Dr. Praeger’s Classic Chick’n Fingers

Dr. Praeger’s recently launched a new plant-based chick’n. I tried it to find out if I can recommend it to people who prefer prepared food.

Classic Chick’n Fingers are made from pea protein, and they’re gluten-free, unlike their competitors, many of which contain wheat gluten in the breading. There’s nothing in the ingredients list that raised a red flag on EWG except “natural flavors,” which aren’t natural. Natural flavors aren’t any better than artificial flavors because they’re also artificial. Their presence in most processed food is one of many reasons I eat whole foods.

The texture is spot-on, the taste is comparable, the price ($4.99) is reasonable, and they taste healthier than other plant-based chicken options. The inside of the tenders is off white, probably because they’re using pea protein. The color difference may be off-putting for meat-eaters used to eating white meat chicken tenders although the inside of a McNugget looks like a science experiment gone bad, so I don’t suspect it will faze most people.

Overall, this new addition to the burgeoning plant-based meat market should be popular among shoppers in search of healthier, affordable, more humane, and environmentally sustainable plant-based meat. If you’re on the go and need a quick meal, you should enjoy Dr. Praeger’s Classic Chick’n Fingers. Click here to read more animal-free food reviews.



4 thoughts on “Dr. Praeger’s Classic Chick’n Fingers

  1. I absolutely love them. I actually stopped eating Gardein’s brand a while ago due to they began making me nauseous. So excited about these plant based non-soy based faux chicken tender treats. Thankyou!

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