$5 Friday Pick: Faunalytics


Thanks entirely to your generous support, we’ve donated $101,865 to non-profit farmed animal advocacy organizations on $5 Fridays. That’s outstanding teamwork. Let’s keep the momentum going.

This week’s $5 Friday pick is Faunalytics (formerly known as the Humane Research Council). Faunalytics conducts and promotes research to help advocates learn how to best help animals and to improve the way people treat animals.

Here are three reasons to donate to Faunalytics:

1) Since 2000, Faunalytics has conducted important research to equip animal rights organizations and individual animal activists with study results to guide and improve animal advocacy. Their work includes an informative study of current and former vegetarians and vegans, an important study on the readability of vegan outreach literature, and a fascinating study on advocating for meat reduction and vegetarianism. The organization also creates useful resources such as this infographic on how to make and keep a vegan.

2) It takes $5,000 to fund a study. If our teamwork generates $5,000 today, we can fund an original study to benefit animals. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to make a major impact in the movement. For example, Faunalytics might conduct a study to determine what type of outreach is most likely to inspire people to stop eating animals and how to specifically tailor a campaign to maximize impact or they may conduct a study to determine how animal advocates can most effectively increase the infusion of plant-based food in grocery stores and restaurants.

3) I’ve spent the past few weeks getting to know the Faunalytics leadership team and combing through their impressive work. I have tremendous confidence in the talent, determination, and focus of the Executive Director and the many volunteers on staff. I believe strongly in the value of the work they do and I recommend supporting them with the highest level of confidence and enthusiasm. These are good, reflective, smart, and dedicated animal advocates.

We have a $2,500 match today so your donations will be doubled up to that amount! That’s amazing news for animals!

Let’s show the all-star team at Faunalytics how much we appreciate the research they conduct and share and the library of resources they provide to help us become more effective animal advocates. If we all give a little, it will add up to a lot and make a big difference for animals.

Please click here to donate.

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10 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: Faunalytics

  1. $25.00 to Faunalytics! Thanks for featuring them, Andrew. They are an amazing resource for information and materials to help support activists in their work, and in turn be the most effective for the animals. Thank you, Faunalytics, Che & Andrew!

  2. It was a spectacular day for animals thanks to your support of Faunalytics as this week’s $5 Friday pick. Thanks to your generosity, we donated an incredible $5,440. That’s amazing. The Faunalytics team is hugely grateful.

    Our new $5 Friday total is $107,305. I look forward to seeing you all again this Friday for another inspiring pick!

    1. Thanks very much to Kirschner’s Korner and Andrew for featuring Faunalytics for $5 Friday! We appreciate the support that everyone generously showed and will use the funds to support effective advocacy for farmed animals. Thank you!

  3. I finally made the $5 donation from last week’s $5 Friday. Thanks Andrew for bringing this organization to my attention.

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