As I explained in The Truth About Milk, there’s no reason for people to drink milk from animals. It’s cruel, unhealthy, environmentally destructive, and strange. Since I align my values with my actions, I drink homemade almond milk.

I’d prefer to buy prepared almond milk in the store but those nut milks often contain processed ingredients and thickeners to boost flavor and texture. Of course, they’re still much better than drinking milk from animals because they don’t contain steroids, antibiotics, unhealthy fats, cause suffering, or wreak havoc on the planet.

Imagine my surprise when I recently discovered Pure Almond MALK, which has three ingredients: filtered water, organic almonds, and Himalayan salt. Some people dream of going to Disneyworld. I dream of an almond milk that only contains water and almonds. No preservatives, thickeners, or emulsifiers.

I reached out to the MALK team to learn more about their ingredients. They responded within 24 hours and told me every bottle of Pure Almond MALK contains at least one cup of almonds (35% of every bottle is nut content).

I tried the unsweetened Pure Almond MALK in my cereal and smoothie. Fantastic. I also tried the Vanilla Pure Almond MALK (it contains natural vanilla flavor derived from vanilla beans). The vanilla beans burst and smell delicious. So much flavor. Sensational.

Love the story. Love the products. Love the website. Love the compassion. Love MALK.

4 thoughts on “MALK

  1. Thank you Kirschner for your great information. I’ve contacted the Malk people as I was fascinated by their story. Had I not gotten your newsletter, I’d have not known about their company. I am curious as to why they put salt in the almond milk. As a vegan since 1985 and making my own almond milk, I’ve never seen salt used nor know of a reason to put it there. Preservative? Taste? Different than anyone else? Also don’t we all LOVE Philip Wollen!!! I could listen to that man all day long!!!

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