The Dairy Industry is Going Nuts

The dairy industry is panicking.

A 2016 Nielsen survey indicated that plant-based milk sales have increased approximately 250% over the past five years. In the survey, consumers stated they prefer it because it is more natural, sustainable, and made from plants.

In contrast, according to a 2016 Mintel study, “sales of dairy milk decreased by 7% in 2015 and are expected to drop another 11% through 2020.” The study also found that approximately 49% of Americans drink non-dairy milk and more Americans now believe plant-based milk is healthier than dairy milk. That’s incredible news!  It shows promising evidence that Americans have the ability to disregard long-held myths, learn the hidden truth about animal agriculture, and transition to healthier and more humane and sustainable plant-based alternatives.

How has the dairy industry responded to their plunge in sales? Did they see the trend and launch their own dairy-free alternative like Ben & Jerry’s? Nope. They rallied the U.S. Congress to come to their rescue.

At the urging of the dairy industry, 25  members of Congress sent a desperate, transparent, and laughable letter to the FDA last week urging them to forbid plant-based milk companies from using the word “milk” on their products because plant-based milks don’t contain “the lacteal secretion” from a cow. Now that’s something the dairy industry may want to think twice about advertising!

If you find the signature of your member of Congress at the end of this letter, please contact him or her and express your support for the plant-based milk industry–including its name. You might also add that the federal government should stop subsidizing the dairy industry with our tax dollars and allow supply and demand to dictate the winners and losers in our economy.

It is likely that the dairy industry will learn the same embarrassing lesson that Hellmann’s learned when they tried to stop Hampton Creek from using the word “mayo” in their hugely successful plant-based product Just Mayo

The dairy industry is going nuts. So, expect a plant-based milk from the top dairy companies soon.

13 thoughts on “The Dairy Industry is Going Nuts

  1. Very reassuring to read of the upward trend of alternate milks. People are waking up to the inherent cruelty in dairy milk.

      1. Better than what? If you are going to disagree with a subject discussed you should have some facts to back it up. I’m guessing you are talking ‘cow’s milk’ as opposed to nut milks and I think you’ll find you are living in a fool’s paradise.

  2. I think that we should also contact our representatives if they are not at the bottom of the letter thanking them for not supporting something so ridiculous!

  3. It’s too late for the dairy industry to fight back. “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Voltaire “And nothing more destructive than an idea whose time has passed.” – Philip Wollen
    Dairy’s ending is long overdue. Plant-based milk and cheeses will help save the world – literally.

  4. i couldn’t help but comment on the statement regarding Hellman’s & Hampton Creeks “Just Mayo”. In my part of the country-S. FL, the Publix stores Rule the grocery stores. i tried for almost 2 Years to get Just Mayo at my Publix which they discontinued carrying! Two days ago i discovered a New VEGAN MAYO by surprise, Surprise, Hellmans! Now we know why Hellman’s Opposed Hampton Creeks Just Mayo. And one last thing, The Dairy industry is CRUEL to innocent animals. I’m Delighted the world is going Plant-based! If you’re not already, Get onboard!

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