Vegan Stranded on Deserted Island Rescued

PALMYRA ATOLL — A pilot’s Twin Cessna aircraft crashed on Palmyra Atoll yesterday, a deserted island 1,000 miles south of Hawaii. The pilot survived the crash with minor injuries. No passengers were aboard.

Upon exiting the plane, the pilot, an ethical vegan, was unable to locate any food on the island. To his surprise, he encountered a lone pig.

The pilot paused in disbelief that he was facing a scenario posed to him so many times by people who eat animals. Instead of eating the pig, he called 911 on his cell phone and waited for a rescue helicopter.

He was saved two hours later and ate a delicious veggie pizza when he got home. The pig is reportedly still living on the island with many other pigs the pilot didn’t see.

“I hope my decision forever stops people who eat animals from asking that silly question,” the pilot explained to a throng of reporters eager to find out if he ate the pig.

Although the pilot is now safe, millions of animals languishing in factory farms, people suffering with diseases in hospitals from eating animals, and the planet impacted by greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture remain in peril.

Still eating animals? Click here to read the question you should ask yourself.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Stranded on Deserted Island Rescued

  1. Andrew,

    Please do a post on the sad situations that these pigs are in…Supposedly swimming pigs, left stranded on islands without adequate forage, forced to swim for scraps that tourists throw to them. Sounds like an idyllic life until you look into it.

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