I Followed the Money and Here’s What I Found

An examination of the politicians Tyson Foods supports reveals how the U.S. government operates–an unofficial quid pro quo whereby corporations shovel money to politicians to protect their interests.

Here is a snapshot of recent donations by Tyson Foods to members of Congress based on data released by the FEC on August 22, 2016. Politicians in red with a star next to their names are members of the House or Senate Committee on Agriculture that appropriates funding and make decisions on animal welfare, health, food safety, and workers’ rights.

There are 535 members of Congress. Tyson Foods only donated to these politicians. You may also find it instructive that Tyson Foods donated 79% of its contributions to Republicans.

U.S. House of Representatives
*Aderholt, Robert B (R-AL)
Becerra, Xavier (D-CA)
*Benishek, Dan (R-MI)
Bishop, Sanford (D-GA)
Blum, Rod (R-IA)
Brady, Kevin (R-TX)
*Bustos, Cheri (D-IL)
Byrne, Bradley (R-AL)
Carter, John (R-TX)
Castro, Joaquin (D-TX)
Clyburn, James E (D-SC)
Comer, James (R-KY)
Conaway, Mike (R-TX)
*Costa, Jim (D-CA)
*Crawford, Rick (R-AR)
DelBene, Suzan (D-WA)
*Desjarlais, Scott (R-TN)
Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-FL)
*Fudge, Marcia L (D-OH)
*Grisham, Michelle Lujan (D-NM)
Harris, Andy (R-MD)
Hill, French (R-AR)
Jenkins, Evan (R-WV)
*King, Steven A (R-IA)
*Lucas, Frank D (R-OK)
Mullin, Markwayne (R-OK)
Noem, Kristi (R-SD)
Roby, Martha (R-AL)
*Rouzer, David (R-NC)
Sanchez, Linda (D-CA)
*Scott, Austin (R-GA)
*Scott, David (D-GA)
Smith, Adrian (R-NE)
*Thompson, Bennie G (D-MS)
Valadao, David (R-CA)
*Vela, Filemon (D-TX)
Walberg, Tim (R-MI)
Womack, Steve (R-AR)

U.S. Senate
Ayotte, Kelly (R-NH)
*Bennet, Michael F (D-CO)
Blunt, Roy (R-MO)
*Boozman, John (R-AR)
Burr, Richard (R-NC)
*Cochran, Thad (R-MS)
Isakson, Johnny (R-GA)
Kaine, Tim (D-VA)
Paul, Rand (R-KY)
Pryor, Mark (D-AR)
*Roberts, Pat (R-KS)
*Sasse, Ben (R-NE)
*Tillis, Thom (R-NC)
Young, Todd (R-IN)

Tyson Foods executives identified their 52 henchmen out of the 535 members of Congress. Wonder why they also donate to legislators on other committees? A cursory Google search reveals, for example, that Representative Rod Blum, although not on the agriculture committee, is fighting the Animal Welfare Act and EPA regulations. Representative Kevin Brady sits on the powerful Ways and Means Committee. They write our tax laws.

This is Tyson Foods in all its malfeasance. They state they’re shocked and dismayed to find out their employees keep abusing animals while simultaneously working tirelessly and surreptitiously to ensure they defeat every regulation that would prevent such abuse. And these are your elected politicians doing the work of merciless, greedy, and criminal corporations.

If your U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator is on this list, please call him or her and demand he or she stop taking money from Tyson Foods. Describe their atrocious record on human rights, diversity, the environment, and animal welfare and tell them to represent your interests, not the interests of criminal corporations like Tyson Foods.


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