What Would Happen If Tyson Foods Changed?

Tyson Foods, which reported sales of $41 billion in 2015, kills more farm animals per year than any company on earth–approximately 6,000,000 chickens, 30,000 cattle, and 48,000 pigs every day. The company operates in more than 130 countries throughout the world including China, Russia, and Mexico. Their brands include Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Sara Lee, and Ball Park.

But Tyson Foods may be changing. They recently bought a 5% stake in plant-based food company Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat makes the Beyond Burger, Beast Burger, Grilled Strips, Beefy Crumbles, and many other popular food products. In addition, Tom Hayes, the new CEO of Tyson Foods, recently stated that the future of animal agriculture is likely meatless. This is a startling statement that likely demonstrates his awareness that given consumer trends toward more environmentally sustainable, healthier, and humane food, and the recent competition by plant-based meat companies, the future of animal agriculture is at-risk.


Given Tyson’s dominance in animal agriculture and their recent interest in plant-based meat, animal advocates should encourage them to make their own plant-based food.

What would happen if Tyson Foods developed their own plant-based meat?
1) Given Tyson’s deep pockets, they would likely create a delicious product that mirrors the taste, texture, and appearance of their existing products.
2) Millions of Tyson customers would likely buy it since they trust the Tyson name. People who eat animals are much more likely to try Tyson plant-based meat than plant-based meat sold by an unfamiliar company. They are also more likely to see the Tyson brand since they dominate shelf space.
3) Billions of farm animals’ lives would likely be saved.
4) As Tyson’s plant-based meats succeed, other animal agriculture companies would likely follow their lead.

Tyson Foods has the financial ability, consumer trust, shelf space, brand awareness, and marketing power to thrive in the plant-based food industry. Their entry could be a game changer in the industry.

Please contact Tyson Foods and ask them to offer plant-based options. Think it’s unlikely? People used to feel the same way about Ben & Jerry’s, Hellman’s, and Subway. Now they offer plant-based options as a result of consumer demand.

20 thoughts on “What Would Happen If Tyson Foods Changed?

  1. Thanks Andrew. Just sent a request to Tyson. I hope they get flooded with emails on this subject!!!

  2. I sent Tyson an email. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

  3. Thanks for your info, Andrew. I’m always glad to see a major company add new vegan products. Now going to the grocery store will be a better experience. I will be writing Tysons, but as with other big companies, like Silk, I am hesitant to buy their products. What makes Silk better than others is that they do not use GMO products in their milks. Hopefully, Tysons will be just as honest, and I’m hoping they are.

    1. Thank you Chris! Great attitude! Just remember though that the movement to convince companies like Tyson to develop a plant-based chicken, for example, isn’t about providing another option for us. It’s about providing another option for the billions of people who eat animals.

      I hope you will consider sending them a request. Thanks again!

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