The Unwatchable President

For millions of Americans, Donald Trump is unwatchable. People can’t stand the sight or sound of him because they see through him. They can’t trust him, so his words offer no value. Years ago, they learned that Trump’s spool of lies has no ceiling and never ends, so any attempt to watch him requires a chyron correcting his ticker tape of tales.

Listening to a Trump speech is like accidentally answering a spam call: it’s not going anywhere safe, and it’s never going to end well. According to Trump, everything he does is the best ever, nobody could have done it like him, we’re never grateful enough, and it’s going to get even better. He’s responsible for everything good; Obama is to blame for everything wrong. Evidence is for fools; feedback is for the weak. He has often said that he doesn’t look back, and he has no regrets. We don’t need Sherlock Holmes to validate his claim–not even the Will Ferrell version.

When Trump speaks, it’s never thoughtful, reflective, or humble. He could never speak comfortably about someone’s loss because he doesn’t care. He can’t even fake caring. He only mourns the possible loss of his reputation as he sees it. When he hypnotically reads a speech, it’s obviously the first time he has seen it. He deciphers meaning as he reads. Since every speech is new to him, he occasionally pauses to ad-lib, but the comments are awkward and unmask his ignorance. But he’s always impressed with himself–his baseless pride glimmers in every smirk and snarl.

Trump has no sense of history or decency. He embodies everything unbecoming a person, takes everyone for a fool, thinks nothing of stealing from a charity or taxpayers, and turns his scandals and incompetence into others’ failures. He’s incapable of humor, as we uncomfortably witnessed at the Al Smith dinner when he roasted Hillary Clinton with pure vitriol. He could never grasp that it’s endearing to make fun of himself. It’s too risky. His ego prevents it.

Trump melts when anyone challenges him. A competent president would welcome any question from the media. But Trump lacks proficiency in even the basic responsibilities of his role and fears responding to anything other than adulation. Even when media inquiries are predictable, Trump’s answers rarely contain an answer. When he does provide an answer, it’s typically rudderless or appalling. Not only do his responses lack relevant information, but he frequently espouses incorrect information or lies.

For most Americans, there has never been a time when they’ve appreciated or admired Trump or looked to him for inspiration. He’s incapable of real empathy, exercises the worst judgment, and his instincts would imprison him if not for his money, job title, and fame. If the Supreme Court forces him to unmask his tax returns, the extent of his corruption may be laid bare. The lengths he has gone to conceal them and his marauding past suggest he has probably broken tax laws, earned a fraction of what he claims, and has compromising financial relationships.

For decades, we’ve listened to Republicans lecture Americans about the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution, patriotism, family values, religion, the rule of law, and fiscal responsibility. If Trump were a Democrat, they would use him as a non-example of every trait they claim to embody. No president in American history has shown more contempt for our laws, norms, religion, and constitution. Trump has fed Republicans’ credibility through a wood chipper. They sacrificed their party, careers, and souls at his pernicious altar for a few Supreme Court seats and tax cuts and deregulations for the mega-rich who finance their campaigns.

And now comes the 2020 campaign. King Trump, M.D., the bleacher-in-chief, claims that he created the greatest economy since troglodytes traded stones. But it’s a ruse. He ran up trillion-dollar annual budget deficits to advance his reckless agenda. He funneled billions to the military-industrial complex while ignoring the most pressing problems of our time, including dealing responsibly with healthcare and climate change. He failed to shore up social security and medicare, and to address our crumbling infrastructure needs adequately. He took every shortcut for short-term gains, propping up the profits of the world’s biggest polluters through unprecedented deregulation that puts everyone’s health and safety at risk. Trump focuses on unemployment but not quality jobs or wages–endlessly obsessed with the stock market, but not main street. The coronavirus exposed the real economy under Trump: nearly half of the country couldn’t survive a month without a paycheck, revealing that employment doesn’t translate into financial stability.

Credible evidence exists that Trump raped a 13-year-old girl. Given the history of 24 public sexual assault and rape allegations against him, it’s likely he’s a serial rapist. But because his actions are so racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, religion-pandering, and fat-cat coddling, he rounds up enough worshipers, gun-flashers, MAGA martyrs, pardoned criminals, clones, insane conspiracy theorists, low-information droids, Russian meddlers, and beneficiaries to form a zealous cult base to keep him afloat. They’re ready to fire up their torches for another four years of gaslighting, crimes, constitution-stripping, and immigrant-blaming.

