Blossom du Jour

Blossom du Jour, a vegan fast-casual restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen, is the sister restaurant to Blossom on the Upper West Side. Given my experience at Blossom, I figured I’d visit to determine if they’ve replicated their success with a different model.

Blossom du Jour isn’t going to win the 2019 Best Restaurant Atmosphere Award. With only a few seats and a drab ambiance, it’s unlikely people visit for a romantic dinner. Given the cost of each square foot, I don’t blame them for cramming into a small space, but it could use a makeover.

Whatever they lack in appearance, they make up for it in spades in other areas. Their website contains information for customers who want to learn more about living a compassionate life. The walls include animal advocacy messages that provide insight into the restaurant’s purpose. And Allie, a team member, engaged me in a stimulating discussion about the benefits of plant-based food. It’s always a joy to meet people passionate about promoting kindness. The vibe is solid here, and you’ll feel at home.

Blossom du Jour specializes in breakfast bowls, but they also serve burritos, sandwiches, and wraps. I ordered the Muffin Sandwich with tofu scramble, peppers, onions, greens, herbs, and spices. It was spot-on good. Blossom du Jour has delicious food, a meaningful mission, and friendly team members. Their motto is that you’ll “find what you’re craving.” I found much more.


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