Urban Vegan Kitchen

Located in the West Village, Urban Vegan Kitchen will feed you with a side of funk. Walk into this hidden treasure off the beaten path near Bleeker Street and you’ll take a trip down memory lane. The walls are decorated with artwork by Keith Haring, Warhol, and Basquiat. Hip hop graffiti and poetry abound, and a disco ball reminds patrons that John Travolta used to walk the streets of this city. Head downstairs and you’ll find another pad with a stage and mic for comedians and musicians.

While the chairs are uncomfortable, the place is not. With seating that opens onto a bustling sidewalk, you’ll enjoy the bites and sights. An eclectic mix of plant-based foodies and meat eaters dine here, and the food provides ample fodder for meaningful discussions. You’ll find the chefs making their rounds checking on customers and the wait staff fully attentive. Huge props to my waitress Saj for providing such an enjoyable experience.

I ordered the breakfast sandwich, which is like an Egg McMuffin without the cruelty. They’ve managed to shape the tofu the same way, and they’ve produced a surprisingly delicious sandwich that exceeds its eye appeal. This menu is loaded and there’s something for everyone so head on over and you won’t be disappointed. I was eyeing every dish that passed me.

These are my kind of people, and they make kind food. You’re going to feel the funk. No doubt you’ll dig it.


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