Americans have one chance on November 3, 2020, to end this long national nightmare. Another term with this sociopath at the Twitter helm could fatally unravel American democracy. Without concern for his re-election, there’s no norm or law he won’t break. People will live with endless regret that they didn’t volunteer, donate, and vote to block him from retaining power. He won the last time, and he can win again if people don’t get involved. This election is not the time to lament the fact that FDR isn’t on the ballot. The only thing we have to fear is Donald Trump himself.



92 thoughts on “The Unwatchable President

    1. You have put into words, the sinking feeling we all have in the pits of our stomachs. As we sit back and wonder why this man is still president. For over three years, there has never ever been a time when I haven’t been disgusted by him! Distraction after distraction is all swept under the White House rug and from time to time the debris floats to the surface, over and over again. We the majority did not elect him and we the majority will not elect him again. Let’s not let him cheat and steal another election! Thank you,

      1. I have a sinking feeling he’ll do whatever it takes to win in 2020. Beg, borrow, steal, rig. It’s not how Biden performs or how much money he raises, it’s how can we keep election from being rigged? Nancy Pelosi added wording to the third coronavirus relief package could help. It calls for November’s election to be conducted with “mail-in” ballots. This would shield Americans from unsafe in-person voting amid the pandemic. Yet, can’t Donald get his cronies to even steal ballots? I put nothing past him or his lot.

        1. And if all that fails, he’ll claim it was rigged against him and challenge it where his cronies will hand him the election. McConnell has it all worked out.

        2. Totally agree. He is dangerous and treacherous. He will never give up the WH. EVEN IF BIDEN WINS!!!!!!
          He is unfit to even take up the oxygen he uses. He is the most toxic person we have ever faced. Get rid of him!!!!

        1. I would call it a residency. He hasn’t acted Presidential even once for one minute!
          He will only be named resident rump in my mind.

          1. I have tried hard to find a why and an how this windbag even got nominated in the first place nevermind the rest of his residency on his rump. Trying to be kind, it seems to me those who voted for him were of a reactionary mind instead of a more intellectual mind.

        2. I would call it a residency. He hasn’t acted Presidential even once for one minute!
          He will only be named resident rump in my mind.

          1. Excellent defining of a failure by Republican’s,who voted a disastrous, dangerous, poisonous small minded man into the presidency. America has finally awakened and we the people will post eviction signs on the fence erected to protect the illegal resident in OUR house ! November 3rd he can pack his bags and we will escort him off the White House grounds.

      2. OMG…you just explained why can’t even be in the room! I think I’m an intelligent person no Einstein but educated. The visceral feeling wanting to slap him is overwhelming at time I have to leave the room! I was raised to be honest above all and to spot a lye from miles away! It’s nice to know I’m not alone! He is a Confabulator of epic per portions!

      3. Today the White House has likened the President to Winston Churchill during WWII. Trump is no Winston Churchill.

    2. There is a reason Trump doesn’t care about how many die because of his irresponsibility. It is apparent in some of the many published psychological evaluations. A key component of his makeup is Sadism. If people die after taking hydroxychloroquine, he would enjoy that, the losers etc, whilst also denying any responsibility and blaming the ensuing outrage on his political opponents.

      1. The man is a Confabulator believing that if he says something that makes it true! For someone in a position of power it a dangerous trait.

  1. An excellent description of an amalgamation of almost every negative human quality. His cheerleaders and enablers have a special place in hell ready for them too.

  2. bUT TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL! I know; you are totally correct with every statement. Thank you! & continue to tell it as it is!

    1. This is a perfect description of the current occupant of the White House. I agree with every word. ANYONE that would follow, believe in or try to justify this False Prophet must not have learned a thing from their mother OR kindergarten teacher. In fact, their is talk of him in the book of Revelations…beware!

  3. Forgot to add his putting Betsy DeVos to head the Dept of Education. She is trying to destroy the future of the country by privatizing our Public Education system.

    1. Not to mention how she has lined her pockets. The kids stripped from their parents are staying in facilities owned by her and she’s making crazy money on each child daily. Sickening.

      1. They have no shame…and there is no end to their greed.. Hatred and dessicration of all things good and decent is their “lode-star”. It is a spiritual cancer that will in the end devour them all. Mazel Tov m’f’s!

      2. Don’t forget her brother is a major military contractor, Blackwater USA (Academi) He has benefited to the extreme from the military investment by this regime.

  4. Incredible article. You nailed every heinous aspect of the creep. I’m shocked that the court document you share has not been published elsewhere. This would surely sway those voters who are on the fence. (I don’t think it would sway his supporters. They seem to be very good at turning a blind eye to everything he does) Do you know why that is, Andrew?

