Most Popular Thanksgiving Dinners

Are you searching for the perfect holiday meal? These delicious choices are easier to prepare, affordable, convenient, healthier, more environmentally friendly, and humane. Your guests will be asking for seconds! So, what are you waiting for? Plan to celebrate this Thanksgiving with compassion!

14 thoughts on “Most Popular Thanksgiving Dinners

  1. I like all of the choices listed. I make the holiday turk’y roast on the Gentle Chef website. The holiday cookbook is a free PDF download and is so good.

    Thank you for all you do for the animals. 💕

    1. Another vote for the holiday cookbook! I did the Gentle Chef Country Garden Ham last year (scrumptious), but this year I think I’ll do the Succulent Roast Turk’y. Or maybe both! Love that there are so many more options now for people who won’t have time to cook from scratch. Of course there are scores of vegan roast recipes on the web, but I keep going back to these recipes as my faves.

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