Tyson Foods Workers Caught Beating Animals Again!

It never ends. Tyson’s animal welfare policy is a scam. They continue to employee monsters.

Nonprofit farm animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) caught workers at a Virginia factory farm that supplies animals to Tyson Foods committing egregious acts of violence. A COK undercover investigator working at the factory filmed video of hundreds of thousands of birds stuffed in warehouses and workers “kicking, slamming, and throwing birds.” The video shows birds crushed by forklifts, workers stepping on sick or injured birds to kill them, and birds left to die slow and painful deaths. It’s the same old horrifying story–with the usual video evidence and self-incriminating testimonials from the employees’ criminal mouths.

The brave heroes at COK have documented these abuses time and time again and yet consumers continue to reward Tyson Foods with record sales even though plant-based meats are plentiful in many stores, including Target and Walmart. It begs the questions: What does Tyson have to do for consumers to stop supporting their atrocities? What does Tyson have to do for Congress to hold them responsible instead of providing them subsidies as they accept their campaign contributions?

The Washington Post reported today that 10 employees were fired at the factory farm after the video of them beating animals to death was released. But why does it always take COK and other animal rights organizations conducting an undercover investigation to generate this level of accountability? Where is Tyson Foods during these crimes against animals? What happened to their pledge to ensure animal welfare?

I called the USDA hotline at (202) 720-2791 (Press 2) and filed a complaint and I called my House legislator and asked him to discuss the issue on the House floor. I asked to meet with him and requested that he tell his House colleagues to stop accepting campaign contributions from Tyson and to stop giving them subsidies given their repeated misconduct.

I called Tyson Foods consumer relations at (800) 233-6332 and expressed my outrage. The Tyson representative told me that Tyson management scheduled a live video conference with production management at all locations and that they plan to stress their cultural commitment to proper animal handling and will be meeting with all of their team members overseeing chicken handling to re-emphasize the importance of proper handling. I told the representative that Tyson has lost all credibility and that if they truly cared about animal welfare, they would be preventing these criminal acts through proper oversight.

I called the House Committee on Agriculture at (202) 225-2271 and asked them to take action to hold Tyson Foods accountable. They weren’t aware of Tyson’s most recent torture of animals so I provided the Washington Post article and a link to the COK video and website. They assured me they will pursue it.

I also posted this article on the Twitter page of every member of the Senate and House Committees on Agriculture and asked them to take steps to hold Tyson Foods accountable. They have the power to impact positive changes.

I reached out to Compassion Over Killing for a comment and to thank the heroic COK team for their life-saving, tireless efforts to expose Tyson, hold them accountable, and to make positive changes in the food industry.

“Our hidden-camera footage uncovers the egregious and systematic horrors Tyson allows its birds to endure behind closed doors,” said Compassion Over Killing Executive Director Erica Meier, an effective and indefatigable leader for farm animals. “It’s time for Tyson to be a true leader by tackling the most pressing issues in its industry today by immediately ending the genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth and expanding its investment in the consumer-driven future of food: plant-based proteins.”

If you want to tell COK how much you appreciate them and to help further their mission in support of farm animals, you can make a donation here to fund future undercover investigations and campaigns. Also, here’s a roadmap on how to maximize your impact after an undercover investigation reveals violence against farm animals.

Tyson’s most recent criminal conduct provides a startling reminder why we should support their entrance into the plant-based meat market. The more money they make selling plant-based meat, the fewer animals they will kill to make money. With billions in cash, they’re not going anywhere so either we support a transition to reduce their dependence on abusing animals or we maintain the status quo.

3 thoughts on “Tyson Foods Workers Caught Beating Animals Again!

  1. It’s really difficult to use words that adequately express the feeling of grief and outrage that I feel when I read these posts. I’ve read that in order to work in this horrific industry, your brain has to make you hate the animals that you are abusing; otherwise, you could never carry these atrocities out. God bless those people who infiltrate and record the horror….they deserve all good things. They do what most of couldn’t -a great charity to support. Thank you Andrew.

  2. Thank you
    Stop the incessant lies Tyson
    It’s so deeply disturbing that you destroy bundreds and thousands of our friends daily with no thought
    No remorse
    No care
    And lying constantly
    You are one poorly managed karmic hell

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