Warning Signs of Youth Violence

Authorities charged 16-year-old Eliza Wasni with first-degree murder after she allegedly used a machete to kill an Uber driver in Chicago. Prosecutors allege the attack, which left 34-year-old Grant Nelson dead, was unprovoked.

Wasni is accused of stealing weapons from Wal-Mart and stabbing Nelson upon his arrival to pick her up. Police said Nelson ran for his life screaming for help but soon succumbed to his injuries.

Inexplicable and horrific events happen every day. But how many of them could be prevented? A quick scan of Wasni’s Facebook page before it was taken down shows a deeply troubled teen. Her posts portend trouble and reveal desperate cries for help. It’s unfortunate that no parent, relative, or friend took action.

Eliza’s behavior on social media may be normal for some children but it is still unacceptable conduct for a 16-year-old child and warranted an intervention. This story should serve as a tragic warning to pay attention to social media posts.

If you’re unsure how to recognize signs of possible violence or what to do when you suspect trouble, you may find this guide on Warning Signs of Youth Violence helpful.


One thought on “Warning Signs of Youth Violence

  1. No words to describe this atrocity. Many cases are usually linked to a mental illness and that’s the direction I’m leaning. She needs to be removed from society as she’s obviously a threat but can she be helped? Maybe just makes more sense to give her the death penalty.

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