The End of Trump

He descended from an escalator breathing like Darth Vader boarding the rebel ship in the first scene of Star Wars. We’ve been aghast ever since. But we can see the end of this Evil Empire now. It’s only months away. But how exactly does this menacing villain meet his demise? Predicting the final episode doesn’t require George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, or any mental acuity–not even a Magic 8-Ball. We know Donald Trump better than we know ourselves.

When this debacle ends, and we cancel this carnival barker’s show, he’ll pound his fists on the ground and howl in the night. He’ll crawl back to the safety of his opulent resort with his toadies in tow, gnaw on his QVC steaks, pop in on Mar-a-Lago weddings for adulation, cheat at golf, cheat on his taxes, cheat on his wife, and cheat employees. He’ll break more laws, become even more petty and cruel, and continue his role as America’s most pathetic victim.

Trump and his sycophants will keep peddling insane conspiracy theories while leaving unprecedented corruption in their wake. He’ll tweet from his throne in sniffling fits of rage, telling us that he did everything better than anyone who has ever lived as he searches for the next Central Park Five. He’ll scream out the windows of his penthouse suite that the new president is the worst in history, stare at commissioned paintings of himself, and warn us of make-believe caravans walking a thousand miles with their children to rape and murder us. And he’ll ensure his presidential library has the most square feet of any before him.

But we won’t have to listen to his xenophobia, misogyny, gaslighting, or tantrums anymore because he’ll be irrelevant. His power will be stripped except among bots, Russian hacks, racist superfans, and low-information voters who formed his base and debased society. He’ll continue to spew venom and flood the airwaves with toxic garbage, but now that he fixed everyone’s toilets, we’ll be able to flush away his pathological lies.

He’ll blame the FBI and CIA, Democrats and Republicans, the DNC, RNC, and MSNBC, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Mueller, Romney, Greta, Obama, the media, the whistleblower, kneeling football players, Obama, windmills, SNL, Puerto Rico, and Parasite. He’ll blame Pence, his staff, and everyone else from his inner circle except Stephen Miller, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Lewandowski. He’ll show no humility, express no regret, and never apologize.

We’ll shake our heads in disbelief that such a terrible person ever occupied the Oval Office. History books will note that he was everything our Founders feared–a King George of the 21st century absent the education and etiquette. Patriots would have tarred and feathered him and dragged him through the streets for his greed, vanity, and lawlessness.

The sun will rise on this country again. Our allies and foes will respect us. Sensible regulations that protect animals, people, and the planet will be reinstated and strengthened. The new president will focus on helping those most in need. Ruth Bader Ginsberg will peacefully retire. Law and order, although flawed, will be restored. Judges will no longer be attacked, and prosecutors will be allowed to do their jobs. The media will ask questions without having their reputations smeared. Qualified professionals will hold cabinet positions.

The new president will be civil, humble, and honest, respect women, immigrants, people of color, and the LGBTQ community, and will not conflate white supremacists and the people protesting them. We’ll take steps to protect our elections, and our diplomats will be appreciated. Climate change will receive the attention it deserves, and responsible policies will seek to address it. Science will matter again. Facts will matter. The new administration will follow laws and the U.S. Constitution.

The scars will be deep from this presidency, and the damage long-lasting. People’s lives and careers have been inexcusably ruined. Countless animals have been killed. The planet’s health has been degraded. Decency has been ravaged. The nation’s reputation has been shattered. We will look back upon this era in shock that it happened, but grateful that we rallied to stop it before it irreparably eroded our democracy.

It’s time for Lord Trump to go back up the escalator from whence he came and return to his hotel room with his stormtroopers. Perhaps J.J. Abrams will invite Trump to play himself in Star Wars X: The Last Sociopath. Or maybe a more fitting part would be in Home Alone VI. His cabinet could play the burglars.

316 thoughts on “The End of Trump

      1. What will you do when this kind vile hatred rhetoric sways votes the opposite way you wish. I am finding out haters/grim reapers really don’t believe Trump is as bad as their writings say. But now they will never admit their hate gets in the way of the truth. We hope none of you are are lemming like enough to jump off a bridge when he is reelected, we still considered you part of the human race. I rember how devestated I was when Obama got reelected, but lived with it..we did not get noisey about it until he started his unamerican idiocy.

        1. Obama was NOT the hate-spewing train wreck this orange clown is. And it’s ironic you speak of idiocy while we have the most uninformed, ignorant White House occupant in the history of our country. Try not to speak, you’ll appear more intelligent that way.

          1. You just received some excellent advice not to speak. But instead you felt compelled to further demonstrate your simpleton intelligence level. Sad.

          1. You, “Trump Train,” are the asshole here!! The writer is just speaking the truth which is something you know NOTHING about!!!

        2. It is people like you that do Not believe the Facts….the lies that is on video…out of His mouth, But will believe He is the Chosen one. That is frightening.

          Your lack of comparison to Hitler and other vile, leaders in our we orkd is stunning.

        3. You clearly wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped you in the face. Repeatedly.
          We’re not just fighting Trump – we’re fighting the delusional devolved primates who blindly follow him. That means you.
          The lies you spout are recognizable as lies to even the most thick-witted child. Wise up. Now.

        4. Thank God a sane person, I could not believe the hate spawn, when I read whatever this was supposed to be.

        5. Dear D Greer – Wow! Prime example of the Ostrich Syndrome. Your pandering this evil is exactly why the USA has suffered from it the last 3 + years. Decency hopefully returns this November.

        6. Social media has burgeoned in the last ten years and each year even more will go online…You are deluded or chose to ignore the fact that Obama was pounded by the so-called Right day and night. I remember seeimg posts of an Obama head in a toilet bowl and of an Obama being hung from a tree. There were comments about Michelle’s arms and comparisons of her to being a man and a monkey. There were so many silly ones like Obama’s tan suit. Would you have said anytimg to counter them? The Right has the worst memory.

        7. We are the ‘haters’….the ‘grim reapers’ ? It is our rhetoric that is vile? Reading this comment is reminding me how LOST and deep in the psych this cause has become for you and the pathetic followers who agree with you. And no we will rise above all this corruption to keep thriving for a more perfect union. Don’t know if you’re male or female ~~ matters not….I will pray when I remember my bigot brother in the deep south.

        8. Obama was a great president. Good abroad, good with Americans in pain, good with children. He could even sing. Loved Obama.

        9. Dear D Greer, In an effort to respond to you I am overwhelmed by frustration to make common sense of your rambling. I do find it interesting though, to point out to you how you unintentionally describe Trump, yourself and other trump supporters in your ramble.

          Your words, not mine.

          “vile hated rhetoric, haters/grim reapers, their hate gets in the way of truth, lemming like, part of the human race, un-american idiocy.” (Oh yes and ) Obama”

          Obama! Obama! we can never leave out Obama. (my words)


          1. The “republicans’ and “CONservatives” fall back on their limited vocabularies…it was “Hillary Hillary Hillary” ad infinitum for years before the orange elephant trampled our Constitution and rule of law and pledged to his Mar-a-Lago plebes “you all just got a lot richer’ after cutting THEIR taxes by trillions…Now it’s “Obama Obama Obama”….the infantilism infesting/infecting the Republican party is ‘stupendous’…

        10. What unAmerian idiocy do you refer to. What makes you think that anyone would value their own life less than the dotard in chief that they would end it over anything related to him. Do tell, are you a good Christian also? If so, ask WWJD

        11. Well, we now are fully aware of who the real imbeciles are, WE don’t have to guess so, thank you for exposing yourself!! BTW, Mr Obama was a president that earned our respect as opposed to our deserved revulsion of tRump!

        12. He’s bad. When I saw him lie about the number of attendees at his inauguration I knew he was a liar who had no respect for either the truth. Or the American people. When I saw the babies being torn from their mothers arm by his representatives who just happened to lose information on their whereabouts, I knew he was evil incarnate. If you’re ok with this stuff in your name on your tax dollar no use arguing. Your Soul is lost.

          1. Indeed!! And if it wasn’t so about the babies information being lost on purpose… then why didn’t Trump immediately intervene as a matter of great concern to him… the least that could be said of him on that score is that he allowed it. He inhabits a different moral universe to you or I. I couldn’t bear being in his head for even a minute. That would/must be unbearable.

        13. Shame. No hate expressed…only relief to have a more presidential person on office. Oh, I will enjoy the prison terms awaiting 45

        14. Are you serious or is it a joke? The orange puppet is hated and despised all over the world ( with the exception of Israel) your country has lost all respect, before you were very much disliked but now we have zero respect for you

        15. That rhetoric doesn’t come close to what Mr. Trump has been dishing out to the American people and the world for the past four years. His vile style has seeped in through our pores, making even the kindest soul ready to unleash a verbal attack. Perhaps without his stoking of hatred, we will be able to Make America Kind Again.

