Several people have told me I should try Palmini. I avoid canned and conventional food so I’ve always passed. I stumbled upon it on sale last week so, given the hullabaloo, I decided to give it a whirl.

Palmini is a pasta made entirely from hearts of palm. I use organic hearts of palm in my salad. They don’t have much taste but I love the texture and shape and enjoy eating them. The process to harvest them is laborious so they aren’t cheap.

Palmini isn’t organic but since hearts of palm grow inside of a tree, it probably doesn’t matter much. It’s vegan and environmentally sustainable (the company grows their own palm trees in a controlled environment and grows the same tree repeatedly to harvest the hearts of palm). It’s also GMO-free, gluten-free, fat free, high fiber, super low calorie, and the cans are BPA-free. But buyer beware, at $2.00 per can on sale ($3.50 full retail), Palmini isn’t free!

I prepared it with crushed tomatoes, basil, garlic, spinach, purple onion, and steamed broccoli. Voila! Fantastic! It tastes like linguine. It’s impressive, especially given how favorably its nutritional benefits compare to traditional pasta. If you’re looking to satisfy a carb craving while reducing your carb, calorie, and gluten intake, I highly recommend Palmini.

7 thoughts on “Palmini

  1. Thank you. I had never heard of it. Something to consider. By the way, you saved me $40,000+ How you might ask? You wrote that your car is 14 years old. At the end of 2018 I was getting the new car itch. I don’t have any debt and live below my means so I can afford it, but decided to follow your lead and keep it until it dies. I’m glad I did because last week I quit my job of 18 years because the stress was going to kill me. Thank you Andrew for good advice and wisdom.

    1. Hi Denise,

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I’m so glad you made that decision and I’m sorry to hear about the stress your job caused you. Congratulations on freeing yourself from that environment.

      Our broken culture and corporations who profit off our zombie-like tendencies tell us we need new phones, new cars, new houses, new clothes, etc. We don’t. We can do so much better as a society. Thank you for leading by example.

      1. Thank you Andrew. If I had not read your previous article that talked about health and consumerism, etc. I might have bought that new car I didn’t need which would have made my decision to quit my job more difficult or made me decide not to quit at all and die of a job stress heart attack instead. Like your father, you are a wise man. He taught you well.

        1. Very kind of you, Denise. My father was the most humble and non-materialistic person I’ve ever known. He would keep things until they disintegrated. He was wanting for nothing.

          I appreciate you sharing your story. You made a wise decision.

  2. Pity they can only package it in a can or plastic. One of the nice thing about pasta (whether made from wheat, legumes, etc.) is that the packaging (cardboard box) is very minimal.
    Was also amused by this, from their website:
    “How can Palmini be so low in calories?
    The main answer is water! Over 90% of the product is water.”
    Ok then! Canned water 🙂

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