How to Help the Amazon Rainforest


The burning of the Amazon rainforest is a devasting event that makes our hearts sink in despair. It’s understandable that many people feel helpless and depressed in the face of such a tragedy. We can’t reverse what happened, but we can reduce deforestation and forest fires in the United States, Brazil, and throughout the world by inspiring more foodservice providers to sell plant-based food.

The Good Food Institute builds, supports, and promotes the plant-based food industry so cattle farmers won’t burn places like the Amazon to make way for grazing and planting crops to feed animals. And we have a team in Brazil working on these issues.

I started a fundraiser to help this cause. I hope you’ll consider making a gift of whatever you can. Every dollar helps shift demand away from resource-depleting industrialized animal agriculture and toward a brighter, kinder future of food. Thank you so much. 

2 thoughts on “How to Help the Amazon Rainforest

  1. Unfortunately, I can´t donate but, as a Brazilian who is among those who oppose the current president and his irresponsible administration, I thank you for standing up against the horrors of agribusiness destroying our forests all the other ecological tragedies going on our beautiful Mother Earth!
    Sharing this on Diaspora, Reddit, Pinterest and on Mewe (I left FB two years ago and don´t intend to rejoin that social web, though, so this is why I won´t be able to share it with that button).

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