        16. I disagree: The vitriol and hatred towards Obama was almost unprecedented. From accusing him of not being an American, to insinuating he was not really a Christian, to racist remarks about his wife, ad naseum, it was sickening. So no, the right was not gracious on any level. As far as “unamerican idiocy”, don’t even get me started. It doesn’t take a constitutional scholar to dissect this Toddler-in-Chief’s insanities.

          I have plenty of Conservative friends who are just as offended by this buffoon as progressives are. There are way more qualified, brilliant, and compassionate conservatives who could do this country justice and make us proud. There is just no excuse for this miserable, narcissist and his minions.



    1. What a bunch of horse shit.You dems think you are so perfect but you make Trump look like a saint.You love ilegals.Kill babies Hate our flag and steal our money .You want to give free education to these people that don’t belong here.How do you live with yourselves .Just like the Clintons and others too numerous to mention

        1. It’s sad that she and many others in the Cult of Trump, are so mesmerized by this con man that she simply can’t (or doesn’t want to) see the truth. I honestly believe they are beyond the point of redemption. When he’s ejected from the Oval Office their lives will dramatically change.

          They won’t be able to be as vocal about their hatred of immigrants, and people of color. When they wear their frayed MAGA hats, they’ll be greeted with smirks and disdain. I fear they won’t be able to move on. They’ll spend their days searching for a snarky tweet from their lord and master, but Twitter will have banned him. Sad.

      1. And people like you will still be as dumb, ignorant and odious as you always were. YOU are what makes our country so deficient!

        1. You are so right on so many levels. If they get their wish and Bernie wins, I can’t wait to see how they react to really giving everything they own to ones who do nothing. It will be worse than it is now. Bernie is not a Socialist he is a Communist and that’s where we will be if he wins. I can’t stand Trump but the alternative with Sander’s frightens the hell out of me. We can only hope the Republicans win both the Senate and House, if that is the case.

          1. Go live in Russia
            Is it possible that you hate human life too❓🤪
            Bubye see ya
            Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way OUTA HERE‼️☮️💙💙💙☮️

          2. Words mean things. Bernie is not a communist, or a socialist, and literally no one wants to take everything you own.

            Please learn what words mean before strewing them around like little stink bombs.

          3. Are you really that dumb to think Sanders is a communist and if that is the case you have no idea what communism is. The other explanation is you’re a Russian POS but either way, you fail as a human.

          4. You are conflating Democratic socialism with communism. Ss & medicare are Democratic Socialism. Billionaires paying zero taxes is communism!

          5. Perhaps you need to stop watching a FOX, it’s not news! Socialism is nothing more than using our tax dollars for the good of the people and not corporations!!! If you really believe your own words than you are a moron!

          6. It’s August 31, 2020. How are you feeling about our wonderful president now, K?

            And by the way, no one in the Democratic party is a communist. Educate yourself.

      2. LOL Nobody is buying that Trumpster horseshit anymore. Take that back to 4-chan where it belongs. Grownups are talking now. Be still.

        1. Before this president took office I was naive about the depth and breadth of ignorance in my country. I could not believe the depths of despair he would reveal ! He has opened the door to countries that have hated our excellence and technical superiority! He has invited the sick and ignorant class to take charge of critically important agencies and protection groups like our military and public health. He has fired thousands of career experts in foreign relations, agriculture and weather. Thousands of years of experience and education are gone forever. It will take 25 to 50 years to recover and he will go away still complaining and lying about the deep state!

          1. Very well said!!! It will take a lifetime to get the country back to where it was before he raised his ugly head and showed his ignorance. It’s a shame he ever was a thing. He has ruined so many and so much. Yes, a lifetime to get his filth and garbage out of the system.

          2. When he was elected, a colleague said that we all know what trump is, but to learn how many of our fellow Americans are so ill informed and easily impressed is pretty horrifying. Yes, it is.

      3. This tyraid of yours is overwhelmingly sad..and has very little to do with actual real world. As to the kill babies . Your the one supporting the wearhousing of children so I’m not real clear how you get to flip out on any topic of concern..

          1. Drink some cofuvu or what ever it was.

            Probably werehouse was more appropriate than warehouse… a home for retired and retarded lycanthropes.

            Perhaps we will be wearing this embarrassment for a while.

          2. what difference BETWEEN your spelling of warehousing and the one you think you are correcting is there? I DON’T SEE ANY THING WRONG With the spelling other than you capitalizing the W!!!
            This POS ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT and ALL his GROUPIES has been written about in the Bible! Now he’s blaming the Democrats for starting a CORONA VIRUS HOAX, as he yet AGAIN ATTEMPTS to silence the EDUCATED EXPERTS FROM THE CDC, barring them from speaking Publicly to Americans! And of course it’s A NON ISSUE ALL IS well, AMERICA is Protected, this thing will be RESPONSIBLE for MILLIONS OF AMERICANS DEATHS and then try to use Pence his new Corona Virus Czar as the scapegoat! It will be easier for a CAMEL to go THROUGH the eye of a NEEDLE than a ritch man to enter the gates of Heaven!!! He is Not MENTALLY insane, he knows the difference from right & wrong, He DOESN’T care about the people of this country so I have no idea why he wants to Preside over them, He says he has no reason WHATSOEVER to ask Gods FORGIVENESS! Any human alive knows how they have all sinned & fallen short of the Glory of God! Not him, no HE’S the one they tell you His CONSCIENCE is seared, not even The HOLY SPIRIT, CAN penetrate the HARDNESS and DARKNESS of his heart so to bring CONVICTION, not the same as a Jury or Court of Law does! The conviction is that you realize about the wrong you have done and want repentance for!!! Not him, he’s the one who is BEYOND Gods Redemption as He is also the one SPOKEN of PRIDE comes before a FALL and a HAUGHTY SPIRIT BEFORE DESTRUCTION!!! If this is NOT the MOST HAUGHTY human we have EVER ENCOUNTERED I don’t know who the EVANGELICALS will use in his place!!! This is PROPHESY come to LIFE in the year 2020!!! EVIL, FATHER OF LIES, DARK HEART DARK MIND, HE will try to take as many souls with him as he possibly can Who will BE ONE OF THEM? NOT ME! I can actually see the signs!!!

      4. Instead of calling them illegals why not call them people who are looking for a better future for themselves and their families. Just like your ancestors did for you. You say take our money. That is the BS that Trump is spreading. When he is fighting all the way to the Supreme Court not to reveal the fact that he does pay taxes. They can’t get assistance without a legal social security number. I bet you call yourself a Christian, remember Jesus was an immigrant.

        1. Did Jesus murder babies? Do you think Jesus is ok with you being part of a political party that condones the murder of thousands of babies every year? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN?

          1. No one is murdering babies, women are making their legal right to abort fetuses however…big difference

          2. No Jesus gave us the brains to figure out Birth control and family planning, he also said Life begins at first breath. He also said to leave judgment to him, so don’t cherry-pick to justify and impose your beliefs on others. We need to educate and use science to avoid abortions but to blame Me, personally for condoning abortions is wrong and you should be ashamed for not practicing your own convictions. I’m a democrat because I believe women have the right to choose what’s right for there bodies. I find abortion should be that last option to consider, but it’s not up to me to belittle or tell someone what to do. The democratic party got women the right to vote and the right to choose but the Irony Republicans have been shown to have more abortions than Democrats. Use your common sense do some research on both sides before you spread misinformation.

          3. Your evil political party couldn’t be any farther from the teachings of Jesus. Actually read the damn book and you’d know. You and your party are the religious people that he walked away from after turning over the tables in their church. You have perverted the name of Christianity. God is not pleased with you.

          4. Who is murdering babies? Thousands? Why don’t you go to google and type in how many people murder babies and let me know what political parties are doing that.

          5. @Biff Bilkington: Jesus is your religious belief person, and yours alone. Don’t talk about Christians while thousands of children are caged away from their parents. Educate yourself about what a baby is, an embryo, a fetus and then talk. Uneducated people like you should not be allowed to vote, period!

          6. Jesus never said a thing about it. However, he did say that you should love your neighbor as yourself, and do justice to the least of these…the hungry, the imprisoned, the naked, the thirsty. So, let’s stick with the real teachings of Jesus and not your one issue which is only about trying to have power of women.

          7. Don’t be such an idiot. Jesus doesn’t go around reporting people to God for voting for the other team, and he certainly is not a Republican, trust me. I am Orthodox, meaning I actually am a real Christian, not some shit that was made up in the 80’s in a “church” with stadium seating and a big screen tv the size an NFL scoreboard while a “pastor” in a sharkskin suit passes around a square card reader. as for abortion, If men got prego you could get an abortion in a fucking ATM. next

          8. One of Jedus’ teachings is care for the least among us. You’re in need of prayer as well as those of you with the same belief. Consider the innocent children who have died in the cages;and those who will never see their parents again and will suffer their entire lives for it. “Suffer the little children”

        2. Beautiful and well said. He has been a disgrace to everyone he has tried to work.Please go away. We don’t need you .

      5. I bet you are wearing a brown shirt, watching Fox propaganda with a Confederate flag in the background as you responded to this article .

