Tonganoxie Blocks Tyson in Shocking Victory

Tyson Foods has a reputation for breaking the law, torturing animals, and exploiting employees. When Tyson and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback recently announced plans to build a chicken killing factory in their backyard, thousands of Tonganoxie, Kansas residents resisted by protesting and attending a town hall with Tyson executives and local officials.

As a result of the community’s opposition, the County Commission voted Monday to rescind $500 million in bonds for Tyson to build the plant. The decision comes on the heels of complaints that Tyson and local officials were not transparent about the new location and that its construction would negatively impact their community by overburdening schools, offering low paying, dangerous jobs, polluting their air and water, and include the obvious horrors of factory farming.

Tonganoxie residents deserve praise for exercising their constitutional right to organize and redress their grievances. But if citizens really don’t want these killing factories built in their backyard, the best solution is to stop eating animals. Tyson’s factories only exist because there is a demand for the animals they kill in them.

Everyone has a choice. Plant-based meats like Beyond Meat and other delicious plant-based food don’t require people to confine, transport, exploit, and slaughter animals. Plant-based food is also more eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy and plant-based food companies provide much safer working conditions. Don’t think Beyond Meat is for you? It’s so good, Tyson Foods invested in it!

Want to make a difference like the residents of Tonganoxie? Visit Tyson Foods Facebook or Twitter pages and ask them to develop their own plant-based meat!

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