bitching about commenters on this page. If the comments are repulsive to you, maybe don’t waste your time here.

  11. Maybe if you took the time to do a little independent research into the man himself and not just rely on the hateful, twisted words that the divisive mainstream media has said about him over and over and over and over, you might gain a little insight into who he REALLY is. He has helped many, many people with no fanfare at all. Or is it possible that you have lost ALL of your common sense? I just do not understand the hatred directed towards this man. Is your life so horrible now or has it actually improved over the last 3 years? If you listen to the MSM only, then I would imagine you feel like we are going to hell in a hand basket. To put so much energy into hate really drains the soul. NONE of us are perfect and neither is President Trump. God doesn’t make perfect people, just people perfect for the job. So relax and thank God that we live in the greatest country in the world!

    1. He is a white supremacist who encourages others who use violence against anyone who isn’t white, fundamentalist Christian, or straight. I see my friends and myself targeted. And you will stand by and do nothing because he is not targeting you or the people you know.

    2. He stole from a children’s charity….he bankrupted casinos…how do you bankrupt a casino? they do nothing but take money….LOL….IMPOTUS is a joke….he has always been a joke and a liar….not someone to look up to…maybe you should research dotard….he has done more harm than good….ask the people he ripped off…

    3. Twitter is part of the “mainstream media” that you are talking about, D. Broda. It doesn’t require any independent research to see the tweets from the president, spreading false conspiracy theories, fake videos, fake news, and childish attacks every day. If you believe that is normal and acceptable, I won’t try to change your mind. For those of us who don’t think it’s normal, this article contains some good common sense ways to respond.

      1. Oh I agree to a point. Sometimes of his tweets are, indeed, cringe-worthy. But did you ever stop & think. If he did NOT have that outlet, what would you hear? You would only hear what the main stream media (and those that control it) & their hateful agenda, want you to hear. THEY are the reason there is so much division in this country. How often do you hear of the good that he has done? The people he has helped? Pretty much never! How often do you hear “journalist’s” negative opinions of the administration? Pretty much every single day, all day long! Make no mistake, the media is powerful. They are shaping the opinions of millions of Americans by giving only one side of the story. Case in point. Recently an anti Trump person drove a van through a tent, with people in it mind you, that was registering Republican voters. Was it the top story in the news? Was it mentioned at all? No. IF the roles were reversed & it was a conservative doing that at a Democratic event (which I cannot even conceive happening), it would have been on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC & every other alphabet soup outlet there is all day long. Wouldn’t it? I didn’t vote for President Obama but when he was elected I said, “let’s give him a chance”. I certainly didn’t need a safe space, I didn’t protest in the streets and I certainly didn’t expend my energy in hating the man. We are Americans living in the greatest country in the world that people like my father fought to defend and we need to start acting like adults! Alan, I know what I say won’t change your mind either but isn’t it great that we have the freedom to speak our minds? Bless you.

        1. Thanks for your reply. I come from a conservative family of Republicans who didn’t vote for Donald Trump and we are repulsed by his behavior. A wide range of voters from the left, right, and center believe that his tantrums are more than just cringe-worthy–they make him unfit for leading this great country. We’re used to being lumped together with haters and “weak” people who “need a safe space.” There is a range of responses to his behaviors: some people applaud them; you cringe; others are depressed. I hope you come to respect them all, extend them the freedom to speak their minds, and do so without insulting them.

          1. Alan, I did not insult anyone. I gave my opinion. And I respect the opinions of others. I am just sick and tired of the hatred directed to the President and to those who support him. I am not deplorable, I am not un-American or a new-Nazi fascist, ult-right, white supremacist, mysogynist. All those terms have been applied to those who support our president, some by those who are vying for his job. I know that he has used various “terms” to describe some people. I don’t condone that but I can certainly understand why. The President is not a politician, skilled in double-speak. He speaks bluntly, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. I pray for him and for our great country each and every day. We are all so much better than this.

          2. One example is GTMO detention/prison. With a tweet trump stopped the closure and the prison stays open to this day with 40 inmates. Some of them have not been charged and have been held for decades . The cost is in the millions per inmate to keep the prison going. Soldiers/rotation, Admin,staff, maintenance, etc . Seen on Amanpour last night

          3. D. Broda, you are exactly the problem, along with others who say he just tells it like it is. No, that’s how he justifies bullying, insulting, and degrading people he doesn’t like or who disagree with him.
            You asked if we’ve all lost ALL our common sense, and say that we need to start acting like grownups, and then claim you didn’t insult anyone; just gave your opinion. Those are disguised insults, but insults nevertheless.

