$5 Friday Pick: 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You

Thanks entirely to your generous support, we’ve donated $107,305 to non-profit farmed animal advocacy organizations on $5 Fridays. That’s outstanding teamwork. Let’s keep the momentum going.

This week’s $5 Friday pick is 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You (600Million.org), a non-profit organization working to rescue millions of dogs and cats worldwide by ending the overpopulation crisis by developing Spay and Neuter Cookies. Once completed, these cookies will be able to spay and neuter homeless strays without surgery. Click here to learn more about Spay Food.

As a volunteer member of the 600Million.org Advisory Board and a personal friend of the founder, Alex Pacheco, I’ve seen firsthand for many years how hard Alex and his team have been working to solve this global problem. I recommend supporting 600Million.org with the highest level of confidence and enthusiasm.

Here are three reasons to donate $5 to 600Million.org:

1. There are approximately four million stray dogs and cats in the United States and an estimated 600+ million worldwide.  The typical stray dog around the world is in the process of starving to death. These dogs are hit by cars, left to suffer with broken bones, and die slow and painful deaths. The scientists at 600Million.org are working tirelessly to reduce this problem by developing Spay and Neuter Cookies. Click here to learn more about the overpopulation crisis and 600Million.org’s mission to fix it.

2. Many of the world’s stray animals are caught, confined, mercilessly abused, and eaten. Thus, 600Million.org’s work will reduce the suffering and killing of animals for food.

3. A reduction in the number of dogs and cats born and transported to shelters and eventually adopted will reduce the consumption of dog food and cat food. A reduction of dog and cat food will reduce the number of farmed animals killed to make food for domesticated animals. Dog food manufacturers oppose 600Million.org because they know it will hurt their business model that results in killing farmed animals to make dog and cat food.

To learn more about 600Million.org, you can also listen to my interviews with Alex in 2012 and 2016.

We have an amazing $6,000 match today so your donations will be doubled up to that amount! That’s fantastic news for animals!

Let’s show the dedicated team at 600Million.org how much we appreciate their life-saving work. If we all give a little, it will add up to a lot and make a big difference for animals.


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28 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You

      1. You’re very welcome, Alex! I only wish it was reversed and I could be donating $600 million and there were only 10 un-neutered dogs and cats left in the world. THANK YOU for all that you have done and sacrificed in your life making this a more humane and compassionate world, Alex. 🙂

  1. Done! Thank you Andrew for researching and providing us an opportunity
    to donate to these wonderful causes. You are such a bright light in this world.

  2. Special thanks to everyone for supporting 600Million. Thanks to your generosity, we donated $11,200 on Friday. Sensational news! All those $5 donations really add up! Alex and his team greatly appreciate your help. Our new $5 Friday total is $118,505. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I’ve been researching animal charities to donate to and I wanted to know a bit more about this one. Mainly, what research or scientific studies support the idea of a feasible spay and neuter biscuits? Even with humans, the options for permanent sterilization so far have been physical in nature such as tubal ligation, vasectomy, or the newer Vasalgel. If you could, is there any further scientific information you know of to support this goal? Thanks!

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