By Chloe

With a whopping nine locations in the city, By Chloe has quickly become the most ubiquitous vegan restaurant in Manhattan. Conveniently located near the Comedy Cellar south of Washington Square Park, I’ve visited the West Village location several times. A mix of tourists and locals keep this trendy spot packed.

Chloe Coscarelli has come a long way since she won Cupcake Wars. Whether promoting recipes through her cookbooks, television appearances, or launching a fast-casual restaurant chain, Chloe is helping mainstream plant-based food. By Chloe has something for everyone: meatballs, hash browns, burgers, tacos, nachos, and plenty of desserts. The West Village location even has a stand-alone sweets shop next door.

I’ve tried several dishes, but I’m partial to their salads. The line to order is usually long, but it’s worth the wait. On a recent visit, I decided to pick up a bunch of cupcakes and cookies to bring to a get-together with friends. I shared the reason I ordered so many treats with one of the employees as she prepared to package them. She told me she’s also vegan and appreciated my effort to promote plant-based eating. She threw in a bunch of extras to help the cause, which I found quite thoughtful.

By Chloe now has locations throughout the U.S, Europe, and Canada, so you may get lucky and find a location near you on the website. I prefer to cook my meals, but I’m always glad to make an exception for this fun spot that gives plant-based eating such a good name.

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