            You supporters make this gross generalization that the MDM are just leading us all about by our noses, and that none of us do any research. Well, the problem is exactly the opposite. None of YOU do your own research. You have your conspiracy theories that you BELIEVE, and no amount of proof will change it. I’ve had “debates” with Trump supporters about things where I post 6 facts with supporting documentation showing that their belief is wrong, that what they’re defending is totally false, and yet they refuse to put any kind of documentation to show that they are correct, call me names and say that they don’t need to do that, because they have their belief that it’s right, so it’s right and I’m wrong. How is that something that we’re supposed to accept, pack up and just sit it out and say it’s alright? Sorry, I live in reality. Part of reality is facts, and you don’t get to choose your own facts, or ignore them all together so that you can feel safe in your belief. So yes, I have done tons of research into the things that this disgusting, depraved, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist POS has done in his life. He was ordered by a court to pay millions in restitution for fraudulently using his charity to pay for things for his own personal benefit, and banned from ever running another charity. This was proved, but supposedly he’s helped so many people. Yeah, he’s helped some people. But he’s hurt many, many more than he’s helped. He has shafted thousands of small businesses, some that he’s run out of business because he reneged on contracts that he signed and wouldn’t pay them for their work. He’s been doing this for decades, even in the hotel that he built in Washington DC. So it’s not like it’s in his past and isn’t currently part of who he is. He ran a fraudulent University, and again was forced to pay restitution by a court when they found him guilty of bilking those people out of their money. There are so many more things, bad things, that he has done. He’s assaulted women, admitted it, and you all believe it’s just “locker room talk,” even when dozens of women come forward with what he did to them. Oh, but this one or that isn’t good looking enough, as if that’s proof that he’s innocent, or that it would stop him. Sexual predation is about power, not attraction or sex, and we know that he is ALL about power. And that’s not even getting into the name calling. That is so childish, it’s pathetic in someone who’s supposed to be the leader of the Free World. How do you people accept that in someone who represents you and or country? You wouldn’t accept that kind of behavior from your eight-year-old, or any family member or friend. He’s lied almost 17,000 times since he took office just over three years ago. Again, behaviour you would accept from no one in your life, and yet you look the other way. It’s just despicable. How you can support someone like that is beyond comprehension.

        2. 1) I’d love for you to specify all these people he has “helped,” if you’d be so kind.
          2) You suggest that adults need to act like adults. That standard must apply to all adults, including the person in the WH. The day he doesn’t act like a spoiled rotten brat from hell will be an exceptional day indeed.

          1. AMEN TO THAT LULU!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. Even little children act more mature than Trump does. And his kids too.

    4. Trump has done nothing good. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but you need a better source. I pity you

    5. He paid for whole-page newspaper ads calling for the execution of five teenagers who were innocent. He has always been a toxic beast to endure because of this country’s insane obsessions with wealth, no matter how unethically accrued.

      1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be one of the greatest days in my lifetime!!!! I can’t wait to see Bill Barr go to. That corrupt bastard!!!!!!!! They both deserve to go to prison and rot in prison for the rest of their lousy lives!

    1. TRUMP’S hatred is the issue. That and the resultant brain-washing of his followers. His heart is either completely vacant or full of rot.

  12. I agree with reading the news, not watching it. Never good to be force fed. Hard to believe people want to live in a dictatorship and lose their freedoms . Hard to believe they want a polluted world, national parks destroyed and so on.
    It’s depressing, but if we don’t keep doing positive things, volunteering our time and taking care of each other , the man who would be Dictator wins. I say no to that.

  13. Well said. The whole thing has been very disturbing. Not just Trumps behavior but our realization that people close to us that we thought we knew would actually defend Trumps vicious and vengeful behavior. It has been very eye opening to see the deepest convictions of people we are connected with and to come to know that some of it is very dark. They are still friends and loved ones and always will be, but we should go forward keeping the truth of what we have discovered in mind for our personal future choices. And keep leading the way toward good choices.

  14. Thank you! This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. By the way, it’s not TAD, it’s TDS.

    You are correct about his lack of experience, though. There was only one candidate who had real governmental executive experience. You likely didn’t vote for him.

  15. All I’m reading here is a bunch of Dems/libs/progressives who falsely believe their opinions of what America should be like are right and those who disagree are wrong. They’re as narrow minded as those Trump supporters they claim are ruining the country. No reasonable person would be interested in joining hands with a group who have that type of attitude towards their own ideology, and Dems/libs/progressives should be ashamed to have the nasty attitude I see on display by them here.

  16. I really want to believe that T-Rump and his followers do not represent the American people, but it’s very difficult, down here in Florida, with mall stores and roadside stands openly selling both Trump 20/20 flags and nazi paraphernalia.

