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$5 Friday Pick: The Institute for Humane Education


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24 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: The Institute for Humane Education

  1. An organization that has long and effectively been reaching such a crucial audience: youth. Put me down for $5. I just wish it could be more. Thanks for all of your great work, Zoe & co!

  2. I just donated. Twice the system closed out on me. I paid with my credit card. Just mentioning this in case there is an issue. You don’t want to miss any donations!

    1. Thank you for the donation, and for letting us know, Pat! We aren’t showing issues on our backend at the moment – could you tell me what browser you are using so we can investigate further? Thank you!!

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I donated $10!  Thanks for letting me know about this great place!



    Sent: Friday, August 19, 2016 at 4:38 AM

  4. I donated earlier this week and my lovely husband and dear friend just donated $ 20 each. IHE is such an amazing organization!
    #solutionaries #ourfutureisintheirhands

  5. Thank you all for your generosity and support. The IHE team is very grateful! We had an incredibly successful day of giving. I’ll post a final total tomorrow. You made a huge difference. Thanks again!

  6. On Friday, we asked if you would support an incredible organization poised to reach millions of people with a message of compassion for animals, people, and the planet. Hundreds of you throughout the world responded by pitching in $5. Your generosity, teamwork, and support resulted in an inspiring $15,305 in donations to the Institute for Humane Education. Thank you!

    Our new $5 Friday total is $101,865. That’s incredible!

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