      6. Ah, poor baby, must be extremely difficult going through life so clueless.
        Fortunately many of us understand and recognize facts and still feel empathy fir those lacking cognitive dissonance.

      7. It would be good if you had a free education…. your comments, grammar and style show that you could use it.

      8. Wake up call, there are more lifelong Republicans against trump than you realize, even some who voted for him now see him as a danger to this country.

        1. After 18 years, US signs historic peace deal with Taliban! President Trump did what all the previous presidents FAILED to do!

          The United States signed a historic peace treaty with Taliban militants on Saturday, aimed at ending the 18-year war in Afghanistan that began after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

          1. Golly, maybe I’m missing something here, but I thought the object of 18 years of war, and Trump’s raving about how he would DEFEAT the Taliban was exactly about that; not signing a peace treaty that leaves them in-place as a credible political and armed group? Seems like an 18 year impasse and admittance that that they CAN”T be beaten. I wouldn’t plan the victory parade yet if I was you. Even Pompeo has stated we’ll have to wait and see if the peace treaty holds up.

          2. Do you have any idea what a peace treaty with taliban militants is worth?
            Zip nada diddly zero
            Keep gloating, though

          3. The ‘historic peace treaty’ you are slobbering over is probably worth about as much as a fart in the wind…or do we suddenly have reason to trust the dishonest, violent, extremist, religio-political, fascist terror organization that is the Trump regime? Oh, yeah, the Taliban, too.

            He just needed something to distract his dumb ass followers from his dumb ass handling of the coronavirus mess.

          4. Excuse me, but nobody should be signing a peace treaty with a group of MEN who cut off people’s hands for stealing food and beat women in the street for not wearing a head covering. Trump did because he’s okay with all of that.

      9. Merry Christmas, Mary! Isn’t it grand to be able to say the phrase openly again!
        And corona virus is a hoax, dreamed up to make our great president look bad, so see you at the next mega rally.

        1. Nobody EVER said we could not greet with Merry Christmas! I have always done so and never felt judged negatively for it. The virus existed in other parts if the world, having nothing to do with trump..and it still doesn’t. His failing was not being prepared for a pandemic as he should have been. He failed as president by not protecting the safety and well being of our citizens, his first duty.

        2. Oh, sorry, Elisa Kleven, but they are going to cancel all rallies and sporting events as the pandemic starts spreading across the country. Trump is germophobic so I’m surprised he’s willing to be around that many people in the first place.
          The man was ignorant enough to take off the special glasses and look up at the eclipse. Now he is ignorant enough to put Pence in charge of this national health emergency. Pence is going to pray for us. Too bad, since what is really needed is mass production and distribution of test kits so the people who are sick can be identified and quarantined.

      10. It’s because of people who think like you do, Mary, xenophobic, hate-ridden, selfish people, that the country is in such a deplorable state morally. It is no longer considered by those overseas to be the “American dream” but the “American nightmare”! Sad.

      11. Um Mary, unless you are Native American, you and your ancestors came here from somewhere else. They were “immigrants “(oohh, nasty word for you,I know) In your case, they probably came from Hell

      12. One day you will wake up. Or maybe you won’t. Your ring master of you reality show will be out of the Office of the President of our United States which should never be treated as a reality show.

      13. First, what you call Illegals are Undocumented Immigrants. Most were brought here by our government/citizens to work and help as cheap labor on agriculture, infrastructure, construction, domestic services. When our economy was booming we promised them a path to citizenship just as we probably did with your ancestors. After Clinton we changed political parties and Bush Jr., 911 happened. So, if you want to blame anyone for the 11 million undocumented immigrants it would be all of us.

        Second, if you do some research you’ll find that people claiming to be Republicans have more abortions than Democrats. (might have to do with inbreeding, incest and rape most conservatives, evangelicals seem to hide under the guidance of forgiveness) but, I might be biased. You want to stop Abortions help planned parenthood to educate men and women on how to avoid abortions and family planning, not shut it down.

        Three, You say Free education, no such thing. All the services we have are paid with taxpayer funds. Now let me remind you I’m paying taxes so my neighbor’s kids can go to Public schools yet I have no kids of my own. We all have used the roads, malls, restaurants, child care, domestic services, and most of what’s been built in the United States was and is still being done by undocumented immigrants. So, you see where your argument is moot we are all to blame not just Dems.

        I’ll remind you that Undocumented Immigrants pay Taxes and they can’t claim any loss or get Tax Refunds to the Tune of Billions put into our economy. In which they can’t claim or have any say on how we should spend it because they can’t vote. Yet we elected a Man That doesn’t pay and won’t show his taxes. It’s been Proven that Trump has hired undocumented works to build and work in his Hotels. He now claims that the same people that made him rich are now being supported by Dems. Can you see how ridiculous that sounds and looks to me?

        If you are truly a Christian you’d be happy to share your blessing with the less fortunate and God has no walls or borders, we are all in this together. Wouldn’t it be nice to Love everyone like the Bible suggest rather than instill hate and fear?

        1. Bravo! That comeback was masterful, so well written that I would love your permission to share it on my page? Thank you again for this post and for considering my request, Elizabeth

        2. I thank you for your very honest statements Danny ! Would be such a wonderful world if most of us would try our very best to live by these truths and see and hear the EVIL

        3. Well said, Danny. Too bad you’re not an elected official. We could use some sanity now.


      14. How can you believe anyone that has told over 16,000 verifiable lies in three years? Has spent over 335 times his presidential salary in three years? Has put us into the worst deficit in the history of the US including the Great Depression? Has put Pence in charge of the coronavirus when he botched the HIV crisis and other public health issues in his own state? Considers the coronavirus a hoax? Has bankrupted too many to count businesses he created? Shall I go on? Educate yourself before you are speaking with a Russian accent!

      15. And many a Trump supporter is just like you – uneducated, ignorant, and a traitor to American decency. Go back to school and learn how to spell illegal.

      16. Mary, I’m guessing you’re 70+ and think the Republican Party is still the party of Reagan. President Trump is not a Republican and never was. I’m guessing you don’t follow Twitter. Every decision he makes is with his own self interest in mind. Yesterday there was a “Tweet” from Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes: Donald Trump is a “sociopath” and “a very sick individual.” You haven’t realized yet that Baby Boomers such as you and me are now in the minority. We won’t be around to live with the disaster Trump has created. At least I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I didn’t “drink the “Kool Aid.” Because women as mothers have to be able to figure out what Is wrong with their non-verbal infants, they are better able to glean non-verbal cues. As a (former) Republican, I quickly understood Trump was a phony, a man incapable of telling the truth. All the FBI agents and Intel Community personnel have to have a “truthfulness” polygraph every five years. They aren’t given by Deputy Fife. Seasoned Intel Officers give them. I took six of them in my career and had to give complete access to all my financial records. This should be required of all Presidents. However, I don’t think the Founding Fathers ever envisioned such a deplorable man in the White House. There is absolutely no way Trump could ever pass a polygraph, especially since he’s lied 16,000+ times since taking office.

      17. We don’t brag of grabbing women by the pussy, screw and pay off porn stars, lie, cheat, steal, insult every segment of society, screw employees out of pay, steal money from our OWN charities, screw thousands of Americans out of hundreds of millions of dollars at a fake University, Make up fake Time magazine covers to hang on our wall, drive the National deficit up over a TRILLION dollars a year, and swing off the balls of Russian and North Korean dictators. This loathsome, self-absorbed kook is the worst stain on our democracy in US history!

      18. Who is murdering babies? Thousands?

        Want to bring the bible into it? Let do so. Here you go.

        6 Myths About Abortion

        1. The Bible forbids abortion.

        It shouldn’t matter what the Bible says about abortion. The United States is not a theocracy. Still, given the certitude of abortion opponents that abortion violates God’s Word, it might come as a surprise that neither the Old Testament nor the New mentions abortion—not one word.

        It’s not that the Old Testament is reticent about women’s bodies, either. Menstruation gets a lot of attention. So do child- birth, infertility, sexual desire, prostitution (death penalty), infidelity (more death penalty), and rape (if the woman is within earshot of others and doesn’t cry out . . . death penalty). How can it be that the authors (or Author) set down what should happen to a woman who seeks to help her husband in a fight by grabbing the other man’s testicles (her hand should be cut off) but did not feel abortion deserved so much as a word? Given the penalties for nonmarital sex and being a rape victim, it’s hard to believe that women never needed desperately to end a pregnancy, and that there was no folk knowledge of how to do so, as there was in other ancient cultures. Midwives would have known how to induce a miscarriage.

