Employee Murdered at Tyson Foods

A Tyson Foods’ employee recently stabbed two of his coworkers with a fillet knife at a North Carolina chicken processing complex. One of the two victims died. Tyson employee Sein Win has been charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill. The employees were allegedly involved in a verbal disagreement prior to the stabbing.

Working in animal agriculture is a dangerous and traumatic job. Murder at Tyson Foods should come as no surprise as employees kill for a living. Although most people can’t imagine hearing gentle animals scream for mercy and slitting live animals’ throats all day for a job, some people might be able to imagine how it may impact employees’ mental state.

Many people who work in animal agriculture are immigrants with reduced employment options and minimal skills. Many of these employees have reported mental and physical abuse, sexual exploitation, deprivation of basic worker rights, deportation threats, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Towns with slaughterhouse factories have also been shown to have higher crime rates. This outcome is likely a result of the desensitization that occurs as employees get accustomed to violence and killing in the workplace.

Imagine what a different experience it would be for Tyson employees working at a plant-based meat company processing beans instead of bodies. Tell Tyson Foods to make the change!

3 thoughts on “Employee Murdered at Tyson Foods

      1. Unfortunately no. It was rumored that the culprit for the stabbing was fired and wasn’t supposed to be there that day. Maybe he was confronted for that. Don’t take my word for it. Update life is better. I’ll just never be the same. Tyson states that their top priority is safety. It isn’t. They had sanitation clean up the blood and sent people back to work. Background checks would be fantastic as well. It is not a safe environment. Pays good but you have no peace of mind. I hate that place .

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