Tyson Foods Employees in Critical Condition

Four workers at a Tyson Foods’ farm animal processing plant in Iowa were hospitalized with burns to their head, face, and torso today following an accident on the job. Two of the workers are in critical condition and were flown by helicopter to an emergency burn unit. Tyson Foods officials stated they’re investigating the incident, according to KCCI Des Moines.

This is nothing new. Tyson has a long and gruesome history of workplace accidents and has earned its reputation as a dangerous place to work. Despite Tyson’s pledge to create an accident-free workplace for their employees, horrific working conditions and injuries continue to affect their workers.

The Tyson business model is simple: Animals suffer, workers suffer, consumers suffer, and the planet suffers. People need to know that when they buy food from animal agriculture companies, they’re contributing to it. No amount of cognitive dissonance can change that reality. These companies exist because consumers buy confined, abused, and slaughtered animals. If people don’t like these outcomes — which should be inconsistent with their values — they should stop buying the remains of animals for food. It’s that simple. You don’t like it, don’t support it. You don’t believe in it, don’t support it. You buy it, you support it.

5 thoughts on “Tyson Foods Employees in Critical Condition

  1. Hello Jenna,

    Unfortunately, you’ve misrepresented my statement. It’s implied in the context of the article that I mean when people buy animal products, not plant-based food. I encourage people to buy plant-based products from animal agriculture companies like Tyson, Ben & Jerry’s, Whitewave, Pinnacle, etc. It shows demand and encourages them to further explore, create, and promote plant-based options.

    Animal agriculture companies have billions of dollars and dominate the global food market. They’re not going out of business, thus, our best bet is to inspire them to transition into a more humane, sustainable, and healthy business model. For that reason, we should embrace their entrance into the plant-based food market.

    1. I understand your view point on the issue, but I did not misrepresent anything: you said, ‘buy food from animal agriculture companies’ not ‘buy animal products’. Field Roast, as well as Gardein, Earth Balance, and several others, ARE now animal agriculture companies. Your posts are inconsistent with one another, which is what I was pointing out.

      Directly funding companies that build, maintain, staff, and operate massive slaughter houses is unethical, in my opinion. Selling brands that were built on a vegan mission, with profits from vegan customers, directly to massive slaughter house operations is also unethical. The vegan market has been and should be a place where small companies can thrive: I would much rather support that business model than save a dollar and fund slaughter.

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