        A passage often cited by abortion opponents is Exodus 21:22–23:

        If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman’s husband demands and the court allows. But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life . . .

        Contemporary abortion opponents interpret this passage as distinguishing between causing a premature birth (fine) versus causing a miscarriage (death penalty), which is indeed what most modern translations suggest. Unfortunately for abortion opponents, at least one thousand years of rabbinical scholarship say the fine is for causing a miscarriage and the death penalty is for causing the death of the pregnant woman. If anti-abortion exegetes are only now finding in this rather obscure passage evidence for an absolute biblical ban on abortion, you have to wonder why no one read it that way before. The Talmud permits abortion under certain circumstances, in fact requires it if the woman’s life is at stake.

        The New Testament was a second chance for God to make himself clear about abortion. Jesus had some strong views of marriage and sex—he considered the Jewish divorce laws too lenient, disapproved of stoning adulteresses, and did not shrink from healing a woman who had “an issue” (vaginal bleeding of some sort) that had lasted twelve years and would have made her an outcast among Jews. But he said nothing about abortion. Neither did Saint Paul, or the other New Testament authors, or any of the later authors whose words were interpolated into the original texts.

        2. Women are coerced into having abortions.

        Abortion opponents claim girls and women are frequently forced or bullied into terminating wanted pregnancies. That 64% of women “feel pressured to abort” is a claim that shows up over and over. As the journalist Robin Marty was the first to report, the 64% statistic comes from a 2004 article in Medical Science Monitor, “Induced Abortion and Traumatic Stress: A Preliminary Comparison of American and Russian Women” by Vincent M. Rue, Priscilla K. Coleman, James J. Rue, and David C. Reardon. But David Reardon is a major anti-abortion activist, tireless promoter of “post-abortion syndrome,” a condition rejected by the American Psychological Association, and director of the anti-abortion Elliot Institute. (According to its Web site, the name was “picked from a baby names book” because it sounds both friendly and academic.) His PhD in biomedical ethics comes from Pacific Western University, an unaccredited correspondence school. Medical Science Monitor, an online journal, has published other spurious research, for example, papers defending the discredited vaccine-autism connection. In 2012 it was exposed as one of a circle of journals that agreed to inflate their citation rankings by citing one another.

        There are a number of problems with the paper in question, which was actually not about coercion but a comparison of post-abortion trauma in American and Russian women. Its sample was tiny (217 Americans), self-selected, far more white and middle-class than the general population of women who’ve had abortions, plus the women were reporting on abortions a decade earlier. Half thought abortion was wrong; only 40 per- cent thought women should have a right to it. Thirty percent said they had “health complications” after the abortion, which could mean anything. (According to the Guttmacher Institute, only .05 percent of first trimester abortions have complications “that might require hospital care.”) Interestingly, the American women, though not the Russian women, reported staggering amounts of violence and trauma in their lives before the abortion.

        How common is it for a woman to be pushed into an abortion she doesn’t want? In a 2005 Guttmacher Institute survey, 1,209 women were asked their reasons for choosing abortion. Fourteen percent cited “husband or partner wants me to have an abortion” and 6 percent cited “parents want me to have an abortion.” (Interestingly, both these answers were down from a similar survey in 1987, when 24 percent of women mentioned the wishes of husbands/partners and 8 percent mentioned those of parents.) But when asked to name the single most important reason, less than 0.5 percent each cited the wishes of husband/partner or parents.

        3. Abortion is dangerous.

        Anti-abortion literature is full of stories about women gravely injured or even killed in clinics. Such places exist: A woman died in Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic, some were injured, and all received inferior care. Steven Brigham has been in legal trouble in several states. Such doctors stay in business because they are cheap, they are in the neighborhood, they perform abortions later than the law allows, and they zero in on low-income patients who, sadly, are used to being treated badly by people in authority. No doubt there are other inferior clinics out there. But only in abortion care do the few bad providers taint all the others—and taint them so much that opponents can pass laws that would virtually shut down the entire field in the name of patient safety.

        And yet, abortion is remarkably safe. The CDC reports that from 2003 to 2009, the most recent period for which it has figures, the national mortality rate was .67 deaths per 100,000 abortions. In 2009, a total of eight women died due to abortion. Tragic as that is, compare it with fatal reactions to penicillin, which occur in 1 case per 50–100,000 courses. And what about Viagra? According to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, it has a death rate of 5 per 100,000 prescriptions. But you don’t find legislators calling for a ban on Viagra.

        Really, though, there is only one directly relevant comparison of risk with respect to abortion, and that is pregnancy and childbirth. The death rate for that is 8.8 women per 100,000. Continuing a pregnancy is 12 to 14 times as potentially fatal as ending it. (And maternal mortality rate is rising in the US even as it is falling around the world.) Curiously, no one suggests that obstetricians be compelled to read pregnant women scripts about the dangers that lie ahead before sending them home for 24 hours to think about whether they wish to proceed.

        4. There are too many abortions.

        Sometimes what people mean when they say there are too many abortions is that we need to help girls and women take charge of their sexuality and have more options in life. According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2011 abortion declined by 13 percent from 2008, mostly because of better access to birth control and to longer-acting birth control methods like the IUD. That is very good news.

        But often what people mean is that women are too casual about sex and contraception. When Naomi Wolf writes about her friends’ it-was-such- good-Chardonnay abortions, she is saying women get pregnant by accident because they are hedonistic and shallow. It is difficult to come down hard on abortion as immoral, to insist that the ideal number of abortions is zero, as Will Saletan maintains, without blaming the individual woman who got herself into a fix and now wants to do a bad thing to get out of it.

        5. Abortion is racist.

        In February 2011, a three-story-high billboard popped up in New York City. Featuring an adorable little black girl in a sweet pink dress, it pro- claimed, “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American Is in the Womb.” The previous year, billboards in Atlanta showed a little black boy with the slogan “Black Children Are an Endangered Species.” The brainchild of Life Always, a Texas anti-abortion group, these signs, and similar ones around the country comparing abortion to slavery, aroused so much indignation from black women that they were quickly taken down. But the charge that abortion is racist is commonplace in the pro-life movement.

        If the womb is the most dangerous place for an African American, that makes black women, the victims of racism, the real racists. Put like that it doesn’t make much sense. The metaphor ignores the subjectivity of black women; once again, a woman is a vessel, a place—in this case a hostile place. Imagery of abortion as slavery or genocide allows abortion opponents to posture as anti-racists without having to learn anything about the lives of black women or lift a finger to rectify the enormous and ongoing legacy of slavery and segregation. Just shame black women into giving birth to more children than they feel they can safely bear or care for, and all will be well.

        6. Abortion opponents would never punish women.

        That’s what they always say: Women are abortion’s “other victim.” Only the providers should be charged with a crime. That view would come as news to the many countries where women are in prison for ending their pregnancies.

        Right now, putting women on trial for abortion sounds far- fetched, I admit. There’s little heart for it in the ranks of the pro-life movement. But the groundwork is being laid. Women have been arrested for self-abortion in several states, although few have been convicted. Many have been arrested and some imprisoned for drug use or other behavior during pregnancy, even when no bad outcome occurred, and even when the law was clearly designed for some other purpose (to protect living children from meth labs, for example). For decades the anti-abortion movement has striven to enshrine in law the view that the embryo and fetus are persons. They won passage of the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which made causing the death of embryos and fetuses a separate crime from the harm caused to the pregnant woman, and versions of that law in many states. In the spring of 2014, despite strenuous objections from women’s groups and medical organizations, the Tennessee state legislature passed with bipartisan support, and the moderate Republican governor signed, a bill that would subject to criminal penalties of up to fifteen years in prison drug- using women who had a poor pregnancy outcome.

        As abortion becomes restricted, and the embryo and fetus are regarded as legal persons in more and more areas of the law, it becomes increasingly difficult to say why a pregnant woman’s conduct during pregnancy should not be subject to legal scrutiny.

        There is you’re education for the day.

        1. If women are condemned for abortions, what about sperm and eggs that are frozen and destroyed if not used? Anti abortion people would see that as killing future humans, too, right? Why is it always the females at fault when half of a child is created by a male? Maybe if rapists were castrated there would be less rape. There is no way I would carry a child conceived by rape, and no way I would force a young girl to go through that hell after the hell of rape. Maybe all anti abortion people should be forced to adopt a child so the child doesn’t have to bounce through foster homes until adopted. Ask an adult who was given up as a child whether or not they ever wondered why. What about mothers who know they won’t be able to support themselves and a baby without welfare, and those who condemn people on welfare? Seems like a double standard to me. If you don’t support abortion, adopt a child.

