Tyson Foods Announces It’s Disrupting Itself

Here comes Tyson Foods!

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for!

Tyson Foods, the country’s largest chicken producer, announced it’s launching a new 100% plant-based brand named “Green Street” later this year. Green Street will offer an array of plant-based, protein-packed foods in the form of ready-to-eat meals that include quinoa, lentils, and chickpeas. Tyson CEO Tom Hayes described the launch as Tyson’s attempt to disrupt themselves by competing in the growing plant-based space.

“Our strategic intent is to become the world’s best, most sustainable protein supplier, bar none,” Hayes recently said in an interview on cnbc.com. Operative word: Sustainable.

Tyson has the brand name, customer loyalty, shelf space, R & D team, and marketing dollars to reach millions of customers. Advocates for healthier, sustainable, and humane food should welcome their entry into the arena.

Tyson’s foray into the plant-based industry comes on the heels of their investments in plant-based and clean meat companies Beyond Meat and Memphis Meats, respectively. How long before Tyson develops their own plant-based chicken? Based on the CEO’s eagerness to satisfy shareholders and the growing demand for good food, it shouldn’t be long.


3 thoughts on “Tyson Foods Announces It’s Disrupting Itself

  1. All good news, and all progress is progress. In the meantime we can still remain vigilant and continue to chip away at the core of Tyson’s operations, its reliance on exploitation. They see the writing on the wall but demand for the products of exploitation has got to keep going down for them to abandon their old model altogether. We need to convince consumers that compassionate consumption is far more attractive than exploitative consumption.

  2. This is great news, and Andrew I know you’ve been hammering at them for quite some time. You’re part of the reason this change has happened, kudos to you, sir!

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