Tyson Foods Invests in Memphis Meats

Congratulations to the incomparable Uma Valeti and his team at Memphis Meats.

Tyson Foods announced today that they invested in Memphis Meats, a leading clean meat company that produces real meat from animals’ cells without the negative impacts of animal agriculture. Tyson stated that the investment furthers their efforts to meet global protein demands using innovative and sustainable methods.


Tyson’s investment provides further validation of the viability of clean meat. It will also help Memphis ramp up production and likely expedite the timetable to bring clean meat to market. Further, Tyson’s endorsement sends a clear message to billions of consumers that clean meat is meat.

Tyson has now invested in plant-based meat company Beyond Meat and clean meat company Memphis Meats. CEO Tom Hayes deserves credit for starting a transformation of Tyson’s business model. It’s recognition that animal agriculture isn’t sustainable. It shouldn’t be long before Tyson leverages its name recognition, shelf space, and deep pockets to make their own plant-based and clean meat products. It’s history in the making and resounding progress for farm animals, the planet, and humanity.

Want to get really inspired about the future of food? Watch this! You can also read my interview with Uma!

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