      19. I’m not getting why *you* belong here and others don’t. Are you an Indiganous American? If not, then who said you own the place? Aren’t YOUR ancestors immigrants???

      20. MaryPoponakski = RT = Rooskie Troll Bot in dire need of remedial English language diction skills upgrade.

      21. Trash! Lol. You are trash if you support Trump. You are a filthy deplorable who has allowed your fellow trash-filth to destroy our country. Uneducated, ignorant, bigoted trash- all of you.

      22. Maryrussianbot, that is a perfect example of how the cult works. Not a grain of truth anywhere in the raving, street corner diatribe and yet you would surely deny any brainwashing or indoctrination. You’re not allowed to second guess the mission statement. It’s sad.
        And fer krisake, fix your space bar.

      23. Wow says the uneducated, ill informed inbred. I am an individual who is registered to vote as a Democrat. I am not a Democrat, I am a person. You seem to be too challenged to understand that. You’re too challenged intellectually to comprehend what you’re even parroting, steal your money lol that’s a joke as if your $7.50/hour is
        supporting others.
        You sound like an absolute jerk; people don’t like traitors like Trump, cruel, bigoted, criminals who are cheaters, treasonous, steal, incite violence, kill innocent souls, demean others, degrade and abuse for the sake of greed and envy, jealousy, alienate out of ego, jealousy and ignorance.
        The killing babies, hatred of the flag BS is precious swee pea but it’s pure BS and you know it’s got nothing to do with what has been espoused here.
        Go back to your trailer, kiss your poster of orange boy and be gone.

      24. When Trump said I love the uneducated,he meant you. A 2nd grader knows grammar, punctuation,fact checking, and spelling better than you. Your free education was obviously inadequate…

      25. You are the one who is clueless. I have never wanted to kill a baby in my life. I love the flag (except when Trump is on stage trying to hump it). There is plenty of room in this country, and without immigrants we’re going to be in a world of hurt. No one to wash the elderly, no one to pick our fruits and vegetables. Wake up, the world has moved on and left you behind. Trump will be gone soon enough and good riddance!

      26. We can pay to educate so they can enrich our society, like our forefathers or you can pay for welfare, and they’ll leech off the government for life. Which would you rather it be? I don’t hate the flag. I’m an officer for my local chapter of the DAR. I don’t “love” illegals, but I don’t ave control, and would rather have peaceful surroundings. No one kills a baby for birth control, or kicks. It’s a very hard decision to make that should only be between a couple, their God, and doctor. Not our business. Study your Christianity. Would would Jesus say? Who are we to judge.

      27. You are just hilarious! Man you have swallowed trump’s poison and now you’re waiting for all of us to die!

      28. Please leave. Hating democrats blindly, spewing your anti-choice bullshit while your President rapes our democracy is ignorant.

      29. I’m a Democrat and have never killed killed a baby,but have helped people that had them. Unlike people that are prolife but refuse to help feed those babies you want saved!
        I’m a veteran and have stood by our flag ,unlike most citizens who would only serve themselves.
        My family came to this country in 1780’s as “illegal “aliens and today I welcome immigrants because we need diversity in the gene pool because you folks have become stagnant in your gene pool and your thinking
        All children deserve a education so maybe they won’t grow up ignorant to the world and the way it functions.
        And I live just fine, sleep well at night by knowing that the 3 and half years of the cheeto in charge is coming to a end and people that support him will crawl back into the dark corners that they came from.

      30. How do you live with yourself? Do you actually admire this sycophant? Do you really listen to what he says and think “wow, what a guy!” ?

      31. Marypoponak, you sound like the countless other hypocritical so called christian evangelicals that just spout hatred. You are but a hemoriod on satins ass.

      32. You exemplify a Trump voter. SAD!!! (That was a dig on your dictator by the way. A third grader could manage better grammar and not over capitalize. They could also spell better). Trump is a national embarrassment and sane Republicans have left his pathetic cult.

      33. Take two asprin, have a good sleep and call your Doctor in the morning. You cannot possibly believe what you posted.

      34. Are you a woman? Really? Why do you belong here? What are you offering except hatred and divisiveness? Hae you ever served your country? Do you boil over when you see a brown person in the supermarket, wondering whether she is going to feed her children free lobster and caviar? Did your life turn out the way you wanted it to? Are you a victim like the like impeached president? Do you think he would ever even acknowledge you? Even if you were down on the sidewalk with a bullet in your back? Have you ever wondered why it is all about you?

      35. The only ones killing babies are those who stole them from their parents and locked them in concentration camps on the borders. The ones who denied their parents medical care because they didn’t have the right papers. You sanctimonious wastes of human DNA who claim to follow the prince of peace but would crucify him a second time if he appeared for being a socialist…and brown.

        1. If Jesus had been born 30 years ago, Fox News and the Republican party would label him a dangerous Middle Eastern man who wants to impose socialism on the world and enable the poor.

      36. Mary you and your “leader” will be in the ashcan of history soon. Then you can go back to your dark prejudiced closet.

      37. Saint Trump! Good one. You are one brainwashed braindead lady. Speaking of killing babies, why is it you people never complain about Israel? You have no problem loving on Israel and stealing our money to send to Israel, billions of US tax dollars – like we don’t need it – when in Israel abortions are provided for free, so is healthcare, so are colleges. And where were you during the previous Democratic administration that deported a RECORD NUMBER of ILLEGALS? And yet…. you repeat President Dotard’s lies day after day.
        You make yourselves look stupid. You know no facts. You thrive on lies. This is how Hitler got power, do you know anything about history? Do you know that Donald is exactly the kind of person our Founding Fathers feared?

        Donald makes Nixon look good. President Ford after Tricky Dick resigned –

        “In all my public and private acts as your President, I expect to follow my instincts of openness and candor with full confidence that honesty is always the best policy in the end. My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men.”

        President Dotard in his “great and unmatched wisdom” fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure, in 2018 in his ongoing commitment to undo everything the previous president did. His jealousy and ego knows no bounds. Exactly the kind of person God despises. I’m sure you call yourself a Christian, try opening the Bible to see what it says about the likes of the lying, cheating, self-absorbed, hateful Donald – and today’s Republican party.

      38. You obviously are one of the uneducated that Trump loves. You can mot spell. Wake up from your TBS
        Trump Brainwashing Syndrome. Get deprogrammed before it’s too late.🙄

      39. Wrong on every point. We love our country, thats why this piece of shit needs to go! In three years he has destroyed our country. You’re so delusional.

        1. “Illegals” has THREE “Ls”….but that’s okay, you meant well…(I’m just unnecessarily picking on you…since I agree with the bulk of responses in this thread/article.)

      40. Progressives and liberals do think they are perfect. so, that’s a bunch of horseshit.
        Treating undocumented residents like actual people is not a bad thing. Further, perhaps you should review our laws, as it’s not actually illegal to enter the country.
        conservatives are the ones in favor of killing babies. and children. oh, wait….apparently brown babies and schoolchildren don’t count.
        Stop obsessing over the flag, and pay more attention to what it’s supposed to represent.
        No one is stealing your money. There is professional help for your delusions.
        Also sorry to hear that you are against education, but not surprised. The GOP hates an educated populace. Oh, but you don’t mean everyone, do you. Just the brown ones. I’d be willing to bet that you don’t even care if they were born here or not, or brought here as babies (thought you cared about babies?)

        The real question is how do YOU live with YOURSELF?
        I can’t imagine a life so empty and barren that the only thing you can fill it with is hatred and bigotry.

        1. DAMMIT. Progressives and liberals do NOT think they are perfect.
          and the fact that I am currently acknowledging my typo error is evidence of that.

      41. You post suggests that you are the sort of low-education/information level, jealous, vulgar and insecure personality type of person that is frightening.

      42. Trump loved to hire illegals…he had a airplane haul hundreds of them into the States. When he got caught last year he had a great excuse “everybody does it”. He loved illegals because he could pay them the least he legally could and he didn’t have to pay over-time because if they complained he would just call ICE and they would be gone and the rest never complained. He literally committed every crime in the Constitution. This summer we will find out the names of the two Oligarchs who co-Signed his loan from Communist Deutsche Bank and his taxes he said he would release.

      43. Your lack of proper grammar and spelling tells me that you are indeed an ignorant Trump supporter. Perhaps you could benefit from some of that free education.

      44. “ You love ilegals.Kill babies Hate our flag and steal our money .You want to give free education to these people that don’t belong here.”
        ALL NOT TRUE!!