  5. Trump would have made Al Capone proud! Great article ! You wrote what many of us think and feel about Trump!

  6. An excellent piece, and as spot on as it gets.

    Whenever Mr Trump needs to distract attention from bad press, bad news, facts, science etc, he brings out his default ‘whipping boy’, President Barack Obama.

    His latest tweet storm, interview blitz and press rally attack on America’s last real president began on Mother’s Day. What is its purpose for Trump? To deflect anger onto a MALE authority figure for the emotional coldness and absence of his mother.

    This absence was not her fault — she was sent away into medical confinement [seeing a pattern?] when Donald was a little boy, but such things are hard to explain to a five-year-old and probably nobody tried.

    President Obama thus represents Mr Trump’s surrogate father in this little Freudian play — the only person with real power over him, who knows lots of stuff about him, who has a successful marriage and children who love him and a far bigger inauguration crowd — and therefore must be crushed for destroying little Donald’s relationship with his mum and sending her away.

    “Obamagate” is not just the mad ravings of a total idiot who has lost all control of reality. It is no accident that Trump cannot name, when asked by reporters, any actual crime this “greatest ever crime against America” is meant to be, or any single thing that President Obama is meant to have done to deserve prosecution and jail: Trump cannot admit that he is reproaching his father for the loss of his mother’s love because he doesn’t even realise it himself.

    This entire drama is about Trump’s subconscious and has nothing to do with everyday Americans, who are anyway of no importance whatsoever to a raving narcissist. Targeting his predecessor with this ridiculous and untenable “Obamagate” charge is not just a way to deflect from their suffering, their crashed economy or the nation they cherish — it is the very core of Trump’s dark anger and crippled self-image.

    1. Great trump psyc profile. Your intel about his mother is enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mr concern is that even if no one votes for him, he will win anyway because of the ability of Russia, China, North Korea, etc. to hack into our hack-able voting machines. Congress is unwilling to do anything about it, and certain States who are doing everything possible to keep certain people from voting.

  8. The most well-articulated synopsis of this maniac’s behavior I have read. Just outstanding. I will share it with every Trumper who assails me in the future. Thank you.

  9. Trump will bring this country down if elected again. The democracy that is central to American politics and identity will crumble. VOTE, and be aware that the republicans play very dirty these days.

  10. Ur a Dumb Ass Idiot’Thats just ur brain on Lockdown, I bet u have a dark seeded issue with reality, cause u my friend Are why this Nation is the way it is Cause ur a Sad lil Hater with no real facts or for that matter any Brains, can you walk a talk at the same time, bet u have problems with that alot,Cause ur brain is Fryed dude,people listening to you spout untruths about people let alone ur own POTUS. Fool as freak

    1. If you’re going to comment on something that’s and well thought-out and articulate, at least be able to put together a coherent thought in a structured sentence. WTF is it you are trying to say? Perhaps it’s you that’s “Fool as freak,” whatever that means…

    2. I could tell you were a trumpet the instant I read the first line you blathered. Poor spelling, terrible grammar, full of insults, and nothing of interest on the comment.

  11. Dude ur Actually A Very Disturbing person, Dude how do you even sleep @ nite,letalone wake up an look at ur mirror, 13yo girl ,that’s ur Sex crazy mindset, Ur probably guilty of much younger boys the girls at 10 did u say,0 no it was lucky #13 ur Are straight Up HAF on Meth proky,freaks like you need to be out of site an mind,like prison is not even close to where you should be. Damn I’m glad no 1 really cares wtf Shit comes out of ur Azzhole,oops ur girly mouth freak.

    1. DUDE, if you’re going to comment on something that’s and well thought-out and articulate, please learns some basic grammar and be able to build a structured sentence, you “girly mouth freak.” Come one, Dude. Can’t you do better than this?

      1. These two commentators have the same, rather lack of, sentence structure. I’m wondering if that is some sort of word-salad bot that both are using?

    2. click on the name and a site comes up called (the other comments which are written in the same language go to the same site. HHMM?? Russia Medling?? I am on a company computer and can not see who or what this site is about. But best not to reply to what appears to be a fake reply of some kind…

  12. BRILLIANT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We cannot thank you enough for putting into words & writing my family’s EXACT THOUGHTS on this monster we call Mr. President. We will pass this along to nearly everyone we know, as it is our goal to get Americans to see how dangerous this man truly is. (The modern-day Anti-Christ as we call him..) He is EVERYTHING we teach our children NOT to be… and yet he is the leader of the free world?? Please join us in doing everything we can to prevent four more years of devastation to our beloved USA 🇺🇸.

