The Most Important Lessons I’ve Ever Learned

1. Children yearn to be loved. Love, engage, challenge, and nurture them and they will blossom. Teach them empathy and they will grow into compassionate people. Believe in them and they will believe in themselves.

2. The only person you will ever know is yourself.

3. There are very few famous leaders in the world.

4. Find something you enjoy doing and get a job doing it. If you can’t, do it in your spare time.

5. Tragedy doesn’t knock. Live in the moment because everything can change in an instant.


6. Don’t follow archaic, senseless, and cruel traditions or modernize them so they don’t celebrate or inflict suffering on others.


7. “The only person who can put stress on you is you,” said my father to me when I was 18 years old.

8. To be famous is difficult; to be great is easy.

9. Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean doing everything you can for yourself before you die. It should include giving as much as you can to those less fortunate than you while you’re alive.


10. Jealousy is a destructive emotion that interferes, ruins, and ends lives. To avoid jealousy, create balance and meaning in your life, develop your self-worth, and ground yourself in others’ realities.

11. You don’t need to eat animals to survive.

12. If you’re in a long line at the grocery store and you move to a shorter line, the longer line will move faster. If you’re in a long line at the grocery store and you stay in a long line, the shorter line will move faster and you will wonder why you didn’t move to the shorter line. Never trust your instincts in the grocery store.


13. Expectations often conflict with reality. Keep them in check.

14. We can’t make the world perfect, but we can make it a lot better if we try.

15. The greatest state of being is the absence of physical and emotional pain. When we receive news of the tragic death of a family member or have kidney stones, for example, we tend to fully appreciate our regular state of being. That’s human nature. To stay grounded, we must realize that when we suffer severe physical or emotional pain, we’ll give anything to return to complaining about standing in a long line or sitting in traffic. If we’re not in severe physical or emotional pain, our life is much better than most other people’s lives. It doesn’t make our issues insignificant, but it keeps them in perspective.


16. Good listening skills are rare which is probably why people value them so much.

17. Just because people are family doesn’t mean you must maintain a relationship with them.

18. When you focus on helping others, you will feel grateful, fulfilled, and grounded. When you focus on yourself, you will often feel quite the opposite.

19. Your right to life is no more deserving of respect than the life of any animal.


20. Don’t rely on school for an education.

21. If you’re willing to communicate, you can solve a lot of problems.

22. How you say something is often as important as what you say.

23. Focus on measurable outcomes if you truly want to accomplish a goal, not just on what feels good or what others are doing. Be your own biggest critic when you’re trying to achieve progress.

24. Ignorance may be bliss for some people, but I would much rather be informed. To be informed and active is a burden on the mind, but it makes life more meaningful.

25. Believe in your ability to accomplish your goals. When I was young, I told my father I wanted to apply for a leadership position at work, but that I didn’t believe I was qualified for it. He asked, “Why not?” I couldn’t answer him–and I got the job.


12 thoughts on “The Most Important Lessons I’ve Ever Learned

    1. Thank you, Andrew. That makes perfect sense. I appreciate
      Your quick response and all you do on behalf of a better world! For the animals, the earth and we humans!!!

  1. I believe that I was born on the day I stopped flirting with vegan ism and actually became a vegan in all areas of my life. I abandoned leather shoes, purses and belts.

    Never afraid tone the voice of the silent.

  2. This is all so very true and so very wise. Enjoyed reading it and please keep up the great work Andrew, you are an inspiration to many.

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