Oreo Enters 2020 Race

An Oreo cookie entered the 2020 presidential race on Friday. Unlike other candidates, the Oreo is both white and a person of color, and gender-neutral. The fact that it’s accidentally vegan is expected to appeal to plant-based and meat-eaters alike. But the Oreo faces headwinds in swing-state Wisconsin due to its opposition to the dairy industry. And skeptics have expressed concern that people tend to pull the Oreo apart.

A Gallup poll indicated the Oreo makes people feel great when it’s around, slightly guilty after it’s gone, but definitely missed the following day. The Oreo’s spokesperson, Sugar Wafer, said it expects the Oreo to do well if its ideas don’t get stale. Wafer added, “Based on the Oreo’s preservatives, I think it should be able to last a long time. It also has a way of getting people amped up.”

Voters who know the Oreo said it’s little hard on the outside but sweet on the inside. Although it would be the first single occupant in the Oval Office, the Oreo is expected to announce a running mate and become a double stuff later this year.

2 thoughts on “Oreo Enters 2020 Race

  1. And the Oreo wins by a landslide! 🙂
    Unfortunately it would be out of office on the first day when someone eats it…..

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