McConnell on Display at Smithsonian December 24-January 7

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be on display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History for two weeks, according to Special Exhibitions Curator Jen Bakerfield. The exhibit, Men Without a Conscience, provides visitors the opportunity to see examples of people who abdicate moral responsibility to advance their personal interest.

“We’re really excited the McConnell family agreed to lend him to the museum,” Bakerfield said. “He’s the best example we could find of someone with no moral compass. This is the finest sample we have in our collection.” Bakerfield did not say if McConnell will replace the Chris Christie exhibit, which has been in the Main Hall since 2015.

The McConnell exhibit will include a short documentary, Drenched in Hypocrisy, that details McConnell’s career in Congress. It includes clips of McConnell saying one thing when it benefits him and the opposite when it doesn’t. To honor McConnell’s silence in the face of threats to American democracy, talking is prohibited in the exhibition hall. The exhibit will be housed as far away from the Star-Spangled Banner as possible.

3 thoughts on “McConnell on Display at Smithsonian December 24-January 7

  1. MCCONNELL definitely is the down fall of the beginning of the breakdown in our Democracy! He will go down in history as a horrible person whose love of power and greed destroyed our government and brought bipartisan governing to a screeching halt! History will NOT be kind to Moscow Mitch! I pity his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren or any other relative tied to him biologically!

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