$5 Friday Contest Winner: Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

We’ve donated $74,820 to
farm sanctuaries and farmed animal advocacy organizations
on $5 Fridays.

That’s sensational news!
Special thanks to YOU for joining this movement!

This week’s $5 Friday pick is
Blackberry Creek
Farm Animal Sanctuary

Blackberry Creek
Earlier this week, we held a contest on Kirschner’s Korner on Facebook asking people to vote for their favorite farm sanctuary. More than 1,000 people voted, reminding us sanctuaries play a pivotal role in the animal advocacy movement. Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary received the most votes! As a result, we are teaming up to support them as this week’s $5 Friday pick.

Here are a few reasons why Blackberry Creek is poised to be one of the most effective farm sanctuaries in the United States and why you should donate $5:

1) The sanctuary is founded and operated by volunteer K-12 educators. They place a heavy emphasis on humane education, using their rescued animals as ambassadors for compassionate eating by hosting guided tours and special events, and delivering presentations in the community.

2) It’s an all-volunteer organization with significant enthusiasm from everyone who visits and sees how effectively and kindly it’s run.

3) The sanctuary leadership team is creative and understands how to use social media to draw attention to ethical veganism and respect for farmed animals.

4) When farmed animals fall off a transport truck, escape, or get rescued, they need a place to live out their natural lives. There is no home they can go where they will be better cared for and more loved than Blackberry Creek. These animals need our financial support to cover the cost of their food and medical care in addition to the equipment needed to operate a sanctuary.

5) They want to build a book barn where children can read to their rescued animals. This experience will likely remain with the children for a lifetime and inspire them to leave animals off their plates and teach countless others to do the same. The first $1,000 donated today will be matched! Check out this adorable video!

First time participating in $5 Friday? Click here to learn how it works!

Click here to check out previous picks!

Read Po’s inspiring rescue story on Animals of America today.

Please list your $5 donation in the comments section below or on the Kirschner’s Korner Facebook page so we can inspire others to donate. Thank you!

Let’s make this a huge day for Blackberry Creek. The animals are counting on us!

Thank you!


27 thoughts on “$5 Friday Contest Winner: Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

  1. I’m stepping it up a bit today to become a member of the $100 Donor Club at Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary! In memory of Jax, and Gerald, and Bert… and to help make the rest of his life as wonderful as it can be for my beloved Po!

  2. I attempted to donate $5 and the transaction wouldn’t go through. I tried again and got the same notification. I figured I try later. Now I see I received two emails thanking me for my donations. So I guess I donated $10.

  3. Donating $25 today. So proud of the incredible work that is done to change animals lives and peoples hearts at Blackberry Creek!❤

  4. Special thanks to all of you for taking the time to support this special animal sanctuary! Thanks to the all-volunteer team at Blackberry Creek for all they do!

    You donated $3,550 on $5 Friday. Sensational teamwork!

    Our new $5 Friday total is $78,370! Amazing!

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