Fish Feel Founder Mary Finelli on Kirschner’s Korner Radio

Do fishes contain nutrients we can’t get from plant-based food? Is it really healthy to eat fish? What about those Omega 3 fatty acids? Do fish really feel pain? If you want to learn about fishes–why we should never eat them and why we should advocate on their behalf, this episode of Kirschner’s Korner Radio will educate and inspire you. Mary Finelli is one of the most informative and persuasive voices for fishes in the world. Find out what’s happening and how you can help! Don’t miss the big announcement at the end of the show!

3 thoughts on “Fish Feel Founder Mary Finelli on Kirschner’s Korner Radio

  1. If the Ozone can be protected from CFC’s … then the the Planktons can be protected from:
    – plastic waste which when broken down is consumed by plankton … including sea birds andsea mammals dying from ingesting plastic garbage
    – dead zones caused by run off from herbicides, insecticides, & pesticides

    – ocean acidification caused by the build up of CO2 from coal, oil, gas burning.
    = sea shells are not able to form their shells properly, 1/2 the ocean’s coral reefs are gone
    – July 2016 the ocean CO2 level is at 410 ppm, growing at a rate of 2 ppm/year
    = if the CO2 level reaches 550 ppm the consensus is that all ocean life will die.

    In the 1o70’s coal burning pollution blew over from the United States into Canada, creating acid rain which killed several hundred lakes in southern Ontario & Quebec = biologists could see to the bottom of these dead lakes because there were no micro-organisms. (In a healthy lake you can’t see the bottom because the sunlight is filtered by the micro-organisms).

    The world governments must convert their Military budgets into Clean Up budgets to “Protect the Planktons”.

    To save our planet from a complete collapse of Earth’s ecosystem which will occur within the next 75 years …


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