U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Nominee Supports Increasing Factory Farms

Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has been nominated to be the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Perdue has a sordid record on animal welfare, environmental protection, and human health.

  • Perdue enthusiastically supported the expansion of factory farms
  • Perdue repeatedly mocked the existence of climate change, holding a prayer vigil in Georgia during a drought to pray for rain (It didn’t work as the drought lasted two more years)
  • Perdue opposed EPA efforts to enforce the Clean Air Act
  • Perdue signed a letter to Congress urging them to “stop harmful EPA regulations of greenhouse gas emissions”
  • Perdue signed legislation to eliminate regulations that would allow governments to stop animal cruelty and pollution on factory farms

Perdue is a former agribusiness CEO with a demonstrated track record of putting profits over the well-being of farmed animals, air, water, and land preservation, and human health. He will now have the power to subsidize factory farms with your tax dollars and wreak havoc on the planet. In addition, Perdue has no record of promoting a transition to more sustainable, healthy, and humane plant-based food–critical to this position given the challenges ahead.

For these reasons, Perdue’s nomination should be rejected. Please contact your U.S. Senator today and ask him or her to oppose Perdue’s nomination.

If Perdue is appointed, please contact the USDA and insist that the department support plant-based food farmers and companies, abide by common sense environmental protection laws, protect animals, and hold corporations accountable when they violate such laws.

18 thoughts on “U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Nominee Supports Increasing Factory Farms

  1. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse. Absolutely disgusting. I’ve already called my senators and asked my list to do the same. This administration is going to require a lot of effort fighting agains their anti-animal agendas. I’m ready and doing my best to expand my network to do the same. Thanks for posting this Andrew.

  2. wow, it just keeps getting worse with Trumps cabinet picks. No decency at all in most of these people who he is surrounding himself with.

  3. Yikes!!
    I’m adding this to my call list. Just got off the phone with my senators office about Pruitt, DeVos, and Perry nominations.
    The insanity just keeps going!

    Keep speaking up everyone!!

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