        YES, we want more legal immigrants.
        YES, we want safe legal counseling and abortion = LESS Abortions!
        YES, we are Patriots who love our Country!
        YES, we want affordable, appropriate education for all!
        a Democrat

      45. What a stupid person you are this is exactly what this is pointing out. But you’re too stupid and just keep spewing your hate. Please no one cares what you have to say so please be quiet we all have grown tired

      46. You are an ignorant racist sexist irrelevant freak, keep supporting your pussy grabbing Prez, he’s fucking toast and going to prison for a long time

      47. Mary popo I think you need to read that again; you must have missed something.
        It says it All.
        And we will no longer be taunted with what about/what abouts.

      48. Apparently you believe the bullshit that the right makes up. We DO NOT kill babies. We comply with the Constitution of the United States… all men (that includes women you stupid biatch) are created equal and have the same rights as f’n men… (separation of church from government). Its the woman’s choice NOT YOURS, and its between her and God! Now you want to talk about your money??? The damn repugnants have been taking your money (since when is it just YOUR money?) for as long as I’ve been alive. We pay taxes just like you… we just believe in Christianity and helping those less fortunate and that includes immigrants that come here and work and pay taxes just like the rest of us. Only they never get to file a tax return to get any of it back! You want to talk Communism?? We are currently now being ruled by a Commie loving POS who believes Putin over our country’s Intelligence Agencies!! And who took help from Russia to get elected. Now you want to say something about Clinton? When he left office our country had a surplus… NO National Debt!! Them dumber then shit GW Bush took office and spent that surplus the first year he was in office, ignored several CIA Warnings and caused 911. Then he lied and proceeded to put us in a war all about the oil and racked up our National Debt and increased spending on a second war only to put us in the GREAT Recession that bankrupted thousands of people and Corporations, causing mass unemployment. And WHO HAD TO CLEAN UP HIS F’N MESS??? Yeah thsts right! The Democrats who always have to clean up the mess that’s left after Republicons are in office. So biatch… you maybe should do some fact checking, take a history course and then pull your head out of your ass and catch up!

      49. I guess you would be one of those low-information voters – hahahah!! By the way … where did your ancestors immigrate from???

      50. How do you live with yourself? You are a lover of treason. A lover the perverse thing that inhabits OUR White House. You are to be pitied .

      51. It’s very disconcerting to read what you wrote…and I’ll bet you call yourself a “Christian”. But you can count on one thing: the days of that evil man are fast coming to an end, and with it, the support of policies so flagrantly un-American from people like you. We are so much better than what that man and his sycophants are trying to do to our country…we are fighting for the future of our country. Get on board or get out of our way.

      52. It’s very disconcerting to read what you wrote…and I’ll bet you call yourself a “Christian”. But you can count on one thing: the days of that evil man are fast coming to an end, and with it, the support of policies so flagrantly un-American from people like you. We are so much better than what that man and his sycophants are trying to do to our country…we are fighting for the future of our country. Get on board or get out of our way.

      53. Damn. You found us out. We think we’re perfect. Our morals are much worse than a deadbeat, ice-cold serial adulterer, porn-star payin’ old boar hog that has provided far too much evidence of having lusted after his own daughter and who wouldn’t know civics or the Constitution if it shit on him, instead of, you know, him shitting on the Constitution. We love the poor and the refugees, which is weird because that’s exactly what the Gospels demand of us and we hate the Bible. I have several babies I’m scheduled to murder this afternoon, depending on the weather. We hate the American flag because it aesthetically violates our homosexual tastes. And worst of all, we are coming to steal your money. Busted.

      54. Your ignorance is mind blowing. LOL Stop believing everything you read or hear. It is ridiculous to think all these free things will be going to “everyone”. Politics can be embarrassing at times as there will always be things said or done to sway the public this way or that way. It is up to intelligent Americans to read, listen, and understand what is truth and what is “political fiction”. Reality has already dictated that fox news is not the source of truth … things are swayed FAR from the actual real truth. Please love your Country enough to find the truth and stop spinning your wheels, wasting time believing the hype and the negative “falsehoods” you are being fed each and every day … especially and unfortunately from this POTUS !

      55. Wow, every single word of your post is untrue. Every. Single. Word. That’s what happens when you watch Faux News. I truly feel sorry for you. It must be exhausting to live with so much hate in your heart.

        1. Faux news. I love it!!!!! Tucker Carlson, Hannity and Laura Ingram are faux reporters. Do any of these asshole idiots ever smile?????? They look like they were born with a stick up their asses. Especially Laura Ingram. She gives woman reporters a very bad name.

      56. Poponak. That’s a Slavic name isn’t it. You know Hitler once thought Slavs were sub human and didn’t want them as part of his system🙁 so who let them into our country. We did because we are a nation of immigrants. Thank your lucky stars for that. So why are you turning against these modern day immigrants? They just want dignity in their lives just as your ancestors did.
        So how are you different? Answer; you are not.

      57. Ok, it took some time but now I KNOW who ALL the replies to a Mary are!!! Thank you for bringing it to my attention as it was one of the first posts and I forgot how some SO called HUMAN BEINGS can genuinely be so HATEFUL, IGNORANT, ARROGANT, RACIST, LYING CHEATING GREEDY subhuman, THEY MUST BE CLONES of the POS ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT without a doubt and I guess I didn’t realize how many HATE MONGERS with RACIST upbringing were in our COUNTRY Today!!!

      58. MP =You forget – we ALL came here… or are parents or grandparents. No one – no one called for us to go back. Well, likely some did- but true most Americans welcomed the many contributions immigrants brought here! Even the slaves, once they were free, made enormous contributions to life and health and politics in America!

    2. What Trump has done to America is wreak Narcissistic Abuse on our citizens on his HUGE playground. Meanwhile the enablers (aka. the Flying Monkeys) cheer on the Abuser in Chief having drunk the venom- laced Koolaid. May we find peace and human kindness ahead.

    3. Very well written. This should be in a book at the library. Next to a book about Martin Luther King, the Kennedy brothers and ect…. Trump was meant to be chosen because of this stupidity. It will bring unity back to the world.
      Its amazing how God use evil spirit souls to mend fences.

    4. ….down the long hallway of history framed by fake TIME covers that never, in fact, showed his greatness….

      1. ROTFLMAO !! There is no “greatness” to be found or shown by this criminal POTUS and his criminal Republican Senate ! WAKE UP … stop sucking from the teat of fox news !! Read, Learn, Understand … this is not about “Party”, this is about a crazed, drugged, criminal “wack job” in the White House. The entire World sees this … catch up !!!

    5. This is the nightmare of those who seek to destroy America and the dream of those who wish to save it. I know which one I am. I rest my head at night knowing, with all we’ve endured, my faith shook, it is not lost that the greater good will prevail and this country can get back to aspirations of being a truly great country where GOOD Trump’s Evil!

    6. Excellent. But I’d like to see him behind bars so we don’t have to put up with his tweets and rants after he’s gone. Muzzle him and take away his twitter toy.

    7. Absolutely the truth. I was never a fan of his Orange azzzz and l will be elated and jumping for joy kicking my heels when this Country has finally will ‘unsee’ and ‘unseat’ this monster!
      I loved the article!

      1. Statute of Limitations runs out before the end of a dreaded second term…meaning he has to be booted from our government no later than November 3, 2020 if we want true justice be done to the criminal mind that is Donald J. Trump.

        1. Some crimes don’t have a statute of limitations, like tax fraud, which is one of the reasons he doesn’t want his taxes released.

    8. A very optimistic article. I don’t think the healing will come as easily as it is described here. I think the damage has gone deeper.

    9. I agree it Sounds wonderful!
      But I am not sure at all that it will come true. His supporters know No bounds. His delaying of “admitting” there actually was a problem with COVID19 on our country? No problem, “he’s doin’ best he can” (see that little corncob pipe sticking out of the guys mouth). As we know his best is Not good enough for this country.
      If we had a really solid Dem running I might not be As negative.
      God Help Get Through This!

  1. I used to wonder why, in ancient Egypt, they would sometimes try to remove all traces of a previous pharoah, going so far as to remove all traces of his name from public monuments and destroying all statues that bore his face.

    Now? I get it.

    1. U know it’s going to really make him and his family upset when he isn’t praised in history and it’s going to be worse than Nixon being forgotten

  2. Your descriptions of the last 4 years and how 45 has damaged the environment, destroyed safeguards for animals and ravaged good people’s reputations and that of our country is amazingly so spot on!!! I hope we will be done with this mob boss, terrorist and criminal by the end of this year!!!

  3. I like Trump but I don’t agree with what he’s doing to the environment. I don’t like is son being a trophy hunter of our endangered species. He needs to stop all the killing of innocent cats and dogs in China. I hate China.. Cruel and evil..

    1. You may like him, but you might want to check out the characteristics of a narcissist. I wish I could provide you with the checklist. Seems I can’t add the file. He would only give you the time of the day if he can continue to fool you or you have something to offer him.

