Traitor Joe’s Caves to Cruel Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is working overtime to ensure that people know that almond milk doesn’t come from almond-colored or almond-fed cows. This shameless bunch of animal abusers is now pushing Congress and the FDA to support the DAIRY PRIDE ACT to give them sole ownership of the word milk.

National Milk Producers Federation CEO Jim Mulhern said, “We’re producing nature’s most perfect food and we want to reclaim it.” Jim better hope people drinking the “most perfect food” don’t learn the truth about cows’ milk.

The dairy industry has already successfully pressured Trader Joe’s to change the name of their almond milk to “almond beverage.” A Trader Joe’s manager told me the company made the switch preemptively to avoid any tension with the dairy industry.

It’s ironic the dairy industry argues they’re making the move to ensure truth in advertising yet they feature a photo of a woman milking a cow on their Trader Joe’s milk cartons. If they want truth in advertising, Congress and the FDA should require them to show customers how cows’ milk is really made.

Boyd Schaufelberger, a dairy industry representative, said that “after milking cows for 40 years, I’ve never been able to milk an almond.” Sounds like Boyd needs a blender for his birthday. To milk an almond, simply put it in a blender with some water. It turns into milk. Here’s a recipe. Millions of people do it. Tastes the same without the cruelty, growth hormones, steroids, and climate destruction.

Please contact the following members of Congress representing the dairy industry and tell them you do not support the DAIRY PRIDE ACT. If any of them are your elected legislators, you have additional power to influence their decision-making.

Senate sponsor: Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)
House sponsor: Representative Peter Welch (D-VT)
House co-sponsors: Reps. Michael Sampson (R-ID), Joe Courtney (D-CT), David Valadao (R-CA)Sean Duffy (R-WY), and Suzan Delbene (D-WA).

You can also contact your elected members of Congress and tell them to vote “No” on the DAIRY PRIDE ACT. Calls matter. Public pressure impacts decisions.

There is no pride in depriving cows of their natural lives, confining them, stealing their babies’ milk, and killing them for profit. Plant-based milks are healthier and more humane and sustainable. Don’t let the cruel dairy industry win.

11 thoughts on “Traitor Joe’s Caves to Cruel Dairy Industry

  1. no more spending money at Traitor Joe’s anymore. As for the dairy industry, I bet all mothers will be shocked to learn that they have a monopoly on the word “milk”. They have NO shame.

  2. ~ Seems my go to store is no longer going to be my go to store ~ Sad to me that I have to shop somewhere else now because Traitor Joes wants to play politically correct and is intimidated by the dairy industry ~ Thank you for this Andrew ~ mgf

    1. Hey McKenna,

      Great to hear from you. It may be helpful to buy the almond beverage to show demand and express your opposition to their decision via the TJ website or in person. These are difficult calculations to make. Deciding where to shop based on corporate decision-making is an inexact science except for people who have access to an all plant-based grocery store which is rare. Thank you for your passion and advocacy.

    1. Indeed. From a business standpoint, it’s important for plant-based milk companies to maintain the name “milk” in their brand. Buying almond milk sounds more appealing than buying an almond beverage to go with your cereal. The word “milk,” which also by definition means liquid from a plant, has become part of our vernacular.

  3. Trader Joe’s has cut back on their vegan offerings at least near me. Their almond, soy and non-dairy “milks” are not non-GMO therefore probably full of Roundup residue. Very bad for the system. Their veggies are good, but they skimp on the amount of lettuce in bags. They should either tighten the ship or they’ll lose customers.

  4. Why do you vegans want to use the word milk anyway if it has such horrible conotations??!!! oh…..iknow why……it implys it has health benefits,like real milk does, you sure like to tag along and deceive with that don’t ya? poor vegans, fail again

    1. Hi Woody,

      Milk does not have a horrible connotation to us. To the contrary, milk is beautiful. A cow provides milk for her calf. A human mother provides breast milk for her child. And we make a drink from almonds and other food that by definition ( is milk, thus, it makes sense to call it milk. The dairy industry does not own the word. We drink plant-based milk with smoothies, cereal, etc. It’s healthy, humane, and delicious!

      Humans are the only species on the planet that drink milk from another species. If you think doing so is healthy, I encourage you to read this article:

      The dairy industry has convinced people it’s healthy to drink milk from a cow because they profit from you doing it. It’s actually very unhealthy. That’s why plant-based milk sales are skyrocketing–a win for people’s health, animals, and the planet.

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