    1. I agee wholeheartedly–but I do NOT consider him the ¨leader of the free world¨. He lost that title ages ago. The combined leadership of our real allies probably fit that title. He has (temporarily) reduced the United States to the status of a failing developed nation.

  13. The sad thing is that there will be sheep that read this and wail and rail about how we’re lying on their dear leader. The facts are right there and yet they stick their collective fingers in their ears and sing LA la LA la I’m not listening to yooooooou.
    This is a great piece

  14. There have been several U.S. Presidents whose spoken words have been difficult, if not impossible, to listen to. I couldn’t listen to George W. Bush or Barack Obama – as I really could not decipher what they really meant. I go way back, as an “old-timer” so I can assure you that even Dwight D. Eisenhower was nearly impossible to decipher (in terms of content) when he spoke, as his sentences ran on and on and on.

  15. The GOP is owned by the 1%, they have spent the last 30 years setting up their plan to destroy our government in order to install an Autocratic Oligarchy like Russia. Their 2016 Platform was all about taking away worker’s rights, minimum wage and everything else unions gained to vreate the middke class and privatize everything. They have been consolidating companies for years, since the GOP got rid of anti-monopoly laws and other laws that stood on their way.

    Twitler came in and didn’t care about rules and laws, he is doing the work for them, the final destruction of our Democratic Republic. Fox News is a brainwashing propaganda machine, set up to control their cult so that they have some backing, even though they are too brainwashed to realize it is against their own best interest. All Fox has to do is tell them who and what to hate and they are on board.

    They are rushing now to complete the destruction before there is an election, they want the Autocratic Oligarchy installed before November.

    I saw all of this coming for years and knew that Twitler would destroy our government for Putin, which benefits the GOP. I was told by friends in 2015 that I was crazy, that Twitler wasn’t that bad. So far I am batting 1000.

    They are loading the courts with inept judges that will not stand in their way and will always find in the favor of the GOP.

  16. Completely biased hate speech is all this is please give support to your claims of all you accuse him of or everything your “preaching” is just an opinion not fact

    1. It is ALL FACT!! I guess, like Trump, you don’t listen either. There’s not one thing that hasn’t been proved. Are you able to read, listen and comprehend what the experts have written, said and proved beyond a doubt? Or do you just listen to Fox News??!!

      1. That’s the head shaking issue with the trump supporters and the danger in our society going forward. The truth can be proven undoubtedly, yet they deny. It’s frightening.

  17. That is exactly how we feel about Obummer and his ugly man wife;-) And none of you can see through his BS! Even his Daughter says he would not know what to do with this virus!

    1. As a Canadian I feel for Americans who are so frustrated with their leadership (or lack of it). Our leaders are not perfect either but in comparison to Trump they are hero’s. I have never witnessed such a morally corrupt, irresponsible, evil, vacuous and thieving group of “leaders” (Trump Republicans). How do normal, thinking, charitous and balanced people try and deal with the madness that is happening in your country. Every country has a left and right wing followings. In the USA it now seems the divide between core ideologies is so wide its like a war. The right doesn’t want to discuss just yell and blame. I hope that after the Covid debacle that all Americans think hard about the choice they need to make this November. The fate of the free world hangs in the balance.

  18. We have to vote Blue Nov 3 up and down the ticket line. Trump must go, McConnell must go, House and Senate have to go Blue. Hell dog catcher in every city and town n.v Weds to go Blue.
    Trump is horrible and disgusting from every conceivable angle. But we CANNOT forget the asshats who have helped him, enabled him, or just kept quiet to protect themselves.
    Every conceivable seat up for election, re-election, MUST turn Blue.
    Large, large vote turnout. BLUE BEYOND all visionary means.
    The Red machine has got to see WE MEAN it.

  19. Yes…and he’s the anti-Christ and he eats small babies with ketchup.
    Wake up lefties…Trump’s in office because the best you have is a Clinton or a Biden.
    High time Democrats get their party back on track and adopt policies everyone can get behind.
    Meanwhile Trump’s taking care of business while you and your media buddies play catchup.

    1. Yes, Democrats have work to do – no doubt. But what “business” has Trump been taking care of? Can you share examples?

  20. And yet I’m embarrassed that I ever gave this “thing” one minute of my time. Not sure who I’m angrier with……”it” or me

  21. So true. We must move forward and be relentless in our efforts to insure this President is not reelected and becomes treated as a mammoth mistake in our Democracy.

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