    2. Excellent. Hopeful. He needs to lose his Twitter account and should not be allowed to start his own media company. And we will need to keep an eye on his evil spawn, as Don Jr and Ivanka both have their eye on the white house. Hopefully they will land in prison as well as their evil father. #BIDEN2020

    3. Everything is not about trump, wtf can he do about China and their cats and dogs? Do you think India (Hindus) should do something about Americans slaughtering cows?

  4. It sounds wonderful, but it won’t happen unless people get out and vote. That means NOW, rather than waiting for November. Super Tuesday is next week, and in my town, they are already having early voting. If you appreciate our democracy, show it by voting and encourage others to vote. Big voter turnouts will also show the Righteous Right who condone and encourage lies, bullying, and disrespect that they are in the minority.

    1. Yes, blame-finding seems to be a major part of the Trump philosophy. Remarkably the fault is ALWAYS someone else’s.

  5. I’m praying for the day when he vacates our White House and starts becoming just a distant memory. You nailed the whole (unbelievable) sh*t show here!

  6. It all sounds wonderful and spot on, the only thing better, and it is possible, is if he is doing all his complaining from the inside of a prison cell. He richly deserves it

  7. Stop and look deep into both parties ! Seem each lie and deceive the people to get into power ! Yet , honestly who will do the better job ? Or who can sway the voters into their lies better ? Can we actually handle the truth ?

  8. Thomas Friedman penned a piece today (2.28.2020) “Here’s the sure-fire way to defeat Donald Trump” evoking Doris Kearns Goodman’s “Team of Rivals”. Friedman’s piece may very well be the vehicle to achieve Kirschner’s vision.

  9. I find this all totally disgusting and full of hate. What happened to love your enemies, obviously you view him as your enemy. I feel sorry for every one of you because you are so consumed with hatred. Everyone has some good in them no matter how much you dislike them. Shame on your closed minded hatred, maybe it’s yourself who he reminds you of, maybe you hate yourself, if I thought like you I would surely hate myself.

    ALL politicians are liars and cheats regardless if party. They are driven by a lust for power, each and everyone, regardless of party.

    1. I see the lens you’re looking through. But I read it as less about hate and more about love—love of planet, love of decency, justice and democracy. That Trump has eviscerated the body politic of its vitality is a matter of record, not hate.

    2. Thank you, for not spewing more hate. This world will still spin, this coming election or the next (dozens).

  10. Yeah it’s all true, but what else is true, you Americans voted him in!! What’s to stop him getting a second term? We in the rest of the world (the suffering majority) are under no illusions that when you’re looking for dumb Americans, there’s a place producing them in vast numbers. Meanwhile, the fallout from your failing political system is affecting us all.

    1. In rough numbers, 1/4 of all eligible voters in the U.S. voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Three million more voted for Hillary Clinton. However, the GOP secured the electoral votes based on the states they won, and Trump “won” the election. However, 1/2 (half!) of eligible voters didn’t even vote in the 2016 Presidential election.

      So I will never say “Americans voted him in.” Rather, 1/4 of eligible voters voted him in, and that’s the base he’s been talking to, firing up, and catering to over the last three years, while lying to ALL of us and ripping the rest of us up by the roots, all but the richest 0.1% and 0.01%.

      You are right: our political system is broken. We have mega-money (corporations and lobbyists) buying the government; the majority of Congress is self-serving instead of doing the “people’s business” (400 bills from the House are sitting on Mitch McConnell’s Senate desk with no action; they’re just confirming conservative federal judges); we have a “revolving door” between corporations, government agencies, the Cabinet, and Congress; our electoral college should be eliminated and Presidential elections should be based on popular vote; and Trump and the complicit Republicans in Congress (and possibly the conservative Supreme Court justices) have abnegated the separation of powers, and checks and balances, among the three branches of government as stipulated in the Constitution.

      It takes a mighty faith and stalwart courage to keep fighting for the American ideal, to preserve the good that has been accomplished with the “American experiment” in democracy so far, and to advance it to serve all of our people and our nation even better.

  11. A little too optimistic. But not to fear; one thing not mentioned in this article are the New York State charges waiting for Mango Boy and his family. The only thing saving their asses is the fact that his ass is currently polishing the Presidency. Soon as he’s removed, he and his pirate crew are in the cross hairs. He and his family are guilty; the New York State case has more than enough to have all of them jailed and paupered.

    1. Do you unhinged, hysterical people ever feel foolish for being wrong at almost every turn? Maybe you should travel outside your deranged bubble on occasion lmao

  12. Except he should not be going back to his luxury on someone else’s dime lifestyle He needs to be frog marched to court and then prison. If we neglect to hold him and his minions responsible it will happen again the next time the GOP get control of the office.

    Nixon committed numerous crimes and Ford pardoned him “to heal” the country. We didn’t heal, and the GOP went back to their criminal ways with Reagan and Bush and their Iran-Contra arms deals.

    That went unpunished and Bush the younger again entangled us in pointless foreign wars resulting in thousands of American and hundreds of thousands of foreign deaths. He lied to get us into these wars, and he and his minions profited greatly.

    So now we have yet another criminal Republican who will only encourage the next to do the same…unless he actually faces criminal consequences.

  13. I hope you are not being overly optimistic. I am with your sentiments, but I am worried enough to work hard to help him find a less destructive way to live his life.

  14. New Yorkers have always known what he is…he’s a fake, the very definition of pretentious…always has been, always will be. He’s also petty, vindictive and bombastic. Has anyone else listened to the Trump interviews in the 80s with Jonathan Greenberg for the Forbes top 400 list (Trump posing as his own publicist, John Barron) or his impostor interviews with Sue Caswell for People Magazine with Trump (posing as a John Miller) about his imagined female conquests? The guy (Trump) is a sociopath and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s blindingly obvious that he’s never evolved beyond that of a 6th grader’s social skills and developmentally stunted in his ability to interact with society on a rational, adult level. Trump’s emotional maturity has barely evolved beyond the tantrum stage when it comes to criticism. He’s not right in the head and never has been.

    1. What I find hilarious is that during this time Governor Andrew Cuomo was doing his daily covid 19 briefings and his ratings were huge! He skyrocketed past Trump in ratings and the likability department is a flash. Cuomo’s briefings showed someone who care(s) deeply for New York and New Yorkers and wants to keep them safe. All Trump wants to do (to this day) is spread dangerous lies and paint a picture that everything is ok WHICH IT IS NOT!!! BTW, Governor Cuomo is not having too good a time right now either because he is being BLASTED with the nursing home issue. I truly can’t believe Cuomo would kill elderly people. There has got to be some politics here with some Rebublicans just DYING to investigate Cuomo concerning this. What I don’t understand is why Governor Kemp of Georgia and Governor DeSantis of Florida get investigated for their total negligence on their fraudulent handling of the pandemic. Both of them are liars and pretty disgusting. To see Brian Kemp want to sue Atlanta’s mayor for mandating the people of Atlanta to wear masks to save lives (the mayor of Atlanta had contracted covid-even though I am not sure if she has it anymore). Also, people hammer Cuomo about the nursing home issue but DeSantisk, who closed Florida WAY to late and opened Florida WAY to early is still against people wearing masks and social distancing and it is clear Desantis is only trying to please Trump and he does not care AT ALL about the Florideans he is “supposed” to protect. Cuomo worked day in and day out on those briefings and he is a very genuine man who has been governor of New York for almost 10 years now. He has made mistakes and I am sure that he has made some with the nursing homes but Cuomo is trying to make up for them. Desantis does not realize that almost all of upper Florida consists of the elderly and is one big nursing home. Talk about completely screwing up on your job and letting many Floridians down. Ron Desantis does not even TRY to be a competent governor.

  15. You seem to be assuming that he won’t declare a national emergency, cancel the elections, and have presidential term limits dissolved. He’s perfectly capable of doing all of this, and the impetus to act will only grow stronger for he and his vassals as the election draws near – especially if polls suggest that he may actually be sinking into trouble. Who’s gonna stop him, the Peeeeeple? The Peeeeeple are sheep, else they would’ve turned him out years ago – the Christian Right’s closing their eyes to their own principles in order to worship the Orange Calf is an allegory for our times, not just a current reality.

  16. Whether for or against this article, one only has to read the comments Following it to witness how divided this country really is! So sad that people are pitted against each other on the most basic issues.

  17. Very Sad. Guess ‘you got yours’ (all through your own virtue and effort, of course). You may even believe that “Jesus was a blue-eyed blond of German descent”.

  18. The ignorance of Trump’s supporters is mind blowing. LOL So many politicians are scared silly of him … they should be as scared of the Lord who sees what they have allowed to happen to our Country and innocent children at our border. Stop believing everything you read or hear. Politics can be embarrassing at times as there will always be things said or done to sway the public this way or that way. It is up to intelligent Americans to read, listen, and understand what is truth and what is “political fiction”. Reality has already dictated that fox news is not the source of truth … things are swayed FAR from the actual real truth. Please love your Country enough to find the truth and stop spinning your wheels, wasting time believing the hype and the negative “falsehoods” you are being fed each and every day … especially and unfortunately from this POTUS !

