How You Can Make the Biggest Impact

Many of us care about animals and the environment, but we’re uncertain how to best allocate our resources. We wonder where we should donate and volunteer to have the biggest impact. We worry that our donations and time won’t be well spent.   

I hope you’ll find that this fundraiser, which ends tomorrow, provides you an opportunity to donate with confidence and enthusiasm to advance the causes you care most about. My experience as a member of the GFI team has shown me that a gift to GFI is stewarded with the utmost care and consideration. High-impact, high-efficiency philanthropy is at the center of GFI’s strategy. Please consider joining me–and the 46 people who have already donated to this fundraiser–in supporting GFI’s world-changing work. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “How You Can Make the Biggest Impact

  1. not a member of Facebook Andrew (well, any longer) …any other way I can lend a small $ hand to your fundraiser not utilizing Facebook ?? ….



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