    1. Catherine, I understand. It is so difficult living in a Blood Red state when you know what he is doing to this country. My neighbors think he’s God’s gift…. I just don’t get it.

    1. You’re confusing his egotism with actual concern. Over 100 of our troops have TBI from Iran’s missile attack last month and your boy downplayed it because it made him look bad. He only cares about our military to the extent he can use them to make himself seem big & strong & brave – because he’s inherently none of those things. He’s all smoke & mirrors – always has been, always will be. First it was Atlantic City, now it’s the entire country going down the drain bc of his narcissism.

    2. Trump has NEVER stood up for our country. EVER. He has never ever served for our country. He stands up for other countries’ leaders who are close to dicatorship like Russia’s Putin (who I am scared to death will have a hand in totally riggin this election) and China’s Jin Lee (I know this is not the correct spelling of this asshole’s name but who really gives a shit anyway). Obama was one of the STRONGEST presidents we have had in modern history. He as a class act who has done much for this country, especially starting Obamacare and dealing with the Sandy Hook shootings. Trump could learn much from Obama but he never plays nice and wants to totally trample Obama’s legacy whatever chance he gets. What Trump does not understand is that Obama’s legacy is already set and Americans still love him, Unlike Trump who only divides the American people for his own political gain. Donald Trump scares me so much right now I can not sleep and have extreme anxiety. That is NOT how a president should act but Trump doesn’t care. I will NEVER call Trump president. I don’t think he deserves that title and to me he is not the real leader of this country. Right now the real leader of this country and the most trusted is Dr Fauci. He never steers people wrong and will always be on the side of science and of the people. And he has been doing this type of job almost all of his life so he definitely knows what he is doing and I LOVE it when Fauci contradicts Trump and Trump looks uncomfortable because deep in his heart he knows Fauci is right!!!! He just will NEVER admit it!!!!

    3. Trump has never stood up for the military and he called the late Senator John McCain a “loser” just because he was a prisoner of war. At lease McCain served his country! John McCain was a good man which Trump will NEVER be! And Trump said this about McCain after he died. Trump was not welcomed at his funeral. And Trump has said this about other military men as well. And another thing, Obama was not a weak president. You, as well as many others in this country, have been brainwashed. You are diluded and think that being a dictator means being a good president. Trump is the WORST fucking president in history. Obama has been one of the best presidents in history. Go fuck yourself.

  17. This is why the amount of education you have should dictate the power of your vote. Uneducated icky worker people vote should only count as a percentage. Like 25%. That way it will take 4 of their votes to vount as one. Some one with a masters degree or higher would get a full vote. A bachelor’s degree 80%. This would end the Trump idiots and establish the proper order of things.

  18. OK 401k doing great and small business thriving. What about the fact he is a 5 time draft dodger who disrespects Gold Star parents and John McCain. Talks about grabbing women’s body parts like a 9th grader, cheats on his pregnant wife, makes fun of special needs people, disrespects Native Americans who broke Japanese codes in WWII, absolutely has no ability to differentiate truth from fiction, thinks he knows more than career soldiers (I know more than the Generals), does not believe in science that proves global warming. I will stop now. If all you care about is 401k and your business you are as self centered as him.

    1. I grew up in NY in close proximity to Trump and we are the same age. He couldn’t be elected dogcatcher there because we have had to tolerate him for 70 plus years. His father was also a horrible person and a disgrace to the city. bTrumpnhas always been pro choice and pro single player healthcare…right up to the point the evangelicals made their deal with this devil. Whatever paltry sum I got back on my tax return (not enough for a new sofa:) I’d gladly return it to get this guy out of Washington. When people pay thousands of dollars to have his name removed from his condo, something serious is afoot. Who called their own daughter “hot” and “I’d date her.” What’s wrong with people who think that’s acceptable? Oh, BTW, never was crazy about Obama and didn’t vote for him because NY always goes Democratic and my vote DOESN’T count anyway. So much for democracy.

      1. I read Mary Trump’s book. She KNOWS him and she feels he is unfit for office. All of this back and forth is all about ego, you cannot admit what he is. How about some of you trump supporters read his nieces book? It is an eye opener!

        1. Trump has been proven “mentally unfit” as shown by his Niece, Mary L Trump with her latest book. Mary Trump is an educated and board certified Psychiatrist and has first hand experience to further collaborate her work. There was also a group of psychiatrists on YouTube that also give there diagnosis, just do a search on youtube on this. If anyone is paying attention to the way Trump speaks, the orders he puts out, it’s more than obvious this man has severe mental problems. He is a crook, narcissist, racist, mysonginst, and sadist. He will do whatever it takes to get re-elected.

