Trump holds bible

The Poorest Man Alive

In 1938, with only months left to live, Lou Gehrig told New York Yankees fans that he considered himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. If Trump’s voice echoed through that mic, he would have told fans that he was the greatest, wealthiest, smartest, and most unfairly treated man to have ever lived. Not even a fatal disease would humble him.

Few people are as flawed as Donald Trump. The depth and breadth of his defects defy the composition typical in the human species. His awfulness is on display daily for those who can stomach it. His inability to muster even a trace of decency during the nation’s worst moments shocks us, but it doesn’t surprise us.

By every measure, Donald Trump is the poorest man alive.

Trump is emotionally bankrupt. Not a pandemic nor police brutality can cause him to generate an uplifting emotion. He can’t even denounce a sadistic police officer who kneed a man to death. If Trump were present during the murder, he would have cheered. Forever trapped in an us versus them mentality, he only knows how to bully, displace blame, fabricate, and annihilate. A wannabe strongman who breeds dystopia, if he had his druthers, he’d end free speech except to praise him. The horrifying optics of bulldozing peaceful protesters for a photo-op doesn’t register in his warped world of self-promotion. He can’t address the country about police brutality because he encourages it. He’s incapable of soothing the nation. It isn’t in him.

Trump is spiritually bankrupt. He uses religion to pander, but he can’t even fake it. Religious pretenders show their bible instead of living its principles. Trump shows his faith without deeds–a textbook false prophet. He has no integrity or moral authority, and he has no respect for the separation of church and state except in his private life where religion is meaningless. Psychologist Daniel Goleman identified five elements of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. He has none of them.

Trump is morally bankrupt. He abuses norms, the constitution, and laws to advance his self-interest. He deregulates the world’s worst polluters because he doesn’t care about animals, the planet, or people’s health. He only cares about short-term profits to boost his bank and prop up his standing. More than forty-million Americans lost their jobs and more than 100,000 lost their lives, and he’s peddling a fake story about a talk show host murdering an employee. A prototype for people thinking about a life of crime and destruction, there’s no door of depravity that Trump won’t open. And he continues to fleece the American people while in office to fatten the coffers of his failing properties.

Trump is financially bankrupt. The business wunderkind lost more money than any other American for a record-setting ten years straight and lived off borrowed money by abusing the tax code. A fraud who knows no bounds, he paid a ghostwriter to author a book for him on how to make successful business deals. It’s likely he never read it. And after six bankruptcies, he’s still hiding his taxes.

There’s nothing to admire about Donald Trump. His family is awful. His administration is dreadful–a collection of unwatchable and unqualified political hacks and lawbreakers. He lies continuously, cheats to win, steals from taxpayers, hordes credit, displays no intellectual curiosity, and always thinks he knows better than trained experts. He divides people and encourages violence, compliments dictators and insults our allies, runs up trillion-dollar annual budget deficits, and denies the existence of global warming, global strife, and a global pandemic. He’s endlessly horrible.

American democracy is at risk. If this troll in a suit isn’t defeated in November, democratic systems will collapse, and America will become unrecognizable. The American carnage Trump spoke of in his Inaugural Address is here–fomented by his predictable presidency. No amount of money he steals will ever change the fact that Donald Trump is the poorest man alive. It’s time to save the country.




18 thoughts on “The Poorest Man Alive

  1. Well said.!! The article depicts Trump to a “T” and, so does the illustration. Excellect article. Thank you.!!!

    1. That sums it up! Thank you! It’s truly ashamed that his supporters are as vile, vicious and stupid as he is. My name means goddess of peace and I live by that credo, so I astound even myself when my thoughts wander to the methods by which Karma could extract revenge on the devil incarnate. I am VERY surprised that even when respectable media prove and fact check trump into a corner of all of the lies that he tells that his ignorant base defend him. What is WRONG with them? I’ve stopped asking what is wrong with him as you have covered most of the bases. One question, will America recover from this horrible man?

  2. All perfectly true, and absolutely horrifying!! Besides gleefully destroying the nation, he is getting pleasure out of seeing most of the populace being emotionally traumatized by him! Watching the results of his cruelty is his oxygen! Soulless, empty shell of a human being.

  3. A great read. Nothing retractable or untrue as far as I’m concerned. Loved the Lou Gehrig reference as well. Thanks!

  4. You’re writing is excellent and your points true. The question I cant answer is why anyone believes in him or likes him. I cannot begin to understand that a chunk of the population in this country wants him to continue to be president.

  5. trump is truly the scum of the earth. and yet there are those that are truly
    blind to the damage he has created, not only in our country but with former
    allies . and he has no clue. he was a bully in business determined to do the
    same to our government. And he’s getting away with it so far. he must have
    some extraordinary dirt on most of the republican party . they are not
    patriots. traitors instead to our constitution.
    howard a goodman

  6. Another really good item. Can I share this on my FB, if I can figure out how to share it?
    Debra Ann Velie

  7. is there no way to remove him from office? i never thought all of this damage could be done in such a short time. we still have months until november. i can only imagine how much lower he can go. can’t he be stopped somehow?

  8. Words fail me! Trump is like a the star in a very bad “D” movie. We must find a way to put him in a straight jacket, then a closet, then bateson toss the key in the sewer.

  9. Hmm… I can tell that a lot of people will agree with this. I don’t. Trump is probally one of the best degenerates ever to have an influence on history. He is cunning, He is fierce when it comes to something he wants, and he knows how to put on a good show too. Politics is really like wrestling to be honest. Nothing we really do would make America Great. Biden will pevert the Family system, Trump will be a competetior who will get what he wants at all costs and nothing will get done. So I want to ask everyone, Perversion, or A retard in office?

    1. Hmm…Bet you make a great parent, J. Edmonds. I can hear you now… “Hey kids! You have a choice for breakfast: Cyanide-laced Cheerios or a fruit smoothie with delicious vanilla-flavored gunpowder.”

      How about mixing up some better options: perhaps add some critical thought, comprehensive reasoning and empathy with a dash of love.

  10. All you people must be non Christian’s to be name calling a business man that has brought us out of the clutches of every politionthat has took our money and either stole it or invested it so unwisely over the last 50 +yrs uh excuse me the last 4yrs was great for all Americans until The Democrats had to play GOD unleashing the virus as something to meet his demise well when you have the Lord on your side you surely will Triumph with Trump .

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