Delice & Sarrasin

A quaint French restaurant in the West Village on historic Waverly Street just west of bustling Washington Square Park, Delice & Sarrasin is situated in what appears to have been a late 19th century apartment with a fireplace and brick wall charm that offsets the tight space. This family-owned spot specializes in authentic French cuisine–and it’s 100% plant-based. Delice means “delicious” and Sarrasin refers to the gluten-free buckwheat used in their crepes.

The menu is diverse and includes vegan foie gras, escargot, brie, ratatouille, french onion soup, creme brulee, and homemade cheeses. I ordered the Plateau de Fromage, a plate of gluten-free, raw artisan cultured cheeses with pumpernickel, walnuts, and raisins. The cheeses include blue, smoked, spicy, and goat. J’ai savouré chaque bouchée. Le pain était fantastique et le fromage était parmi les meilleurs que j’ai mangé.

The menu is all vegan and organic and it’s loaded with gluten-free options, something many restaurants in the space now offer in spades to accommodate trends. The website contains professional photographs of their food–a touch too many plant-based food restaurants miss. They’re also charitable, donating portions of their proceeds to nonprofit animal sanctuaries on certain days so farm sanctuary teams may wish to contact them.

I overheard two women at the table next to me talking about cheese. One of them said she could never give up cheese and expressed cynicism about the plant-based cheese on the menu. Since I was eating the cheese plate, I figured I’d offer my three cents. She took my recommendation, ordered it, and loved it. I seized the opportunity to tell her about plant-based cheeses she can find in the grocery store. Again, she expressed interest. The experience reminded me of the importance plant-based restaurants play in promoting compassionate and sustainable eating. It’s the reason I visit and promote them.

You may underwhelmed by the service. Paulina was wonderfully kind and engaging, but she was the exception. One employee was more interested in his cell phone–for long stretches–than the customers. Don’t expect much in the way of conversation. Nobody’s Congeniality Award is in jeopardy with this crew. Sadly, it’s reflected in many of their online reviews. Go for the food–c’est fantastique, but don’t expect a Bastille Day parade.


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