        2. I am dying to read Mary Trump’s book. I saw her about a month ago on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and she had LOTS to say and nothing good at all about Trump. I wonder if the only place to purchase her book is online.

  19. 174 Million Americans didn’t vote for Hillary as well. Trump won because American didn’t want Hillary. DFL laborers wanted anybody other than Hillary so badly that they voted for a Republican candidate instead of Hillary. Lyndon B Johnson was the most foul, vulgar, racist, narcissistic president America has ever had. A product of the Democratic Party. Trump-Era Depression? Give me a break. Depression is an actual disease. Being a little baby because Hillary lost and your party can’t get it’s act together in 4 years isn’t a disease. You all can’t even count votes at your own caucus. Obviously, that’s not true. You all can count, you just didn’t like the numbers so they needed to be finagled for a few days.

    1. Trump did not win the popular vote. I don’t think people totally understood the trade off they were making when the electorate vote determined the winner. I also believe that we live in a country where people are still afraid of a woman having that kind of power. Our level of progressiveness has alot to be desired. We are not the greatest country in the world, especially now.

  20. This article gives some hope and valid coping points, but missed out on one very crucial way to cope: Go out and be in Nature. As often as you possibly can.

  21. I think this article would have given me more comfort if it hadn’t allowed comments. I actually feel worse after reading them. People seem to use semi-anonymous online forums as their place to say horrible things to one another that they wouldn’t otherwise say. My faith is humanity is sorely depleted.

    1. Kristen, I’m with Lesley: reading comments – however rude, condescending, and disrespectful – helps us know what we’re up against sometimes. But beyond that, please focus on the positive comments that represent an understanding of and gratefulness for the original post. Focus on the post itself. Try not to let the rude comments get to you – trolls and bullies want to get a rise out of you and gain attention to themselves. They may be part of the problem but you’re part of the solution, so thank you for that.

  22. Kristen, I understand, but the comments provide an interesting cross section of opinion; it’s shining a light so that we may truly understand who and what is out there – there needs to be awareness.

    1. True, but then there’s always so much stuff like this on other venues , FB and so forth , and it all does tend to wind up with almost everyone “getting their buttons pushed” and shouting at each other (or past one another) … Mostly we are all desperately trying to get own voices heard above the hubbub and we also are deluding ourselves if we think we could actually get others entrenched in their views to change their minds to own way of thinking …

      But yes, we do need to know “what’s out there” and some of “what’s out there” is pretty insane …

  23. Many of the posters who are pro 45th, have only proven the point of so many others who say the pro 45th supporters do so without any evidence, reason, asking us to leave, calling us socialists like it was a dirty word or had any truth to it, or will listen to anything but their own vacant, illogical words. After the last mid-term election, no less than PBS did a special to show how Russian trolls set up fake accounts, and respond to letters like this and spew lies, falsehoods, offer no proof of anything, and sound like many of the pro 45th people in this list of letters.

  24. Never voted in my life. Voting Trump in 2020. It’s simple really. The guy is hilarious and if you are triggered by the guy you are probably poor, ugly and an emotional wreck. We are having so much fun with this guy in the WH. Plenty of black, latino, gay and trans Americans who love our president. Whoever wrote this article is clueless. Good luck being a loser in life!

    1. Ryan, you are either young, sound foolish, or deluded. Your short post is full of derision, assumptions, hate, and think this is all a joke. Any sort of discussion will be lost on you. You seem to be the worst sort of “coyote the trickster” gleefully rubbing you hands together at the destruction of what is good and fair in this world. Are you a Russian troll? You sound exactly like one.

    2. Actually I consider you a lost cause and have become a part of the Trump cult, which says something about you. And for you to vote just because it’s funny, lets see how much your laughing when he gets re-elected after 4 years.

  25. This thread is deeply divisive and disturbing. It saddens me that our civilization is not longer civilized. Both sides hold stock and shoulder the blame for this condition. When did it ever become okay to show such hatred and rage towards another American for having different values or holding different opinions. This is frightening! I sincerely hope we can learn to accept and foregive each other…to appreciate and love each other…regardless of our differences and our flaws. I’m not perfect and I am proud to have my own opinions. My name is Jon Soileau.

  26. Beautiful and very needed. Thank you! I have faith that all of us that care more about our world and future than money in our pockets will band together through this terror we are experiencing. I do believe this horrid presidency has happened so that change can be made for the better. Peace

  27. Didn’t you people commenting READ the ARTICLE? “Manage your social media exposure. Avoid arguing with people who are unlikely to change their minds. It’s emotionally draining, and it isn’t worth it. There are much better ways to spend your days. Think critically about how you’re using your time on social media.”

