Terri NYC

We need to talk about Terri. Pretty commercial looking. Kind of fast foody. Not the most hospitable: only offers a few bar stools looking out windows. Sort of busy all the time. But, wow. This 100% vegan powerhouse is a must-visit. The food is bonkers.

I stumbled upon this place (the sign is about 100 feet above ground level so unless you’re bird watching, you’re unlikely to see it), while I was bird watching. And it was a sight to see!

I’ve had a love affair with chickpeas for decades, but Terri’s Chickpea Tuna Melt sent me ring shopping. I focused my binoculars on this wicked-looking sandwich the minute I saw it looking back at me on the menu. Bursting with texture and flavor, it’s unique and delicious, and it had me chirping from start to finish.

The menu will make your head spin, and the photos will rock your plant-based world. Terri includes a nest of options you won’t see at many plant-based restaurants: french toast sticks, a meatball sub, fish fillet, bbq chicken, and a flock of other choices.

Located one block west of the Flatiron building in Chelsea, Terri serves fantastic plant-based food. You’ll also find locations in Midtown East and FiDi. Most people should not go because they won’t be able to handle it. As if it wasn’t enough having Terri in Chelsea, Veggie Grill is opening down the street later this year.

The Roman Colosseum. The Great Wall of China. Taj Mahal. Terri NYC.

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