Spicy Moon

Walk the streets of the East Village and you’re bound to stumble upon Spicy Moon, a 100% vegan restaurant serving Chinese Szechuan food. Online reviews suggested the dishes are over the moon so I figured I’d shoot for the stars. Even when the sky is dark, Spicy Moon’s photo gallery will brighten your night.

A friendly waitress, Emma, greeted us. She offered suggestions and helped us reach a decision. She was invested in our experience in a way that’s rare, but essential to building relationships with customers–so much so that I asked her if she’s the owner. She laughed and appreciated the compliment.

I ordered the Dry Pot: a mix of hot peppers, celery, broccoli, eggplant, sprouts, sugar snap peas, red pepper, scallions, and tofu. Houston, we have liftoff! Prepare the crew for a burst of delicious flavors. This dish was extraterrestrial.

As long as the sun shines, one does not ask for the moon–unless it’s Spicy Moon. And if you have the moon, ignore the stars. I’ll eat there more frequently than once in a blue moon. There may be eight types of moons, but there’s only one Spicy Moon.

One thought on “Spicy Moon

  1. I live outside of Boston and we do not have as many vegan restaurants as CA. I have noticed over the years and very recently, there are many more vegan products available and being carried in some of the more obscure stores. It often surprises me but it is a pleasant surprise. I am personally excited to see this. What is still a significant issue for me is the number of people who refuse to listen, let alone change. I have recycled for years everything that I can and at work find cans and bottles in the trash……yes, I do pick them out…I wanted to leave collection bins in our small lunch area and have been shot down by my peers. (Really!?) I work for a hospital. Our management is archaic and the kitchen is still using styrofoam. My meals are from home and vegan. (I have lost count but at least 10 years…….I don’t remember not eating this way but know I did as my family also did.) People ask, I speak but do not push my beliefs on others. There are days when I feel disheartened with this uphill battle but then there is Greta, She has given me a kick in the you know where to continue the battle. Thank you as well for being such a forward-thinking person. The battle continues and it is a battle worth continuing…..

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