  19. It would be great if the orange turd left office but its rumored he is trying to get the term limits changed so he wont ever have to leave office, thus avoiding jail sentences. Maybe he and his entire crime family and crime cabinet will get the coronavirus and suffer a miserable death. One can only hope.

  20. What a load of vile crap. Yeah, let’s go back to the good old days of do-nothing Presidents who make flowery speeches, false promises, and accomplish little. Let’s go back to a stagnate economy, little respect around the world, high unemployment, etc. The left is so shallow and phony.

    1. So, Franklin Delano Roosevelt accomplished little???? He is one of the greatest American presidents ever and got us through World War 2. John F. Kennedy made us believe in the power of space travel and the power to believe in yourself, Ronald Reagan helped save an economy that was in total financial ruin in the early 80’s even though I found out later on when I was older that he was not all cracked up as I thought he was. Bill Clinton led the country to one of the greatest economic booms in modern American history and Obama created Obamacare and helped bring much needed health insurance to many uninsured Americans and helped bring America out of the great Recession. And I believe that Jimmy Carter was dealt a completely low blow when he became President because he still had to clean up the mess left from Richard Nixon and it would take more than four years to do it and I think if given a chance Jimmy Carter would have had a much better second term. However, Mr Carter is known by now to be a true gentleman and true class act who cares about others. To say that the left is so shallow and phony is so misleading and false. All his life Jimmy Carter has been about serving others and to this day he is about serving and helping others. Even now he has sent money from his own foundation for covid and seems to care deeply for anyone affeced by covid or even the rampant racism right now. He is over 90 years old and he still took the time to write a response saying he is sorry for the death of George Floyd and is praying for his family and spoke about the death of congressman John Lewis and even had a part in the Democratic National Convention (it was not taped though). We all could learn about how to be a true American from politicians like Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn. And, by the way, before racist and vile Trump came in office all past presidents treated each other, and the office, and each other with respect. They had respect for the office of the Presidency and respect for democracy. An example would be of George W. Bush. To me he had one of the worst presidencies not just of modern history but of all time. He had so many failures while he was in office I can not name them all and he completely took forever to get to Louisiana to look at the remains of Hurricane Katrina. However, George W Bush posesses something that Trump will NEVER posess, which is empathy. Bush definitely showed this with his speech at ground zero on 9-11 and when he did get to survey the devesation of Hurrican Katrina he was their to comfort its victims. There is now way in HELL Trump would EVER do that. All he would do is comfort himself that he was not there to deal with the damage and he would tout about how great a job he has done. Actually, I have been surprised with George W Bush. All along, I painted a picture of him as being very sarcastic and smirky who just sailed through his presidency and that he only got in because of his family name. But ever since his father (of course former President George HW Bush) died and I saw his funeral I saw a man who was very gracious and classy who tries not to let partisanship get in the way. He and Clinton even became good friends when Bush came into office and they are still good friends to this day. Actually the four remaining ex presidents (Carter, Clinton, George W Bush and Obama) are class acts are still doing much to help this country.

  21. A fantastically written piece. And a much needed sense of perspective in this nightmare we are wading through.

    One thought I would like to offer, Mr. Kirschner:
    “The new president will be civil, humble, and honest, respect women, immigrants, people of color, and the LGBTQ community…”

    When you include the phrase “respect women,” you are inferring a male president. A female president would not need or use this specific phrase. Your essay is excellent in its wide scope and sharp anecdotal accuracy, and I very much appreciate it. You inhabit the voice of a post-Trump landscape very well for us to feel much-needed hope.

    I ask that you consider the view of a woman president as well. I don’t want to parse meanings and I am not criticizing. It is simply that you are speaking for many voices from the future in your excellent article. And if we are going to speak for the absent or those whose voices are not generally heard, that includes the voice of a *woman president,* a voice we have not yet heard in our country.

    We need to hear her. I believe she, the (other) women-of-color, and LGBTQ female presidents that follow her, because they are women/women of color and LGBTQ, will be the very healers, uniters and change makers our country desperately needs in this era. We need to hear her/their voice also.

  22. One of the themes we should prepare for (I’m all about what happens if…) and Dem Candidate defeats Trump in Nov ’20. We need to embrace the losing side. A percentage of Trumpers saw the man on reality TV and thought that was who would be in the office. Few of us knew Trump from his NY City Art of the Deal days and saw the con man in sheep’s clothing. Nothing will fracture a nation than to disregard a large section of them as outsiders, sub-human. We are in Mid Nov ’20 all Americans and the melting pot is large enough to include us all.

    1. I adhere to this as well, Steve Owen. Thank you for saying it. And thank you for continuing to say it every chance you have. This is not a territorial dispute, it is our country.

  23. HOW POWERFUL,,. bit will they finally see it… pull their heads out of the sand,,,, I certainly hope so ,,

  24. HOW POWERFUL,,. but will they finally see it… pull their heads out of the sand,,,, I certainly hope so ,,

  25. Trump altered America in so many ways… almost air tight… it will take 75 to 100 years trying to reverse what he’s layed down. You still have the believers who keep him alive by keeping Trump’s ideology close to their hearts. Keeping what he stood for. I think years to follow be un-done. Civil disobedience, ramped. Republicans will still be Republican’s…unless they’re forced out. Slapped own with crime’s against humanity edict. Then in shame

  26. Perfect photo to accompany the piece. Trump wears a suit tailored for a younger and more athletic build. On hunched shoulders not nearly broad enough to fill it out, the jacket is a perfect metaphor for Trump’s sad attempts to look like a leader.

    1. As he would continue from then on he committed an Impeachable Offense before he had reached the bottom of the escalator….he hired a company to hire a company to pay people $50 to pretend to be his cheering crowd. At the bottom he started bad mouthing illegals, who he had been hiring for decades, not using E-Verify so he wouldn’t have to fire people who complain about him not paying them. He never had to fire anyone, he would just call ICE. Years into his Presidency when caught he explained “everyone does it”.

  27. LOL, it never ceases to blow my mind how ignorant, angry, and unhinged many Trump-haters (like most of those reading this article) are. You’re all in for another shocking disappointment this November. Maybe it’d help prepare you if you left the hysterical bubble you live in? Only half a decade left, guys! LOLLOLLOL

    1. Now Trump thinks he is smarter than all the Virus Experts. Gen. John Kelly, Gen. James Mattis, Gen. Joseph Dunford, Gen. James Amos, Gen. John Allen, and Gen. John Paxton Jr. All the Marine 4 star Gen. got rid of by Trump….who is smarter than all the Generals? He said the Coronavirus would be gone the next day. He is the World’s Foremost expert on 20 different things. He keeps firing people until he gets people who tell him he is the greatest at whatever it is Trump thinks he is the greatest at that day. S of S Rex Tillerson called him a F’ING MORON. Natl. Sec. Adv. H.R. McMaster has called him an IDIOT, a DOPE and a man with the brain of a KINDERGARTNER. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Treas. Secr. Steve Mnuchin referred to him as an IDIOT. Chief econ. adv. Gary Cohn says he is DUMB AS SHIT. Media baron Rupert Murdoch called him AN EFFING IDIOT. WH comm. dir. Anthony Scaramucci called him a LIAR and said he SHOULD PROBABLY DIAL DOWN THE LYING. Ted Cruz said he is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, UTTERLY AMORAL, SNIVELLING COWARD, a NARCISSIST AT A LEVEL I DON’T THINK THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN and A SERIAL PHILANDERER. Ann Coulter: He’s an IDIOT, SHALLOW NARCISSIST and THE BIGGEST WIMP. Lindsey Graham A F’ING IDIOT, A KOOK and UNFIT FOR OFFICE.

    2. Yeah tRump is quite the (boy)man to follow, he is so, so, a aa what’s that word? Retarded lying, cheating idoit! He is such a great example to us all!… of what we don’t want.

  28. Trump having stole the election from Hillary in 2016 and maybe stealing the election from Biden in 2020 (I PRAY to god this doesn’t happen but this lying and cheating pig will do anything to save his skin and keep him from going to jail) means the world is coming to an end. I heard there will be an asteroid that will be coming close to the United States the day before the election. I sort of want that asteroid to hit earth and blow us up if it means we have to live another four years of a true fascist dictatorship known as the Trump presidency. I just could not live.

  29. Wow, the hatred you spew. You are accusing people of not hearing and being empathetic to your views, but yet you post your hateful rhetoric-attacking others. Really? Check yourself, Adrienne. You’re not the only person on this planet.

    Now tell me you’re a christian and I’ll call you a hypocrite.

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