    1. Exactly. It’s so easy to “fall into the trap” …
      (and all the “commenting” can become addictive and it is draining and not very productive)

      With that I’m signing out and turning off my computer …

  28. I think I’ve come to grips with the fact that reality is just not compatible with love, acceptance and honestly. This reality is not for me. I will be taking my life. See you all on the other side. F*** Trump.

    1. Please reconsider and call the hotline at 800-273-8255. Please. You will get through this. There is love and acceptance in this reality.

  29. Trump and his republican agenda are settling in kinda like the Regan years. Sure he’s a bit of a boob but he’ll be gone soon enough. He’s very fortunate to have inherited a growing economy, and that’s all well and good. I also don’t think he’ll irreparably damage our relationship with other leaders and countries because everyone knows it’s just a matter of a relatively short period of time till he’s gone. So just like Obama, Clinton and the rest, his tenure is limited. And when he’s gone we’ll probably go back to democratic rule, and we’ll continue to complain about that. That’s our two party system. Hopefully though this will be the last time, at least for a long while, that we have a leader with no experience in either government or military service.

    1. Regan left the presidency without any problem and he moved on. Trump sounds like he will never leave office and if Biden wins he will make it all about him and that he really won instead of Biden. It’s going to be a nightmare, no doubt about it. Trump makes me physically ill.

  30. Really well said. I identify with so much of this, and appreciate that you have put my feelings to words. Articles like your help pull me from the nihilism that it is so easy to drift towards in this era. I am beyond excited, and incredibly scared for November. In the meantime, I will continue to volunteer, and to fight to right our course in history.

  31. Eliminate Trump from the entire article and these are all things people should be doing anyway. Unplug, exercise, read and research… Want to help your agenda obviously sign up/work somewhere to make a difference but dont alienate people with different views. If you’re so depressed about Trump that you need psychiatric help you probably needed it before.

  32. I don’t think I could live under another 4 years of Trump. I have depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. I am under Dr. care. I have suffered with this for 20 years, but since Trump started his campaign for office and then won, my depression and anxiety became much worse. I was already seeing a psychiatrist and added a therapist. I would wake up several times during the night fearing what new hell Trump would be spouting the next day. I am not the only one who fears for our nation under this hate filled, obnoxious, privileged evil person. He doesn’t care about our nation, or our people only being a dictator or king.

    1. Right on… but I would add as I do,, get out into nature, see a good documentary, share with friends especially at this time, I show films out of my garage to educate people… I write and share and read and get angry and I also know I need to meditate… ahhh tonight I took the doggie for a walk into the darkness in this paradise with a river and ocean and lakes all nearby within three minutes…. or five if I’m walking! Ahhh the balance between knowing about the world and knowing what makes us happy and feel good anyway back to the story… as I turned the street corner I saw my two precious kitties following us for our midnight stroll… omg such delicious pleasures to see the kitties actually they are full grown cats but I prefer to call them kitties and they followed us on our walk around the neighborhood…

  33. Like I have always said, unfortunately the dumb don’t know they are dumb. It is a waste of time to try to preach to them, as they are shallow and see everything as plainly black and white. Their wants are simple. A new truck, what am I having for dinner, look at the hot babe, get me some cash, that’s about it. There is no ability for deeper thought or contemplation. They are oblivious to the rest of the world around them, the environment, the suffering of others. It is all about their immediate wants and desires and nothing else. They can’t feel the pain of others or of other living things. An animal is an object. A tree is something to exploit. All very sad. So, just remember, have pity, as their soles are empty.

  34. 6 months later and it’s worse , he’s a serial killer and he talks everyday to desensitize us. Thanks for the story. I did feel better with Biden+Harris now talking. We might get out of this 3rd world nightmare soon.

  35. I’ve got a new symptom I really hope will go away soon…when he is on TV I have a gag response like when I was a kid putting a Brussel sprout in my mouth and biting down….. gagged. And you have to notice the way people are jumpy? it makes me feel very uncomfortable to be out right now.
    I grew a garden this summer and I’m proud to say he can’t stave me out,I own my home, But I long to have a hamburger. I’ve been locked down since March.
    Thanks for letting me type this, I’m hoping writing it out will stop that gag response by the way he has a dark pink aura .
    Thanks ❤

    1. That is one of the funniest lines I have seen in a while. Thank you! I needed that :):):) I won’t look at vegetables the same way again 🙂

  36. It is August 31, 2020. I would love to know what the people (who posted about this article) are feeling and thinking about Trump now.

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