New Federal Lawsuit Could Crush Tyson Foods


On September 2, 2016, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois filled a class action complaint on behalf of plaintiffs Maplevale Farms, Inc. and other similarly situated companies against defendants Tyson Foods and several other animal agriculture companies.

The plaintiffs in this case are the companies that buy so-called broiler chickens from Tyson Foods and other such producers in the United States. The plaintiffs are requesting treble damages (triple the amount of the actual/compensatory damages) under the antitrust laws of the U.S. and a trial by jury.

The plaintiff in the case alleges that in order to increase their prices and profits, Tyson Foods and the other companies “conspired and combined to fix, raise, maintain, and stabilize the price of Broilers” dating back to 2008. Specifically, the plaintiff alleges the companies limited production to increase prices, exchanged non-public information, and fraudulently concealed their anticompetitive conduct in this $30 billion per year market. The official complaint further details these practices.

As a result of the defendants’ practices, the plaintiffs allege they were harmed by being forced to pay illegally inflated prices for broilers. If the defendants engaged in collusion, they would have violated federal antitrust laws and will be subject to potentially historic fines that could rival previous multi-billion dollar rulings.

Breaking federal anti-trust laws would fit perfectly in the Tyson Foods portfolio of immorality, cruelty, and law-breaking that includes felony convictions for violating the Clean Water Act, a loss in a U.S. Supreme Court case that showed they failed to pay employees overtime, rampant physical and emotional abuse of their employees, repeated animal welfare violations, and a host of other egregious behaviors by the company.

6 thoughts on “New Federal Lawsuit Could Crush Tyson Foods

  1. Tyson and the county of Leavenworth, KS have secretly conspired to build a chicken processing plant in or near the city of Tonganoxie. I suspect that Kansas is one of the very few areas in the country that might be a prime target for Tyson, given the laxness, or absence of any type of oversight committees. While the bidding process and planning process have just recently come to light in the Kansas City Star, it is incomprehensible that this could ultimately be approved for the following reasons: Our school districts are already overcrowded; 1600 employees will have to be absorbed in the communities and we have no mass transit and very few multi-family accommodations. Other factors such as crime, pollution, and heavy transportation vehicles in and out of the area do not take into consideration the only roads into and out of the area are two-lane. This is going to be a logistic, humanitarian, & pollution nightmare

    1. Tonganoxie successfully ran them off and now the people of Sedgwick county KS are trying to do the same. The cost to the community will be high – increased pollution, degraded air and water quality, lowering of an already compromised water table, increased respiratory illnesses, higher violent crime that is so often correlated with the existence of these plants, not to mention exploited workers with all the correlated issues of PTSD, substance abuse, violence etc., But the cost to the 65 million chickens a year that will move through this plant is the highest – torture and death. No meal is worth the cost.

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