Beyond Sushi

As Good Catch has the power to eliminate the need for every can of tuna, New York City’s Beyond Sushi has the potential to inspire the transformation of every fish-based sushi restaurant. I first visited the Chelsea Market location a few years ago, and recently checked out the 37th and 56th Street spots.

The menu is as dizzyingly delightful as the service and customer engagement are spectacular. After a long chat with our waitress Sasha–a fantastic ambassador for all things Beyond Sushi, I opted into a La Fiesta Sushi Roll, a panoply of black rice, avocado, chayote and pickled jalapeno topped with black bean puree and a tomato guajillo. I doubled down with an order of a Sweet Tree Sushi Roll which contained four-grain rice, avocado, and roasted sweet potato topped with alfalfa sprouts and toasted cayenne. My life has improved dramatically since eating these rolls. I marveled at how much flavor and texture they pack into each bite.

Beyond Sushi’s plant-based menu is healthy–really healthy. I don’t know if there’s a veggie or spice missing from the list. Every dish is a work of art. I forced myself to appreciate the chef’s colorful presentation before I engulfed it. I almost felt guilty ruining each creation but eventually devoured them without remorse. Beyond Sushi eliminates the need for killing marine life because the taste is equally or more delicious and should satisfy the tastebuds of every sushi addict. Huge props to Chef Guy Vaknin and his team for breaking the mold. I’m beyond impressed and inspired.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Sushi

  1. I recommend you check out the New York City Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup – the organizer, David Greene, is one of my favorite people on earth and a tremendous ambassador for the cause. Happy eating!

  2. Looks delicious! I think that ethical food, when done well, also raises the bar on food in general.
    Please consider awarding a green star rating if you write a review (e.g., on Yelp) – thanks!

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