A Thanksgiving Invitation

You and your family are cordially invited to join us for a joyous Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 6:00 p.m at our home. In celebration of this holiday, we’ll express our gratitude by needlessly devouring the tortured remains of a turkey. We’ll place the dead carcass (with her feces removed, of course) in the center of the table and engage in cognitive dissonance as we feast on the slaughtered bird’s body parts.

Unwilling to evolve by aligning our actions with our values or show compassion for animals, we’ll continue to honor cruel and senseless traditions to which we have no meaningful attachment. If questioned by people who advocate for a more humane world, we’ll justify our meal by reminding them that the pilgrims ate turkeys even though it’s a myth.

As  a guest in our home, you’ll have a choice between eating the flesh off a dead turkey’s legs that she would otherwise have used to exercise and play, wings she would have used to protect her babies and provide warmth, or her breast she would have used to huddle and love her young.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without eating a turkey — a telling commentary on those of you joining us. We somewhat look forward to seeing you to celebrate the ruthless killing of this sweet bird that nuzzles up against people like a dog! Please RSVP by checking one of the following boxes:

[     ] Yes, I plan on needlessly eating a slaughtered turkey even though I have other delicious options. The suffering of others doesn’t matter to me.

[     ] No, I will not attend unless you plan on celebrating a compassionate Thanksgiving.

4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Invitation

  1. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…my poor mother who loved animals never knew the horror they went through. I think she might have given up on eating meat. But i will never know. But her Bday was always near thanksgiving so it became a holiday that i enjoy.
    For quite a few years (since 1977(=) i was a vegetarian and cooked Turkey for others. Now, for about three years I am Vegan…so no cooking turkey…..but it keeps someone i love very much from coming to my dinner. He just is a kind person; but wants to feel power through meat consumption…It is so difficult. I think he knows that it is wrong; but is stubborn.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It’s unfortunate that some people are more focused on eating the remains of an animal than on enjoying time with family and friends on a holiday. Perhaps your friend will have a change of heart.

  2. Great commentary on the cruel and sadistic “traditions” we humans participate in. Many become angered when I try to have a discussion about this. We will be having a cruelty-free dinner at my house, regardless of the occasion.

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